Namek – Looking For A Variety Of Task Performance Known As A Bounty Hunter

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Namek – Looking For A Variety Of Task Performance Known As A Bounty Hunter

Namek – Today, start-ups can create their own currency, these new features to support economic development. The new technology allows us to “cash” and “value” to distinguish. In this way, we can build the currency here, is now made in the future based on the value of the project is well defined intelligent service provider.

We believe that based on what we call a completely different meaning new currency economy “money.”

We believe, in this world, everyone can design and to find and develop the right team to implement the project idea at the right time.

As early First of all, we want our project to go as far as possible. In order to make this great plan feasible, co-founder of the need to hire more people to join the project from the beginning. They often require a small group of people with the right momentum and power station project.

Today and Blockchain, intelligent contracts and financial technology, such as electronic money, we could deal with the unprecedented efficiency of the whole process. Namek easier to recruit and compensate for all kinds of people walking motorized cake method.

Namek bounty event looking for a variety of task performance is widely known as a bounty hunter, and invite them to take their platform operation. Which may be a client of different languages translated more official information, writes informative articles about the project, recording video presentations and so on. Also very popular, promoting projects via social networks such as Facebook, Weibo, the telegraph, the list is quite extensive.

This platform provides an opportunity to promote the project airdrop ICO. This is when a small portion of the token will be rewarded with a one-time action, such as subscriptions, retweet, dragging the official media sources such recommendations.

The project is supported by the creator of the concept of the digital economy, and fully believe that every start-up companies to publish their own tokens with the market needs. Therefore, existing and potential business is the most important sign of ICO providers.

How Can We Find A Solution?

Employers need a way to hire and compensate a team, they get the funds before the project is being executed. Tim payments segmentation is the true owner of the payment (in addition to more freelance classics), but such payments get value, the project managed to achieve our goals.

That’s why we want to build a robust turnkey platform that allows any startup to mark the launch of its core projects quickly by searching for the right reasons team members.

After setting up your ICO / sell tokens that you can use to find their own prizes and bonuses AirDrop platform team members, dropped, and even consultants.

If you are a beginner in the world of encryption, the Namek team can help you organize your token sales. In this case, you should hire experienced manager gifts to organize and manage campaigns, or you can create a separate bounty program that you need for each skill.

With a bounty program that you actually have and two, you find applications and enthusiast bounty on the tool platform for managing gifts. In this way, you can control you need to find the right person for your project, and decided to enroll before they are reviewing every aspect of their resume gift.

Encryption Revolution Coming

We believe that in the new economy on the basis of what we call “money” meaning fresh type is completely different from the currency. Today, start-ups can create their own currency and new features to support further economic development. The new technology allows us to distinguish between “money” from the “value.” Thus, we can put a monetary value today as a way of the future to produce intelligent carrier based on well-defined projects.

We believe, in this world, everyone can design and ideas to explore and develop the right team to implement the project in a timely manner. As entrepreneurs, we hope that our project, go as far as possible. In order to make a big plan feasible, co-founder of the need to hire more people involved in the project from the beginning. They often require a small group of people the right moment and the right impetus to pump the project.

Currently Blockchain, intelligent technology and financial contracts, such as cryptocurrencies, we can process the whole process with unprecedented efficiency. Namek recruitment and compensation of human motivated easy way to master a piece of cake.

However, in order to increase their interest in the project and the dissemination of information, the power company most commonly used additives. Bounty provides incentives for creators of ICO certain services. Simply put, the man started giving her sign a contribution to the development of project. The program is designed for those relationships, the development of relations between the developer/organizer ICO, which users of the service to them. It includes Platform airdrop. The aim is to raise awareness of the launch of the fundraising project as a whole and understanding. Business owners reward user participation in the two communities and social networks. Some are marked as the enthusiast, you will receive from your project is very important.

Encryption Economy, ICOs And Airdrop

The code refers to all relevant economic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Bounty Program before getting ICO, no money to invest cryptocurrencies any way. Since Blockchain start-up companies looking for people to improve their products and ICOS, Namek is a way to get involved with the project group ICO ICO and get paid work. Network, translation, coding, early adopters … and so on! This new world may seem complicated newcomers, but do not worry, we provide free advice and training. Read the documentation, and anytime if you have any questions, please contact us.


Airdrop platform :

A growing platform that enables both users and ICO projects to find each other. Projects getting more , users getting tokens from the project. This is in most cases the first step to get involved into the bounty and the ICO team.

Bounty platform for freelancers :

Cryptocurrency and tokens are new ways to get paid as a freelancer. ICO projects are even more a way to find freelancer missions.

Bounty platform for ICOs :

A bounty platform to get your whole project information about teams, tasks, payments and deadlines is a good deal. This same bounty platform with its whole users directly integrated in your website is even more interesting to manage tasks team, campaigns, cryptocurrency payments, contracts and even more.

NMK token and ICO Details

NMK Token is the main way to pay for services of bonuses and agencies for startups on the platform. Thus, absolutely every platform member who owns NMK tokens will be able to receive tokens from clients who want to take ICO through the platform or use it as an Airdrop distribution.

  • Token Symbol – NMK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard – ERC20
  • Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD
  • Total amount of tokens issued: 400,000,000 NMK
  • Soft Cap – 2.000 ETH
  • Hard Cap – 20.000 ETH
  • Token cost: 1 NMK = 0.00048 ETH
  • The new delivery of tokens will take place on October 21, 2018.
  • KYC: Yes
  • Minimum investment – 0,0048 ETH
  • Maximum investment – no limit

Token Distribution

Namek Token Distribution

Allocation Funds

Namek Funds allocation


Namek Roadmap 1

Namek Roadmap 2


Namek Team


Namek Advisor

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Namek team, I just give you the latest ICO info”