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Namek Logo And IZX Partnership To Encourage Ico Project And Based On The Game

Namek – One of the hottest topics in the financial arena is blockchain technology, even though it was in 2009. blockchain has evolved over the years have outstanding performance, but also to completely change the traditional formula of the commercial development potential of some sectors.

Blockchain method works like a giant digital form, can be shared by all members of decentralized networks.

Given this outstanding performance, the bondholders have been looking for ways to get into profitability blockchain technology. Before making an investment decision, there are factors to consider are different from traditional investment blockchain technology.

The great thing is that there blockchain technology investments that allow bondholders to take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology blockchain easy opportunities and a variety of ways.

How many network users discover concepts such as ICO. You can be sure that at least one edge of the particular type of person, but listen. So what is it?

ICO cryptocurrency attracts investment projects, there is no regulatory framework. This means that the primary coil is placed initiator can be a legal entity or individual. ICO is a core value of an idea. This process involves several steps are some of the ideas/projects from around the implementation of investment collected.

What is IZX?

IZX not only in augmented reality games. The company is working with advertisers, developers, and project ICO.

The goal IZX encourages ICO project and based on the game of: the user enters the road and starts a real hunt. On the map, screen to help him track the position of the token, then, with the help of the red aiming screen, grab it.

Allocation IZX ICO- project augmented reality in a different sign, which allows applications to each user get them anywhere in the world.

When a player catches the truth, he believes brief information about ICO, token cost of the project and its terms of currency exchange encrypted. How to use the ICO project may be imposed on service and platform IZX driver IZX ICO? They just need to decide how many tokens they need to allocate to choose the location of their distribution and exchange cryptocurrency way. IZX team will do the rest: they will create a unique signature; publish their mark on the social network is to AirDrop necessary information and local distribution.

In just one year, the number of applications IZX users exceed 70 million. They have done 12 test campaign, and continue to work to improve the services of the two: the players and customers. Https:// described in detail on the site of service drive IZX

This partnership will allow us to reach more users and customers to our platform, our project increasing awareness and participation!

The initial announcement. Sponsors of the Ordinance summarized tell the public what they think.

This is to provide recommendations for cooperation. In the case of ICO – investment around.

When the marketing campaign, almost everything is ready for the launch of the ICO, advertising flywheel start play. In contrast to the initial announcement, where to start can already tell her more about the product/service, the disclosure of investment conditions, the purpose, the technical details.

Start selling. The introduction of a complete sale of tokens also called crowdsale or token sales. First, begin to provide investors buy tokens on their platform (website).

However, in order to increase their interest in the project and the dissemination of information, the power company most commonly used additives. Bounty provides incentives for creators of ICO certain services. Simply put, start giving one’s contribution to the development of this project his mark.

Encryption Revolution Coming

We believe that in the new economy on the basis of what we call “money” meaning fresh type is completely different from the currency. Today, start-ups can create their own currency and new features to support further economic development. The new technology allows us to distinguish between “money” from the “value.” Thus, we can put a monetary value today as a way of the future to produce intelligent carrier based on well-defined projects.

We believe, in this world, everyone can design and ideas to explore and develop the right team to implement the project in a timely manner. As entrepreneurs, we hope that our project, go as far as possible. In order to make a big plan feasible, co-founder of the need to hire more people involved in the project from the beginning. They often require a small group of people the right moment and the right impetus to pump the project.

Currently Blockchain, intelligent technology and financial contracts, such as cryptocurrencies, we can process the whole process with unprecedented efficiency. Namek recruitment and compensation of human motivated easy way to master a piece of cake.

However, in order to increase their interest in the project and the dissemination of information, the power company most commonly used additives. Bounty provides incentives for creators of ICO certain services. Simply put, the man started giving her sign a contribution to the development of project. The program is designed for those relationships, the development of relations between the developer/organizer ICO, which users of the service to them. It includes Platform airdrop. The aim is to raise awareness of the launch of the fundraising project as a whole and understanding. Business owners reward user participation in the two communities and social networks. Some are marked as the enthusiast, you will receive from your project is very important.

Encryption Economy, ICOs And Airdrop

The code refers to all relevant economic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. Bounty Program before getting ICO, no money to invest cryptocurrencies any way. Since Blockchain start-up companies looking for people to improve their products and ICOS, Namek is a way to get involved with the project group ICO ICO and get paid work. Network, translation, coding, early adopters … and so on! This new world may seem complicated newcomers, but do not worry, we provide free advice and training. Read the documentation, and anytime if you have any questions, please contact us.


Airdrop platform :

A growing platform that enables both users and ICO projects to find each other. Projects getting more , users getting tokens from the project. This is in most cases the first step to get involved into the bounty and the ICO team.

Bounty platform for freelancers :

Cryptocurrency and tokens are new ways to get paid as a freelancer. ICO projects are even more a way to find freelancer missions.

Bounty platform for ICOs :

A bounty platform to get your whole project information about teams, tasks, payments and deadlines is a good deal. This same bounty platform with its whole users directly integrated in your website is even more interesting to manage tasks team, campaigns, cryptocurrency payments, contracts and even more.


Considered to be popular and the main method of raising seed money for various types of investments. If you are looking to get involved in technology blockchain, one option to consider is the use of a unique fundraising alternative to coins. And the use of these methods, supply of coins pre-mined and sold in ICO, before it becamea public network launch.

The democratization of technology is the way Blockchain and start-up companies and investment funds around the world, investing what you see. With Blockchain own solutions or investment made in ICO join the movement.

NMK token and ICO Details

NMK Token is the main way to pay for services of bonuses and agencies for startups on the platform. Thus, absolutely every platform member who owns NMK tokens will be able to receive tokens from clients who want to take ICO through the platform or use it as an Airdrop distribution.

  • Token Symbol – NMK
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Standard – ERC20
  • Accepted currency: BTC, ETH, LTC, USD
  • Total amount of tokens issued: 400,000,000 NMK
  • Soft Cap – 2.000 ETH
  • Hard Cap – 20.000 ETH
  • Token cost: 1 NMK = 0.00048 ETH
  • The new delivery of tokens will take place on October 21, 2018.
  • KYC: Yes
  • Minimum investment – 0,0048 ETH
  • Maximum investment – no limit

Token Distribution

Namek Token Distribution

Allocation Funds

Namek Funds allocation


Namek Roadmap 1

Namek Roadmap 2


Namek Team


Namek Advisor

To know the latest information about the Namek project you can visit the link below:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Namek team, I just give you the latest ICO info”