Noiz Chain – Intermediary Between Advertisers And Publishers

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Noiz Chain – Intermediary Between Advertisers And Publishers

Noiz Chain – Advertising is contained many viewers or people who are interested in information about the goods or services provided. Unlike other ad networks, which use linear ecosystem (broker from advertisers to publishers), NOIZ is creating an interesting ecosystem, all the beneficiaries, based on their Participating in the ecosystem.

In other words, the ad about the sale of goods and services, which are installed in the mass media, such as faucets, magazines or people in public places.

AdWords is derived from the Greek word meaning lead people to the concept. complete understanding of the various forms of advertising activities by individuals and certain sponsors to bring the inventor/ideas, goods and/or services provided by non-payment.

In general, advertising is the product, brand, company, store or by running costs to compensate for the presentation of non-personal information. So, advertising is a process of communication in purpose, to persuade or entice people to take action in support of both sides to establish an ad.

Current technology can connect all ad networks and cognitive spread and blockchain, future advertising NOIZ.

NOIZ will discuss advertising issues these figures, the same top advertising agency Dentsu, Ogilvy & Mather advertising Veterans strong team support and decades of industry experience.

NOIZ is decentralized ad server so that people become the driving force behind advertising ecosystem. This will help build a strong and genuine participation of the advertising model of current and long-term.

NOIZ is the first and the only one in which participants can brand awareness advertising system is directly involved in activation of AI in online advertising and mobile advertising decentralized network.

P2P Ad Exchange

Advertisers and publishers can be directly connected, through the platform and buy/sell ad inventory. NOIZ chain community with business ethics and poor choice, or who engage in plagiarism or false advertising publisher set of content quality standards.

Airdrop Wallet And Automatic Reward

NOIZ allows advertisers to interpret the sign product discounts (coupons) to consumers, loyalty (bonus points) or just engage with an ad banner. NOIZ wallet enables users to collect coupons password, reward points, which can provide or NOIZ redemption through partner companies.

Privacy Permissions

NOIZ provides users with full control over their personal data. By design, it can not be controlled by NOIZ in any shape or form. In addition, users get compensated by advertisers and publishers in NOIZ token, they are believed to share data.

Why Noiz?

We use AI and Blockchain banner blindness, increase transparency and trust between publishers and advertisers to users. This eliminates fraud and fraudulent publishers false advertising, advertising costs and increased revenues.

How does it work?


NOIZ digital advertising platform trading platform – an intermediary between advertisers and publishers. NOIZ chain also the name of the token, which provides distribution between active participation and advertisers, publishers, not charity users.


Nicholas cognitive behind AI robot, collection, validation, and data user-friendly ads. Nicholas hybrid system using AI, a form of AI to filter spam, botnets and other similar user actions and the integration of NLP technology, awareness, and dialogue.


NOIZ networks, advertisers, publishers, and users can donate directly to the charity of their choice. When you redeem a coupon, token they would give to charity, instead of returning to the advertiser or publisher.


Advertisers pay a fee to receive digital advertising NOIZ, which is then used to pay for advertising, advertising space, user engagement pins. In order to increase the participation of users, advertisers must provide a coupon selection. When you redeem a coupon, the sign will be donated to charity.


Publishers are high traffic media sites rich. They, in return for advertising space NOIZ, sign them to accept. Publishers to exchange, save, donate, or use their own tokens. In use, the user issuer of receipts and payments in exchange for user data. Publishers can also receive a voucher service in exchange for the token of the user, such as a subscription fee.


Users are people who see this cognitive publisher’s website. users receive a token involving cognitive ad NOIZ. Every piece of data or intent, provided by the user is sent to the advertiser. Age, gender, location – – delivered to advertisers and publishers what personal information the user can specify. Users can exchange, store, donate, or redeem their mark.


  • The reward for customers, on behalf of advertisers, interact with the ad.
  • Air exchange personal data or customer surveys flows directly to customers (advertisers).
  • Customers redeeming a coupon for advertising; send coupons to redeem tokens in the social impact of the project.
  • By advertisers, publishers, users, in exchange for charitable registration
  • Consensus to enter the portal, customers can choose to support or oppose advertising, content publishers, and social impacts of the project.


Noiz Chain Distribution

  • 20% of Business Development
    lead generation and promotion programs
  • 10% Of Government
    management, accounting, tax and legal compliance
  • 10% Of The Crisis Management
    the anti-hacker program prize; network security attacks
  • 35% Extended
    blockchain intelligent AI engineers, designers, web developers hire product designers, architects and contract, system support, maintenance and UX
  • 25% Of Marketing
    public relations roadshows, events, and conferences; author content, video content.


Q1 2016

  • Creating a hybrid mobile phone market
  • Combined with the quality and performance of ads for the mobile market the new hybrid will make mobile advertising framework

Q2 2016

  • Click ensure cell initiative, PRIME Premium advertising and data analysis arrows launched
  • Start repositioning of a large analysis of data solutions to enhance the marketing value of total inventories. A new approach of 65%, and publishers and advertisers get a higher yield increase, the average click-through rate

Q3 2016

  • NLP design/ad awareness
  • Using NLP to develop market-leading back-end technology and innovation projects strong awareness ad

Q4 2016

  • AI launches multilingual
  • AI engine training and food supplies for 15,000 restaurants to test, test accuracy of 87% in different languages
  • AI started multiple domains
  • 40000 product training, inventory and e-commerce test several concepts
  • launching a deep field of artificial intelligence
  • Training in conversation more than 4,000 products, 1,000 elite customer call center to help labor and operational efficiency

The first quarter of 2017

  • NLP (Natural Language Processing) launch of V1
  • a better understanding of the structure of the sentence can be extended to a plurality of paragraphs

The second quarter 2017

  • The first launch of display advertising network video
  • Curators select high-quality mobile applications and website inventory by brand safety and to achieve viewable impressions

2017 third quarter

  • Alcanzar launched
  • The contents of the first demand-side platform are secure (DSP) and brand protection strategies to protect brand advertisers appear from the side is not safe

The fourth quarter 2017

  • NLP launch V2
  • A better understanding of the non-word dictionary and variants, in a different language tests
  • Chatbot messages Framework V2 launch
  • Dialogue supports more ad awareness

Q1 2018

  • V1 launch cognitive ad template
  • Rules and click the automatic crawler web data in the cloud and integrate ad networks based on the document-navigation cognitive digestion
  • Lifestyle awareness advertising market launch in the Asian market first
  • Cognition and ad management platform with strong support AI and NLP, in English and Chinese compatible connection. Link to the full control of content updates, interactive 2.95M, and since the introduction of 50,000 unique users connected 3000+ entrepreneurs.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Noiz Chain team, I just give you the latest ICO info”