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Navibration – Decentralized Routes Social Network

Navibration – This technology allows blockchain to end this case once and for all, to create an ecosystem that is more equitable, resulting in the value of a particular user platform can be found in a transparent and reward in proportion to their contribution to it. Navibration We believe in fair trade, we believe that, if the arrival of the success of a product, should be responsible for creating all of the benefits.

In this paper, we propose a decentralized model of the world’s first audio guide in a social network, called Navibration experience, all participants will be rewarded based on their contribution to the same. In Navibration We liked the original ideas, but also very simple. Many full of documents with complex graphics are not really suitable for us. We like the information is clear and concise. It is our philosophy, which is what we want to reflect here.


The Navibration Experience (which is based on a new product platform that Navibration called) is the voice navigation built-in navigation applications created by the user, all participants will be awarded based on the contribution of the platform.

Core platform, Navibration, provides a fun way, without the need to look at a map navigation: You set goals and start your journey. When it is not clear where to go, just hold your smartphone and start spinning. When you point the device will vibrate in the right direction. This procedure is mainly around the city publicity tour on foot (it is impossible to use it for car navigation) design. We downloaded the app and try it out – it does not work properly. Maybe we just do not have enough travel. However, this concept posed the question itself (directed by vibration) – always in the smartphone arm bandit pretty exciting.

What seems to us more important is user experience Navibration can create your own tour around the city and the cash on it. Tours of the formation process are divided into five steps: content creation, content writing service trip (if necessary), and translation recording an audio guide, as well as the final set of audio editing and the sales platform.

Other users will review the contents of each step, create and control Navicoins get two awards. Platform technology uses blockchain intend to continue to guide the creation of all the participants to document and share awards buying trips. However, this solution does not seem entirely wrong, because the distribution of rewards is a good case of the intelligent use of the contract. Blockchain although this is not necessary functions, the same function can and algorithms and virtual currency in traditional database applications to achieve.

More far-reaching plans include the development of a wearable device: the smartwatch that Navibration compatible platforms and other, mostly aimed at the visually impaired or blind.


Global tourism market is very large, it accounted for $ 8.27 trillion US dollars, accounting for 10.4 percent of the global gross domestic product. It affects almost all other industries and support for 9.9% of the global workforce. In the case of mobile applications and mobile, which accounted for 3.2% of the apps in the Google Play offer (based on national statistics) on 10 categories of applications, and to prove its popularity.

There are several walking tours concentrate on the application, and some even allow individuals to create their own tours, so this project will be some existing competitors to enter the market. One of the biggest is izi.Travel, there are more than 3 million downloads, it offers a tour created by the implementation of more than 2,000 people in the city and most of the content. It was released in 2012, shows the rapid growth in the number of users. Free content on all platforms, and during 2011-2016 attract investment of about $ 230,000. This service, large marketing budgets, and the successful product seem to be a tough competitor.

However, if access Navibration-free travels for the first time and pays out of pocket for their creator, the creator can switch to Navibration, produce high-quality content. Then, with the help of a marketing campaign, we can expect an increase in the number of users (honestly, it’s just us thinking out loud, rather than a proper plan of Navibration).

Transparency, cost allocation provided by the tourism blockchain between creators and platforms, may add up Navibration competitive advantage.

Benefits Project product team some countries, from the use of blockchain technology and patented navigation system ended. However, the benefits of these features because there is another application that offers guided tours (also created by the user) is concerned, and some features, such as the contents of the historical figures will be explained, it seems curious, but are unlikely to increase much profit.

Navibration blind can be considered as a useful tool, but this market has two blind and a hearing-impaired couple of solutions (for example, Google Maps supports audio guide).

It is possible to assess the potential earnings are close competitors Tripscout. (Tripscout, with more than 10,000 downloads from Google Play more than 100 cities, offering tours, which are being created by local experts. Applications other trips), we can assume that the number of downloads on the App Store rival Google to pay, so this gives us a total of about 20,000 downloads. Tripscout`s price is $ 0.99 s Mari optimistic assumptions, approaches, or 90 percent of downloaders paid. While another optimistic assumption that pays 12 per person per year is the average service. Therefore, the maximum annual income may Tripscout is 20,000 × 0.9 × 12 × $ 0.99 = approximately $ 200,000.

In addition, we can compare the rate of subscriber growth Navibration. Based on data from Google Play (do not show download in the App Store), Navibration in the last 12 months, up about 400 new users, while Tripscout 10,000 and Geotourist have 1315 This, of course, will not raise confidence point of view about Navibration.

Our Objectives

  1. Blockchain Ecosystem
    An interesting challenge we face in developing the world’s first audio guidelines scattered ecosystems. We have the necessary human resources and technology to implement it, we are one step away our dreams come true.
  2. Experiences Catalog
    In our experience, the number of the available catalog will continue to grow in the coming months, in this sense, our main goal is to ensure that the world’s fifty most important cities in our catalog by next summer.
  3. Navibration Watch
    This will be our first worn on the body, including through the vibration of our navigation system based on a smartwatch, and end users will be able to either Navibrate anywhere in the world and directs them to do with the audio guide visible.
  4. Navibration Stick
    It will be another of our main wearable and will be primarily for the blind or those with visual impairment. This feature will be very similar to Navibration attention, but in this case, the navigation system will be incorporated into cantilever vibrations.

Our Token

We showed up Token (Navicoin) will allow us to build an ecosystem that is decentralized, can be rewarded according to their contribution to all users of the platform. All under blockchain technology and smart contract that: with each sales service, users will participate with us in the way of a fair reward sign, it creates a systematic and transparent.

  1. In-app Purchases
    Users will be able to buy used Navibration experience or Navicoins of course Fiat.
  2. Navicoins exchange
    The deal with Fiat will be automatically converted into Navicoins.
  3. Smart Contract
    We will use blockchain technology, intelligent contract, determine the reward system.
  4. Rewards
    Users participating in the creation of Navicoins route will receive as a gift.

Why should you have it?

  1. Privilege
    There Navicoins fact will unlock all the features of the platform.
  2. Rewards
    It will be necessary to hold Navicoins continue to pay off.
  3. Discount
    All products will be Navicoins Navibration at least 30% cheaper.
  4. Together
    There Navicoins would be a way to get on board. Together we will be unstoppable.
  5. Much More Than Idea
    Navibration thoughts on paper, and so on.
  6. Patented System
    By vibrating the navigation system, which uses global patent Navibration experience.
  7. Applications Available
    Navibration of our application, which will be able to enjoy the last experience, could play in the Apple Store and Google.
  8. Alpha Available
    Navibration experience now (alpha) in our application, with the first sample of the city.

Token Sale Details

Undetermined for public sale and disclose the date of sale, but private sales are already running and open quality investors and venture capital.

KYC process will be conducted for all participants.

Token Distribution

Navibration Token distribution

Token Metrics

Navibration Token metrics

The intended use of funds

Navibration Intended use of funds

Note1: if the SoftCap is not reached, the bought tokens will be returned.
Note2: it will not be possible to create more NAVI in the future.


  • 2017 JUN
    Patented system
  • 2018 MAR
    Alpha available
  • 2018 Q4
    Token sale
  • 2018 NOV
    Wallet integration
  • 2018 DEC
    Routes creation tool
  • 2019 FEB
    Navicoins accepted in the platform
  • 2019 MAR
    Navibration for blind people
  • 2019 APR
    Platform available for mobile
  • 2019 JUN
    Navibration Watch release
  • 2019 OCT
    Navibration Stick release


Analysis of markets and products so that our conclusion is that it is highly improbable Navibration experience will have a significant speculation in the tourism industry: digital, competition and the product itself does not seem quite promising. To help make the tour back may be exciting, but the passenger is responsible in the first place project-income communities, it is doubtful whether they would be interested in this project.

To know the latest information about Navibration project you can visit the link below:

Press Contact: [email protected]

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Navibration team, I just give you the latest ICO info”