NanoHealthCare – Blockchain Powered Ecosystem Of Total Health For Everyone

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NanoHealthCare – Blockchain Powered Ecosystem Of Total Health For Everyone

NanoHealthCare – Today, the biggest problem with our health and the health of ecosystems, above all stakeholder interests are fragmented, ie, they are not connected, do not interact or talk with each other. Therefore, doctors do not know, what we eat, our health guidelines do not know, we take medicine, and pharmacists do not know, if we put our periodic inspection, or should not do.

The second issue of health and the health of the ecosystem is currently facing data storage. Each ecosystem players have different ways of storing data, some do not even keep it.

Finally, most preventive health treatment.

NanoHealth, since 2014 to address this urgent problem, there NanoHealth make NanoHealthCare mark (NHCT) ecosystem targets and NanoHealthCare sign (NHCT) ecosystem is to stay healthy and fit into one’s benefit.

Introducing NanoHealthCare

NanoHealth utilizes a unique combination of community health workers known as “Health Coaches” and a proprietary platform technology for the early diagnosis of chronic and non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and hypertension sustainable management

The Health & Wellness Cycle

Health means continue regular exercise, physical examination of the work, and sometimes medication, if necessary. This involves coordination between the various providers of health and healthy lifestyle and discipline.

Blockchain Powered Ecosystem

The NHCT token one sponsor of the event as a participant field ICO. It is only concerned about the health of the entire supply blockchain biological tissue supply. It emphasizes personalized medicine for subsistence allowances and medical technology not only operations but in addition to well-organized.

Ecosystem through a single-payer position is very well connected to the customer for the company to work, means financial gadget among the participants through the use of three-sign protocol applies.
At the beginning of the meeting, NHCT awarded the possible release of their blockchain prototype. Fortunately, they have managed to sell the first investment security for individuals, who have taken sides in the different events in our beautiful reaction.

How Does It Work?

NanoHealthCare sign (NHCT) solutions to the challenges of existing health data and applications based blockchain, its impact:

  • Maintain personal medical records as a single source of truth.
  • Construction of ecological systems to exchange medical data with suppliers, Baoxiangongsi, researchers and medical care are consistent and safe from the patient.
  • Using the active use of medical data personal recommendations to improve the health of mature artificial intelligence engine.
  • Token-based incentives to encourage participation in a public health priority.
  • Inspired by the developer community to build the ecosystem in an integrated application.

NHCT ecosystems: The Value Proposition

  • Personalize Healthcare for a user
  • Personalize Healthcare for an Individual
  • Incentivising users to be fit and healthy
  • Focussing on their Total Health
  • Giving AI based recommendations for preventive care

Technical Architecture

Hyperledger manages users and roles of all medical data for medical management and predictive proprietary algorithms.
Revenge blockchain public administration NHCT practical mark.
Based on the data partition IPFs hybrid storage management architecture, DDMS and Blockchain stored locally.

Creation Of Total Health

Because the investor has many functions in the higher blockchain fans a good understanding of manufacturers bring valuable. This is in contrast to the well-being of the entire construction, will assist in the selection of the head of health and long methods available phones is higher than the customer life.

One of the judges, Irina Litchfield congratulated the staff can come up with creative entrepreneurial health standards of the masses are in the range of increase of medical equipment. This is simply due to the fact that there are some tasks such as access to the blockchain.

At the meeting on time, labor NHTC then takes place at the ICO side of the field, they have been successful from the safety of the participants was very positive reactions. The company’s CEO, Manish Ranjan, claiming that the manufacturer has a good tradition, but when it comes to providing health care services.

This is only due to the fact that in the past contemporary, they have succeeded in obtaining a good 70,000 people, so that they are dealing with non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and cholesterol. Together, and different from previous years corporate bonds, so that they can be measured and tracked as state government agencies and the community to work with producer welfare Telengana dashboard.

According to Praveen Dwarkanath all, at the top of the NanoHealth ecosystem models, and they do, they will ensure that NHCT is the ICO reference. Manufacturers need happiness in the real world is no longer as distinct clinical director of infection control, they produce 100 certified that data welfare success.

three-tier enterprise token protocol allows them to improve their overall health, the body really wants to go to the game and receive routine clinical examination work for the welfare of their buyer’s incentive for them to bear, while every movement.

individual investors NHCT employees might want to get a good remuneration remains a unique level of protection stated in the stadium. They have managed a $ 20,000 commitment to rake during private sales.

Market Strategy

NHCT is upgradeable to 75,000 users and the ecosystem is still growing in the existing health nano immediately.

  1. Glocal Adoption
    Globally, anyone can sign up and verify by NHCT Working Group, and as our service provider ecosystem. ecosystems to help them connect to NHCT users can launch their services or to verify the user’s health and care NHCT revenue immediately at the site and their suppliers.
  2. Partnerships
    This is the biggest focus in the next three years for the entire organization, health, sanitation, and health care providers, insurance agencies, primary care clinics, and governments to build partnerships NHCT via- ecology. It will also work with the developer for wellness and health applications, allowing users to access through a simple API integration NHCT ecosystem.

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