Nous Platform – A Software Platform Management For Traders And Investors

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Nous Platform – A Software Platform Management For Traders And Investors

Nous Platform is a software platform that provides opportunities for digital asset management for traders and investors. Each Nous Platform user receives a complete set of tools that are used for investment activities and guarantee maximum transparency and control. Nous Platform is a solution that helps you invest in cryptocurrencies and tokens correctly. Next, we will describe the advantages of this platform in more detail.

Blockchain technology is a movement that causes many fluctuations in the industry. The reason lies not only in the number of operators, coders, theorists, or viewers in the market but also in other people in the technology industry, such as business development managers and investors in the system. Because of this, the field has enormous potential value, and this blockchain can provide value for large and small companies.

Technology continues to grow. This is a popular technology development and continues to expand. In many countries, US, Australia, and Canada have developed and announced blockchain technology plans. This paved the way and made him a staunch blower of the future.

Many of the challenges faced by this market and blockchain technology are being handled in a productive, effective and collective manner to ensure that it will become a successful technology in the future.

By analyzing how we work together and benefit from the global financial crisis, we can help our economy out of its predicament. In the event of a crash, this is a night watch for everyone in the world. We have become too dependent on the global system and cannot take care of what we need. In this way, this will unite our efforts to unite everyone.

Transparent Analysis Of Encrypted Funds

In order to minimize the risk of all investments for the participants of the Nous Platform, we have created a special set of tools for a detailed analysis of specific funds.

In particular, no one of us can accurately predict that the token value will increase after the ICO, in addition to the technical documentation statement (by the way, information that the average investor cannot understand) or the code in Github. In addition, beginners do not always understand whether tokens have any value in the external market. Of course, you can view comments through an independent channel. However, to obtain the most accurate fund assessment, you need more than a dozen of these sites to compare and evaluate the information received.

This problem is solved in the root directory of the Nous Platform. Platform tools are available to each account holder and provide real-time analysis of the selected fund’s very objective data. Everything is stored in the chain of links, so its changes are excluded. Therefore, you can enter your account at any time, select the time interval for the analysis, and view the changes in the value of the assets at the time of offline. Additional transparency in business activities is supported by indicators such as the liquidity index and the number of nominal tokens.

Simple Exchange Of Any Token And Cryptocurrency With Nous Platform Token

Nous Platform users can use it for trading. In particular, any owner of a Nous Platform account can invest in password assets and other assets with the help of the Nous Platform Token (NSU). The advantage of such a proposal is obvious: Now you do not have to wait for any ICO tokens to gain value in the external market.

Blockchain Is Preparing For The Future

What power does the blockchain have to bridge the gap between these large and small enterprises? They join from all aspects of the industry and benefit from it. Because the blockchain offers these beneficiary sector capabilities, many people hope this can help their businesses and industries.

What Does This Mean For These Companies?

It can keep one point but also helps improve security. It cuts the need for expensive intermediaries to enter and intervene. This will eventually exhaust the company’s resources and time.

Every company in the world is likely to grow and develop in blockchain networks, and it can use the many features of these blockchains to bring benefits to the entire business. It is a scalable, beneficial and applicable way for all companies to expand and develop in their markets.

Nous Platform Is Closing The Gap

As the company hopes to simplify and promote the industry’s technology and many advanced technologies, Nous Platform has been developed. We do not want you to lose funds when using this platform. We hope you will simplify the process and earn more money in the process.

Nous Platform can do this, so you can work with other related companies to use a comfortable environment to grow and develop ways to do more and more famous. Investors, merchants, and others with cryptocurrency from around the world want to establish contacts with companies like you.

Everyone can use this ordinary way to meet with investors, release or exchange funds, or grow more in the real sector of the economy. Every company must have something in common to be able to meet, speak, and benefit. The Nous platform is this common ground.

In the past few weeks, it is clear that different jurisdictions are doing a more rigorous review of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects. Therefore, to continue to comply with applicable laws and regulations, we have chosen to advance the development of the Nous platform, but we can not promise to allocate the pilot funding vouchers as previously described. This allows us to avoid significant risks for followers in the ever-changing jurisdiction within the legal framework.

Identification Of Assets

Tokenization includes payment of tokens on behalf of a company to represent goods, assets, products, or services to operate within the blockchain domain. Nous Platform is committed to giving any company the opportunity to mark its assets to raise funds and help the joint venture commit to raising capital and seed growth.

Token Type

In general, there are two types of tokens: security tokens and public tokens. Security tokens are used by companies to raise funds and are regulated by the government. Companies issuing securities codes must comply with laws, rules, and regulations to comply with the rules. Securities tokens are easiest compared to equities, similar to company stock.

On the other hand, the utility token is not intended for future product development, goods or publisher services. Instead, they can be used as a medium of exchange for existing products, goods or services.

Compliance With The Tokenization System

For the granting of “ABC, Inc.” assets, Nous Platform manages a professional investment tool called the Cyprus International Foundation (CIF) and hires trusted, licensed and managed companies to manage CIFs.

If ABC Corporation wants to mark 30% of the existing assets, it will take the following steps:

  1. The first step: CIF management company creates a new legal entity, publishing token (issuing token entity or TIE). 100% TIE held by CIF.
  2. Step 2: The ABC Company transfers 30% (30%) of its assets to TIE
  3. Step three: TIE then publishes a new token on the Nous platform. As part of product sales, new tokens are sold to investors. As a result, all new Nous Platform investors have become shareholders by holding ABC CIF agents representing CIF, which has 100% TIE, and TIE owns 30% of ABC.

However, we are making it possible for supporters in most jurisdictions to work with us on Nous Platform. For this to be possible, we will issue NSU tokens instead of NST tokens as described in an earlier version of our technical document (NST will convert NSU into an equitable exchange, ie 1NST => 3.22 NSU) with the first followers receiving a bonus:

  • Hard Cap $ 18M = + 15% NSU
  • Hard Cap $ 22M = + 15% NSU

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