NanoHealthCare – Predict Future Customer And The Various Stages Of Medical Process

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NanoHealthCare – Predict Future Customer And The Various Stages Of Medical Process

NanoHealthCare – Nanohealth team participated in the International Conference on Blockchain, it happened earlier this month. During the event, the team has launched Blockchain ecosystem health, is called NHCT token. This project is considered to be absolutely modern and promising, it was created to solve the many problems the health industry.

Congress organized by nuclear visual team, including the Ministry of Information Technology and Goa and Telangana industry, Prime Minister’s Office as well as the organization’s strategic planning team. It consists of several funds blockchain, industry experts and lovers cryptocurrency. Nanohealthcare distributed platforms creators believe that health is a human life, which is why people today deserve all about diet, medication and technological advances to fight a decisive factor in the necessary information for a particular disease.

Nanohealthcare Blockchain Ecosystem

Nanohealthcare Platform is a great ecosystem in which all segments of health data will be collected. The project participants will be able to use internal information exchange platform that valuable marks. It emphasized the need for people to ensure personal health care and the health system is not only feasible but also in order.

Working ecosystem by connecting the bracket taxpayers, users, and suppliers, through the use of the token-level protocol for managing the financial system between participants.

At the beginning of the meeting, NHCT give? The ability to run a prototype of the platform. creator of the platform is able to offer potential investors demonstrator impressed, they already have a means of implementation as part of the ecosystem begins.

Nanohealthcare Token

The company’s value lies in the creator Nanohealthcare will attract investors to the rapid development of the health sector. This is due to the ability to work together to build the ecosystem, as well as cogeneration will be needing assistance to live healthier, the better customer is very important.

An experienced investor Irina Lichfield congratulated the project team of medical innovation, which in this area as a whole, the expansion has played an important role in development. The success of this project is due to the fact that almost no analog of such a system today.

On the second day of the meeting, the feedback field NHTC ICO Group, where they can receive from the participants was very actively involved. the general manager of the company and Manish Ranjan believe that the company has a good tradition when it comes to the provision of medical services.

This is due to the fact that: in the past, they have managed more than 70 million people, they treat them as a result of non-communicable diseases such as diabetes. In recent years, the company has been cooperating with the Government of Telangana, as well as with other companies, thus providing organizations and communities can measure and monitor toolbar.

According to the person in charge of the Ministry of Development Nanohealth Praveena Dvarkanatha, ecosystems, they do their best to ensure that the project NHCT Prrovedenija ICO for quality and safety. The company is proud that, unlike other medical ICO, 100% of them to produce certification of medical data is unique. The high point of the data protocol token companies allow consumers to encourage them, they take any action, even when they are through exercise and regular medical check-ups and improve their overall health, for example.

Why NanoHealthCare Token (NHCT)

NHCT provide decentralization platform, the problem of data fragmentation resolved. This ensures that the data is safe, secure because it stimulates the user behavior of healthy and fit. This platform is focused on total health, personalized medicine, the health system (plus the payer-provider), security and health security of data storage and better health and healthy circulation.

Currently, there are a lot of problems nurses face in their daily activities. Blockchain medical technology currently applied to help care institutions for the trend report information from previous studies of one of the methods. NanoHealthCare sign will help nurses and other healthcare providers make decisions and in accordance with access to a variety of health care interventions. NanoHealthCare mark treatment facilities will help to determine the correct application of medical practice and ideas. interventions and evidence-based practice, the right to rely on information technology to be adopted before the application of another physician to provide a comprehensive literature. Similarly, the right decision is to gather medical evidence needed to create a professional to determine what caused the problem and timely intervention is beneficial.

The doctor-patient relationship is one of the pillars to ensure quality care: information gathering means, planning, perfect integration and provide treatment and support. Because they understand the relationship between the sensitive dependence physician skills, good intentions, and capabilities of vulnerable populations are significant. This relationship helps patients understand health care disparities. Improving the relationship, to ensure the improvement of the health of patients, because they can talk to your doctor. And NHCT, and aim to provide users, payers 360 and between systems. This will ensure that your overall health will blockchain technology for electricity. As NHCT decentralized system, the data will be secure, to ensure that the data exchanged friction. Although the use of tokens and smart contract, NanoHealthCare tokens are designed to improve the quality and security of data in medical institutions.

The Health & Wellness Cycle

Health means continue regular exercise, physical examination of the work, and sometimes medication, if necessary. This involves coordination between the various providers of health and healthy lifestyle and discipline.

Blockchain Powered Ecosystem

The NHCT token one sponsor of the event as a participant field ICO. It is only concerned about the health of the entire supply blockchain biological tissue supply. It emphasizes personalized medicine for subsistence allowances and medical technology not only operations but in addition to well-organized.

Ecosystem through a single-payer position is very well connected to the customer for the company to work, means financial gadget among the participants through the use of three-sign protocol applies.

At the beginning of the meeting, NHCT awarded the possible release of their blockchain prototype. Fortunately, they have managed to sell the first investment security for individuals, who have taken sides in the different events in our beautiful reaction.


Each has a different process from the platform, but not this one, NanoHealth have insurance process are interesting, the first “Claim Processing” and the speed of processing required by the user to provide a user-friendly, followed by “Claim Reduction” may special incentives for ecosystem of users, to provide better health users and fitness, and the third “Personal Plan” as the investigation users Baoxiangongsi personal data, can predict future customer and the various stages of the process result, the development of insurance products, individual users bigger.

Research And Clinical Trials

There are two phases of research and clinical trials on this platform. “Health information exchange” anonymous health data information first discovered the verification mark of the users can only use NHCT purchase on the platform, because this data is essential for learning. The second data generated by the patient’s “royalty” (PGHD) researchers are willing to pay NHCT to enter the ecosystem, because they also use data validation because NHCT is to provide the long-term longitudinal study of a certain type only time the ecosystem and the development of proprietary data.

NHCT Ecosystems: The Value Proposition

  • Personalize Healthcare for a user
  • Personalize Healthcare for an Individual
  • Incentivising users to be fit and healthy
  • Focussing on their Total Health
  • Giving AI based recommendations for preventive care

NanoHealthCare Ecosystem

Technical Architecture

  • Hyperledger manages users and roles of all medical data for medical management and predictive proprietary algorithms.
  • Ethereum blockchain public administration NHCT practical token.
  • Based on the data partition IPFs hybrid storage management architecture, DDMS and Blockchain stored locally.

Services Marketplace

Health and fitness market services, the establishment of ecosystem health providers use token NHCT connection in exchange for network users, they get the goods and services aimed at businesses around the world.

Third-party Applications

There are some things that are required in the development of third-party applications. First, to develop applications for open access API has been providing partnership and medical applications. Through this API will improve the quality of the application. Is NHCT ecosystem will Baoxiangongsi without cost as the goal, to provide customers with preferential or more, while users get the right insurance, no distribution cost savings to the user. Third through the integration of applications, which enables the ecosystem to give them a market, integrated application.

Medical Tourism

NHCT will be healthy and more dominant user field as the medical profession the world’s ecosystems. Users can connect directly which will follow the instructions carefully and save money to help guide treatment among doctors.

Token Details

  • Whitelisting – (local time)
  • KYC – Yes, required
  • Public Pre-sale – (local time)
  • Token Unit – NanoHealthCare Token
  • Token Type – ERC20
  • Symbol – NHCT
  • Fundraising Goal – $1,000,000 (Soft cap) / $9,000,000 (Hard cap)
  • Total Tokens – 1,000,000,000 (1 billion)
  • Base Price – $0.032
  • Available for Token Sale – 35% of total tokens

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NanoHealthCare Team

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