Oniz – Online Casino Products That Support Sports Betting

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Oniz – Online Casino Products That Support Sports Betting

Oniz – Most digital asset have lost much of their value. What is necessary for the market to stabilize, at least to restore indicators such as last year from November to December. Many analysts and experts believe that, especially since we need blockchain any relevant industry experts. The United States was the only expert blockchain 25% increase in demand. In turn, Tom Lee, founder, and financial analysts Fundstrat Global Advisors, said in an interview with CNBC, said he believes the price of Bitcoin will go up $ 15,000 in late 2018, he proved the fact that predictions, fair value cryptocurrency should be higher than the cost of mining at least 2,5 times.

Build self-confidence piano point in your predictions, despite the unfavorable situation and the price of Bitcoin in the cryptocurrency market dipped to $ 4582. Not long ago, another programmer and encryption guru John McAfee made the same assumptions based on the experience of many years. We support analyst, because the previous prediction is correct or realistic, and they agreed that it is necessary to involve new people in the industry encryption, blockchain expert, experienced developers will be able to bring the views of the new cryptocurrencies level, they should get one.
We support this initiative because we believe that the casino platform of encryption services Oniz token will help organize cooperation between employers and professional actors.

Only through the establishment of an expert blockchain a better game environment, can we talk a great interest in who is ready to pass on the ITO investment cryptocurrency Oniz Platform blockchain pins and institutional investors.

Of course, there are different categories of progress and right, each of their areas of influence and scope. There are fields of science and medicine, and other areas of resources and communication. In fact, no matter who is doing what a breakthrough in the field, for me, the main thing is to make it at all. As progress is not, the world is slowly returning to the rolling direction. This makes sense.

About Oniz Platform

ONIZ a complete ecosystem Blockchain dispersion, ONIZ digital token is ONIZ funding system, will always use

In the crowdfunding system. This is a crowdfunding ecosystem decentralization, which will begin to adapt to different types of projects and the general establishment of sub-projects and funding.ONIZ

This system has the funds can be used in an integrated multi-chain wallet .. ONIZ funds are used every day in online payments

In many ecosystems to support any use of tokens. At oniz project at this time, ONIZ in its development stage. They are developing their own sports betting AI system.

News about the details of the development plan will ONIZ ecosystems and users. All applications and products are based on Blockchain share, the fully transparent, secure and high coefficient has launched this game is their product. Users can bet, and tokens to play games with oniz.

ONIZ on behalf of their platform. As a first ITO project mentioned earlier, the core objective of the platform is to build an ecosystem ONIZ Crowdfunding smoothly just means that different types of projects can be carried out plans to raise funds in a transparent and secure environment. An initial ITO Token sales.

This means that the token for the public offering to investors to raise funds for project development and financing in the future will be easy to bend advantage to give them chance investors. IEO, allow investors to buy currencies they mark the target. Anyone interested in the project can easily buy their logo directly by investors in the specified transaction selected by the situation is a completely different project. The ONIZ platform, the platform Oniz token sale, buy tokens for ITO insured, investors have some sort of spiritual rest and other tokens of products, where they can only lower the value without the support in thin air.


However, today we are talking about this topic, what success, making the industry as important or can not be called directly affect our holiday game fun or direction over the last few years. This category includes persons who are directly related to online games, sports betting, online casino games and other MLM This is an incredible list. For someone would appear frivolous and a waste of their time. However, for most people on the planet who spare provide independent buzz, the real interest over the years.

And who would not say that every year brings gambling industry billions of dollars in profits, both players and fans, the founder of this game and participate in a variety of other benefits from the advertising and marketing of the company’s stakeholders. It’s just a great organization, which works to meet the needs of the audience. But no matter how rosy at first glance, even the excitement and fun in this industry, there are disadvantages. Sometimes some of its manifestations, yes, to say the least not too much. And all because the most engaging online games, online casinos, and even their own user activity in sports betting companies or organizations are not always honest with respect. Someone intentionally adjusts their entertainment at a fraction of the bonus and people just lose more money than they would have a chance to win them.

In addition, some of the results of formal obviously false or not, because they have a thousand reasons. All the good times have become a modern classic and the specter of centralized gaming industry. Despite its popularity, people began to feel disappointed, every little play their favorite gambling. What is the nature of time, can lead to an inevitable decline and destruction of the entertainment industry. You can restore the balance. It only requires a high level of reliability, transparency, and security to a new tool for each user. Moreover, their happiness!

What is ITO?

ITO is a token of early release issued tokens in the form of crowdfunding.

If IEO, some tokens of exchange, which are willing to invest can go there to buy any investor to sell. The ITO, token landed at Oniz project sales, and when insurance through ITO pre-sale period for investors to buy tokens. Of course, investors still have the advantage of resale.

What Oniz Token And Why You Should Invest To Invest In Oniz Token?

Critics have scale advantages and disadvantages in both ICO and export trends. ONIZ ITO IEO team has launched its platform at ONIZ mark, which is directly related to the advantages and disadvantages of the ecosystem SBOBET to pay. SBOBET strong values ​​and ensure transparency so that investors and security platform.

Oniz Token

ONIZ TOKEN: This is Oniz Foundation that will support the future development of technology has created the value paid.

ONIZ Funds: decentralization, which is to help entrepreneurs raise money, and use the project to create an open-end fund

The Oniz Token. ONIZ integrated wallet system E- paying with their multi-chain, such as sports betting and more.

40% of the insurance is in Round 1 ITO, after the second round 30% and 20%, maintained for a long period in the second round 3. Investors do not want to ITO can easily sell token they are getting.

At the end of the game will be released ONIZ ITO. Users can pet, this deposit is no limit. The application will provide an exchange and the deposit will be available.

Usage Of Oniz Tokens

  • It can be used to subscribe to ONIZ online casino products such as sports betting, MLM game of money, and lots more.
  • This can bet, be sure to win the jackpot tips purchases and create opportunities to use
  • It can be used to pay for the manufacture of products from partners receive oniz
  • It can be used to subscribe to Oniz game.
  • Users can trademark oniz, make their profits
  • Community rewards Users can recommend oniz reward token Alliance Program
  • Creating technology project support payments only through diversification ONIZ

Token Details

  • Name: Oniz Token
  • Symbol: ONZ
  • Total supply: 8 billion tokens
  • Transaction code: ONZ
  • From China
  • ITO sale date: 23h on July 1, 2019 (GMT + 8)
  • ITO time: 6 rounds in 21 days
  • ITO Sale: 2.7 Billion Oniz
  • Team Develop: 2 Billion Oniz balances the market, prevents inflation and Oniz’s internal projects
  • Payment ecosystem and escrow agent: 2.3 Billion Oniz
  • Marketing, bounty: 1 billion Oniz
  • Sign Up: After finishing ITO

Oniz Tremendous Blessing Compared To The Alternative Token:

  • Purchase ITO Round 1, after a 30% ROUND 2, 40% of the insurance, 20% from the third round means that if you do not want to use it for a long time, you can work with 40% of the maximum price for the sales floor after ITO.
  • X3 final round will be compared with the first round.
  • Intelligent use of electronic wallet contract ERC-20 to control inflation or currency not allow the amount of fraud, to make the project transparent volume.
  • After the sale, the game will be released, high-interest savings Oniz plan to use the token to place a bet.
  • There are store and coin top exchanges on the app.
  • Total gambling beyond use and exchange of token wallet place, the contract will not be passive Oniz token.


Oniz Roadmap

To know the latest information about the Oniz project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://oniz.co/
Whitepaper: https://oniz.co/oniz/img/English.pdf
ANNThread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5165733.msg51844051
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Onizco
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pg/oniz.coo
Telegram: https://t.me/Onizco


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