Omnity – Protect Our Knowledge Of Natural Disasters And Wars

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Omnity – Protect Our Knowledge Of Natural Disasters And Wars

Omnity – At its inception, the crypto-eye championed as a remedy for injustice, fragility and potential corruption of conventional financial infrastructure. Just as wealth is power, as well as knowledge. Similar forces that contribute to knowledge discovery, indexing, and curation, where the greater the over-concentration of knowledge is collected and held by public and private companies and organizations vulnerable to the vulnerability and fragility. This knowledge aggregators can literally be deadly extensive knowledge repository or change the accessibility of knowledge with the flip of a switch. Even if self-governed as a fundamentally benign entity, this too-powerful aggregator of knowledge (equivalent to the bank) may be forced to do so, either through desire wrongdoing, forced censorship, natural disasters, or high-impact hacking. Just as we can not give up control of our financial system vulnerable to a third party, we must not abdicate our knowledge access through third parties. open-source collective knowledge we must be liberated. We must protect our collective knowledge of natural disasters and wars.

Omnity Knowledge And Application Platform

Imagine if we had the ability to efficiently navigate through large stores of high-quality documents? Everything we had read to stay presents themselves detectable, self-organized, inter-connected and available? All, organization or private company’s internal documents that directly and precisely mapped to both internal and other external documents, independent of language, geography, market, or bias curation.

Omnity is, a decentralized system of self-knowledge curation of assembly, interconnect personal document repository at all scales (of, by, and for the people, companies, organizations, and government). semantic interconnection is made either in the set of documents internally and with external high-quality public data, the third party checked in from around the world. Omnity does not scrape the web, but we harvest and large interconnected set of public and private documents systematically uploaded via API and connectors to reveal hidden and unexpected patterns of high value. Individual users can also upload a single document or a set of small documents directly to Omnity using an intuitive drag and drop interface. Omnity only use sources examined to extract the otherwise hidden patterns of information: whitepapers, think tank articles, peer-reviewed articles (scientific, medical, legal, engineering, technology, mathematics), university publications, M.S. and Ph.D. thesis, several news sources, patents, federal government grant submissions, Wikipedia, open-access journal, the content of the national archives, and similar content and relevant. Omnity does in most file formats (Adobe PDF, Microsoft Office product formats, text, HTML, etc.) and in more than 100 human languages.

Funding History

Omnity has raised $ 9M funding since its inception, from a mixture of private equity and research grants from the National Science Foundation, as well as grants from the elastic computing, Google Compute Engine, and Amazon Web Services. initial funding allows Omnity to develop algorithms fuse natural language processing, mathematical graphs, and machine learning, build and iteratively test the front end interface her and perform a number of experiments computational linguistics to enhance the algorithm to a set of broad and deep scientific and technical literature. During the period of this development, Omnity download, ingested, is broken down and processed some TB US content Federal of several institutions including the National Institutes of Health (NIH), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Defense (DOD ), the Research Project of Defense (DARPA), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC), Federal Reserve Bank, and the uS our case law in the Federal, State and municipal level, and the Ministry of Commerce, particularly the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). We all swallowed whole of archived clinical trials and ongoing and several other federal databases.

Ingestion Of Ecosystems And Strategy Document

Omnity integrated with multiple systems, including document storage developed by Amazon Web Services, Box, and, when available, Telegram. For each integration, RESTful API utilizing Omnity as made available to the public by the respective companies.

Integration with Amazon Web Services

For Amazon Web Services (AWS), Omnity makes use of Amazon’s S3 document storage service, where data is distributed to multiple regions across the globe, as well as to a minimum of three physical Availability Zones that are typically miles apart within each AWS Region. In addition to synchronously storing data across multiple facilities, checksums are regularly used to detect data corruption, in which case automatic restoration occurs on the redundantly stored data. In terms of access to data stores in S3, Omnity makes use of AWS’ Identity

Integration with Box

For Box, document storage systems scale enterprise, Omnity has built the integration of distributed storage system that utilizes Box to provide the semantic search features to Box users. The Omnity / Box Integration enables synchronization between folders and Box users Omnity appropriate account. When users add or modify files in those folders, Omnity notified by WebHook, which triggers the synchronization process that updates the files in Omnity to match the state of the files in the Box account. Omnity secure authenticates using OAuth Box 2 and Box and refreshing access tokens to list the contents of a user’s account Box. Then, users can search for and select the files and/or folders to be imported into Omnity. This approach allows the folder size, because Box import using the queuing system, Amazon SQS, to process all the files in the background. Once the integration is set up, no more users have to do; Synchronization occurs automatically.

Integration with Telegram

For Telegram, cloud-based and application-enabled messaging blockchain, Omnity plans to build Telegram Bot (Bot invention Omnity) to provide a semantic search feature for users of Telegram Open Network (TON) distributed storage system, and Omnity / Telegram integration that will allow sync documents between TON and Omnity network. When a file is added or changed in the TON, the synchronization process will update the corresponding files in Omnity to match the state of the file on TON. The Omnity Bot invention for use in a telegram messenger will start Omnity question of Telegram chat or channels. Additionally, Omnity plans to develop a framework for the integration of Dropbox, Microsoft SharePoint, and other popular document storage system.

Improving Network Scale Document

Potential network interconnection increases as a function of the square of the scale of the network components (N), the following function is defined as N * (N-1) / 2. Thus, the greater the number of (high quality) documents, the greater the potential set of interconnection between the sets of the overall document, Appreciating the consumption of high-quality documents are activities that improve the value of the network and will be appreciated. initial consumption can be done by way of decentralization, democratization curatorial process. To avoid gamesmanship, users who swallow the new document will only be appreciated if the documents are appreciated by a neutral third party, that is, other users are showing their interest in the document-digested users through a variety of mechanisms including but not limited to the favorites, tagging, annotating, and / or questions Bots building or discovery of such documents. To avoid self-dealing, Omnity users will be banned from doing the quality assessing function on their own documents.

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