OLXA – Secure, Private and Anonymous Through P2p Network

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OLXA – Secure, Private and Anonymous Through P2p Network

OLXA has experienced cash and encrypted e-currencies, and financial and project studies to make seven through our experienced team, OLXA Group decided to adopt smart Ethereum Field contract blockchain will OLXA Coins to promote the monetary encryption and decentralize POW / POS hybrids encrypted, bonuses for members and token holders, being one of the easiest ways to secure transactions with small businesses or large corporations, or even with the opportunity to donate to Crowd-Projects Use OLXA Coins to buy or sell products or services online in various fields such as electrical engineering, e-commerce, supply chains, and educational technology.


The OLXA Coins API allows developers to add OLXA Coins as a local or global payment method. Many companies have begun working with the OLXA Group to receive OLXA Coins in their normal business to realize higher measures of higher value. You can use OLXA coins to buy or sell products or services, which proves to be more reliable, successful, higher value and a better future.

Security algorithm

OLXA engineers to choose smart Ethernet Field contracts as a secure hash algorithm used to make tokens make the right decisions, as it uses digital signatures to protect private keys, and provides real-time coin-specific OLXA transaction modules, in addition to providing high-level bonuses for members OLXA holders benefit when buying OLXA coins and receive special bonuses and prizes at ICO. These benefits will support the OLXA community as supporting measures to support OLXA Coins online and offline in the safest way possible.

OLXA Service

OLXA services and project groups are regarded as the backbone of OLXA Coins, OLXA Coins Publishing its primary objective is to show real applications used worldwide for OLXA users, and have the opportunity to contribute to OLXA projects in various fields. OLXA Group by providing several advanced products and services based on blockchain technology, global distributed network, such as wallet, visa card, exchange, credit encryption letter, OLXA electronic store encryption, OLXA i-Ad and so on.

Letter of decentralization of OLXA encryption credit

This is the first time that the global cryptocurrency market, OLXA is proudly leading in providing Crypto Credit letters to ensure payment or purchase between buyers and sellers. In OLXA Crypto Credit Letter, buyer and seller agree on OLXA Group as a third party guarantee purchase order Credit Crypto, seller OLXA acceptance receives money after delivery of goods to buyer.
The buyer agrees to deliver the exact amount of goods to the OLXA Group with the balance before sending the OLXA coins, and sends a notice to the seller to deliver the order. Once the order is received or shipped according to each other
Agreement between buyer and seller, OLXA Group will issue

OLXA Coins to Seller

This transaction is subject to a third party responsible for the entire process, from purchase orders to product shipments, which may involve calls such as post offices, filing insurance claims for missing packages, checking bills of lading, transportation terminals and other visits, in addition to the high fees of traditional banks . The service is considered a breakthrough currency encryption market, indicating OLXA Group clearly wants to have a stable and reliable currency encryption market as an essential element of growth strategy and user attention.


ICO Phase, schedule and bonus

OLXA ICO is divided into four phases, each of which you are entitled to purchase an initial OLXA coin with a special bonus, not the next phase.

PRE-ICO: 1 OLXA = $0.01

  • Starts on February 1st, 2018
  • Special Bonus +50%
  • Minimum investment: $10
  • Each $10 = 1,000 OLXA + 50% Bonus = 1,500 OLXA
  • Soft Cap: $1,500,000
  • Token: OLXA, ERC20 Standard

Round 1-ICO: 1 OLXA = $0.012

  • Starts on March 1st, 2018
  • Special Bonus +40%
  • Minimum investment: $12
  • Each $12 = 1,000 OLXA + 40% Bonus = 1,400 OLXA

Round 2-ICO: 1 OLXA = $0.014

  • Starts after Round1
  • Special Bonus +30%
  • Minimum investment: $14
  • Each $14 = 1,000 OLXA + 30% Bonus = 1,300 OLXA

Round 3-ICO: 1 OLXA = $0.016

  • Starts after Round2
  • Special Bonus +20%
  • Minimum investment: $16
  • Each $16 = 1,000 OLXA + 20% Bonus = 1,200 OLXA

After you participate in ICO, you will receive OLXA coins with bonuses to your ERC20 Ethereum Wallet.


OLXA initial coin publishing (ICO) is published to finance highly profitable trading and marketing, and OLXA enhancement of innovative projects using local and global modern business methods, in honor of OLXA users using their OLXA coins anywhere, to ensure their safety they.

Allocation of OLXA coins

The amount of OLXA coins is limited to 2.6 billion (2.6 billion US dollars), meaning you do not have to delay, so do not miss this great opportunity. ICO Crowdsale has only $ 1.5 billion.

OLXA Distribution

The remaining OLXA coins

The remaining coins will be rewarded, manufacturing viable products, the appropriate distribution of projects and future profitable partnerships, multiple stakeholders of public safety and long-term global exchange exchanges.

Purchase method

OLXA coins can be purchased through OLXA sites using Ethereum ETH, BitCoin BTC, LiteCoin LTC, and other payment methods.

OLXA Roadmap

With OLXA roadmap, after the completion of ICO, OLXA Coins in the global exchange market, so our users love to enjoy the benefits of anytime, anywhere easily exchange OLXA Coins, part of the convenience of carrying this coin is OLXA service, in addition to our launch of the Service and project crowd.

OLXA Roadmap

OLXA roadmap is a great strategic plan, which defines valuable OLXA goals, and brings OLXA user profit results, and contains key steps to achieve this goal is the right schedule. It can also serve as a powerful communication tool to help our esteemed users clarify OLXA’s Future strategic vision.

To know the latest information about OLXA project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://www.OlxaCoin.com
OLXA Team: https://www.OlxaCoin.com/team
Join OLXA on Telegram: https://t.me/OlxaCoin
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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the OLXA team, I just give you the latest ICO info”