Nordcoin – Enable You To Benefit From High Performance And Security

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Nordcoin – Enable You To Benefit From High Performance And Security

Nordcoin – Today I want to tell you a very interesting project: the NordCoin Cellular Container completes the challenge of a single encryption mining process and turns it into a simple and intuitive service. The company team believes that the future of encrypted mining operations must be decentralized, mobile, independent from any government, and located in the region, with excess electricity production.

As global trends change so rapidly, traditional encryption farms lose their competitiveness. Being trapped in one place faces the risk of losing energy price changes and is dominated by local monopolies, which can limit long-term, profitable electricity prices. Encryption mining operations are often forced to scale and operational efficiency of trade-offs, so they can take risks with geographical and political factors outside of control related to hedging.

Cellular mining containers help mediate hashing speeds, energy costs, and space costs, which often affect the profitability of operating password services. NordCoin’s independent crypto-indexing remote control solution is based on a standard 40-foot container that can be sent anywhere in the world for optimal production conditions.


The NordCoin mobile mining container combines the difficulties of a single encryption mining process and turns it into a simple and easy service. We believe that the future of encrypted mining operations must be decentralized, mobile, independent from the government, and placed in areas with excess electricity production.

Our cellular mining technology helps to adjust hash levels, energy costs, and space costs, which often affect the profitability of encrypted mining operations. Our independent remote control encryption mining solution is based on a standard 40-foot cargo container that can be shipped anywhere in the world for the best mining conditions.

NordCoin Mining is located in an IT-friendly base in Estonia with the potential to expand Northern Europe. The Mobile Mining Container (MMC) technology developed by NordCoin is an independent remote control encryption mining solution designed to overcome the three most important variables that affect the profitability of encrypted mining:

  1. The hash level is effective
  2. Energy costs
  3. The cost of the room

NordCoin 40-foot cargo containers can be shipped anywhere in the world to take advantage of the best mining conditions, such as ordinary low-cost residual energy. After the formation of economic contracts with local energy producers, NordCoin in the fourth quarter of 2017, the first quarter of 2018 and the second quarter of 2018, the spread of four proofs of the MMC concept, financed through private equity financing, was the first full coverage of investment capital.

Mobile Mining Container (MMC)

Nordcoin MMC

The Nordcoin Mining Team develops a Mobile Mining Container (MMC) based on a series of clear development principles and guidelines:

  1. Liquidity
    At each stage of the NordCoin encryption mining process, safety is the highest priority. The MMC deployment location has 24 hours of security, video and audio monitoring. Only personnel who are authorized by NordCoin can access our mining and equipment areas.
  2. Modular
    Our integrated MMC provides and ensures location-independent scalability.
  3. Save money
    Direct power is obtained from the source ensuring the price remains low and there is no time to stop.
  4. Place it and mine
    After the power is connected and the internet connection is established, our MMC will automatically start the mining operation.
  5. Cooling optimization
    Although our business is located in Estonia it is cold, but NordCoin has been able to design cooling systems that are efficient to adapt to the climate for MMC.

Nordcoin MMC

ICO Duration

  • The ICO will end immediately upon reaching the maximum issue volume.
  • Nominal Token Price: 1 NRDC=1 USD
  • Total Token Supply: Max. 12,900,000 NRDC
  • Hard cap: 10,965,000 USD
  • Soft cap: 1,000,000 USD
  • Token Purchase: BTC, ETH, LTC, Wire transfer

Tokens Generated

  • 85% Token Holders
  • 10% Founding Team
  • 3% Advisory Team
  • 2% Bounty

Use of Proceeds

  • 90% Purchase and Deployment of Mobile Mining Containers (MMCs)
  • 7.5% Development
  • 2.5% Administration

Bonus Structure

  • Day 1-5 10%


  • October 2017
    plan and technical description for MMC proof of concept
  • November 2017
    MM–° proof of concept built
    MMC shipped and start of mining operations
  • December 2017/Q1 2018
    continuous improvement of the concept of MMC
  • January/Q1 2018
    2 more MMCs built
  • April/June 2018
    MMCs equipped with mining hardware
  • June 2018
    publish Whitepaper
    MMC-4 built
  • July/Aug 2018
    ICO sale
  • September/Q3
    further MMCs built
  • October/Q4 2018
    mining commences
  • November/Q4 2018
    tokens released for ICO participants
  • Dec 2018
    The launch of NordCoin Mining Platform
  • Jan/Q1 2019
    proprietary mining pool software launched

About the project team

The NordCoin project was born in Estonia, known for its privileged treatment of young startups, especially in information and high technology. The company plans to deploy its first platform in the Nordic and Baltic countries. For beginners, it is planned to start no more than 30 MMC containers because each cryptocurrency sucker should achieve a monthly net profit of about $ 45,000. If the initial design data obtained from the project’s experimental operation is confirmed, the number of containers will be further increased in accordance with proven requirements, and the scope of action of the NordCoin platform must exceed the Baltic and Scandinavia. European continent size,

This team includes leading Estonian IT experts and blockchain experts, senior management, leading economists and experienced traders.
The executive committee includes prominent senior executives and successful entrepreneurs: Hermes Brambat, Joel Mitt.

Invite renowned and internationally recognized consultants to assist the project: Rauno Kinkar, Addi Rull, Kazuteru Arimura, Kristjan Novitski.

Project team member

  • Hermes Brambat
    The Hermes board member is one of the founders of the Estonian Cryptographic Money Foundation and has been a professional trader and miner for cryptocurrency since 2012. He is responsible for the construction of the NordCoin MMC Mining construction process and a long-term strategy for managing the project. Fund. Its international business network and extensive entrepreneurial experience enable it to solve problems quickly and efficiently.
  • Joelmit
    Joel has over 15 years of experience in the financial sector and for the past seven years, he has been an entrepreneur who has developed the company and structure from scratch. Joel is very good at managing people and ensures that all management processes are aligned with the company’s strategic vision.
  • Simletberg
    Technology and Security Siim has more than 10 years of experience in promoting projects in various fields such as payments, loans, and big data. Since 2014, traders cryptocurrency and miners.
  • Chen Zhenghao
    Supply Chain and Logistics Multinational companies with extensive experience in China and Europe, experienced business developers and media planners, Chen’s experience includes B2B and B2C businesses in the industry.
  • Robert Courbin
    Jitonggongcheng Robert is an accomplished software engineer, has extensive experience in the design and development of HPC, data cloud infrastructure and large solutions, with a special focus on the level of distributed architecture and fault tolerance.
  • Mark Stukis
    Community and Trademarks Marketing is a social media marketing expert with more than 5 years of experience and experience in the music business.
  • Consultant
  • Rauno Kinkar
    Rauno Legal Advisor is the leader of the LINTANG company legal IT / IP team. He advises clients about legal issues related to solutions, ICOs, cryptocurrency, and other smart technologies every day. Rauno is also the author of various legal and theoretical methods for the first self-driving car in Estonia.
  • Addi Rull
    MP ADDY Roull is one of the founders of Agrello, the first law firm in the world. Agrello successfully hosted ICO in 2017 and is currently developing digital identities, signatures and contract solutions. Addi served as law teacher of intellectual property and intellectual property at Tallinn University of Technology, previously working on ECB (European Zhongyangyinhang) and Estonia producing TRUB ID cards (Gemalto) and several other international companies. Addi graduated with a Master of Laws in Law and Intellectual Property from Stockholm University.
  • Kazuteru Arimura
    Kazuteru Consultant has more than seven years experience in private equity, hedge funds and venture capital, and he analyzes the investment objectives of several funds. He brings his financial experience and management skills to finance and invest, enabling blochii and e-Best Ventures.
  • Kristjan Novitski
    Consultant Kristjan Nowicki is the founder of Cash on Go Ltd, one of the leading online lenders in the UK. She is approved by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and is one of the founders of several innovative companies. Christian is a pioneer in introducing big data, machine learning, and blockchain technology into commodity finance and trading services. He has been involved in encryption techniques since 2015. Kristjan also holds a degree in product development engineering from Tallinn University of Technology.
  • Heikki Laidma
    Fintech consultants, blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts/entrepreneurs have years of experience in middle and senior management positions in the financial, automotive, petroleum, chemical and energy industries.
  • Simtno
    Siim Tenno Energy Planning Consultant is one of the founders of ICP Solutions, which provides customers with renewable energy solutions and industrial power plants. Siim has 9 years of experience in managing various projects in the energy sector. Responsible for connecting innovation to investors to develop new technologies that reduce energy production costs. He also consulted with the company in cost analysis and project development. Siim has a degree in mechanical engineering from Tallinn University of Technology.

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