MyCryptoBank – Remote Banking Access With Blockchain Technology

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MyCryptoBank – Remote Banking Access With Blockchain Technology

MyCryptoBank – Since the creation of the Internet, which struck many people, no discovery to make so much noise. But today there is no encryption of money, as well as block-type technology, which has become a truly revolutionary invention. Since the advent of Bitcoin, value creation, transmission and distribution are no longer confined to the door of the government. Because anyone can be fast, secure transactions and other partners from anywhere in the world, without the need for any intermediary or payment gateway is the first time in history.

Customers around the world, and now feel the need to have a safe and secure platform that can help them to participate on a global scale. Remember all the requirements and future merchants and management, which involves cryptocurrency, financial information and the establishment of strong encryption angle of view of the leader, and besides blockchain encryption and associated with decentralization, particularly sophisticated technology news of hope. The online decentralized mechanism for encrypting traders covered by the provisions of confidentiality and security, safety and business-related information.

A cryptocurrency designed as a secure digital currency in the form of currency. This is also the use of cryptography, process information changes almost unbreakable, the currency you want to track purchases and transfers related internet.

We know users cryptocurrency currently very much in the whole world so that when they perform payment transactions carried out by the villagers of individual businesses pay or are paid well for the company, the person will have trouble, trouble. Therefore, the project called MyCryptoBank to provide financial services, they have a legal tender by the economic relations of economic and financial cryptocurrency to connect the target world. From now on, you can manage and centralize the blockchain platform, and with the banks with financial control of their money.

What Is MyCryptoBank

MyCryptoBank online banking, e-banking at school, every customer a variety of banking operations, additional operations and cryptocurrency (payment processing, debit cards, credit cards and investment products cheap, asset use encryption as collateral for loans and many others) technology based Blockchain, without outpatients. So, MyCryptoBank provide client remote access service account Bank, products and services to make banking.

MyCryptoBank Vision

  • The aim of the group is to create loyalty and cryptocurrency Bank blockchain and community service password encryption technology. What are the advantages MyCryptoBank quote:
  • There are no administrative barriers.
  • Low cost, Blockchain technology will get rid of the middleman. currency conversion will take place in the bank.
  • There are no geographic restrictions.
  • MyCryptoBank supports every Fiat and cryptocurrency. You can store encrypted monetary payment, transfer, take out a loan.

MyCryptoBank Features

MyCryptoBank has several features, including:

  1. MyCryptoBank offers customers a versatile platform for financial services, on behalf of, the hybrid system combining traditional and digital currency
  2. The use of digital currency to make operations faster and cheaper, while traditional monetary ensure that all practical acceptance and effectiveness
  3. Combination accounts enable customers to use the advantages of the two currencies
  4. MyCryptoBank accept bank licenses and permits through the process of sharing and cryptocurrency, guiding them legally with paper money and work cryptocurrency necessary to meet the work rules
  5. This license allows the right people both in the legislature and by changing the distance, the transfer of modern communication channels provided by the transfer, cryptocurrency other virtual storage and value for the customer service at every point on the globe

MyCryptoBank specialty products

  • Payment RingsMyCryptoBank 1
    Payment of the ring is a metaphor of contactless cards, integrated into the bank’s payment system, and allowing for the same bank card payment. To make a payment, it is enough to pay the terminal rings and the necessary amount will be reduced. You can also pay online: pay a set number, expiry date, CVV and code on each ring. Rings are durable and waterproof.
  • 2Multi-Digital CardMyCryptoBank 2
    Multi-level digital card is full, replace the usual plastic cards. They allow you to connect multiple cards at once: debit, credit, discounts, gift cards and even a health club card, and so on. In other words, they can be connected to a bar code or a standard EMV chip card. Because digital multi-card size as a traditional card, you can withdraw cash with them.
  • Mobile BankingMyCryptoBank 3
    MyCryptoBank is developing its own mobile banking applications. By analogy with traditional banks, will be connected to the non-contact payment system ApplePay, SamsungPay and AndroidPay. This application will be available to access all the features of the banks: payments, remittances, access to foreign exchange, currency exchange. With this application, you will have access to your bank card.

MyCryptoBank Service

MyCryptoBank provide remote access services, accounts, banking products and services to clients, and allows to perform all banking operations.

  1. E-wallet (Cryptobank Phone)
    All the services of the bank is always in your pocket all the time, via mobile and computer application.
  2. Cryptocurrency / Cryptocurrency, Cryptocurrency / Flat Exchange
    You can easily exchange money online.
  3. Remittances Worldwide
    MyCryptoBank allows you to send money anywhere in the world at the lowest commission, regardless of your location.
  4. Encryption and ATM Encryptor
    MyCryptoBank plans to develop a network of ATMs around the world, as well as an agreement on the use of third-party bank ATM him.
  5. Encryption Acquisitions
    MyCryptoBank allows you to accept payment in any currency as the seller.
  6. Virtual Card
    In order to carry out monetary transactions in encryption, virtual Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay and would create. In addition, there will be, for example ApplePay, SamsungPay and AndroidPay mobile services available. This will allow you to support PayPass and payWave fast delivery, payment POS terminal sites in general, you can also make an ATM or cash deposit.
  7. P2P financing loans
    Customers will be able to pick up exactly as they do in a traditional bank loan.
  8. Debit Card
    bank customers can order cryptocurrency support debit card.
  9. Trading Forex
    MyCryptoBank provide the foreign exchange market to enter the interbank market. Users will be able to pass through an intermediary in trading transactions. In addition to the encryption will be available in currency futures trading.
  10. Deposit
    Users can store their savings and those who are interested.

MCB Token Benefits

  • MCB cryptocurrency Token is a fast growing, so you can pay the money directly and around the world
  • MCB Token will be listed on the Stock Exchange main cryptocurrency
  • All business owners access to bank MCB his mark

Token Details

  • Token: MCB
  • MCB Platform: EOS
  • Token Price: 0.2 USD
  • Tokens for sale: 517,075,000 MCB (65%)
  • Token supply: 795,500,000 MCB
  • Soft cap: 3,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 100,000,000 USD
  • Receive: ETH, BTC, LTC, FIAT, BCH, EOS
  • Country limited: United States
  • Know Your Customers: Yes
  • Whitelist: None
  • Pre-Sales July 16, 2018, Midnight – August 16, 2018 Midnight
  • Token Sale September 10, 2018, Midnight – October 14, 2018 Midnight

Token Distribution

  • For ICO Participants – 65%
  • Project Team – 10%
  • Bounty Campaign Developers – 3%
  • For Partners and Experts – 7%
  • Reserve Fund – 15%
  • ICO fund distribution

Budget Allocation

  • Developer and Integration Blockchain Platform – 30%
  • Network Marketing and Partner Developers – 20%
  • To Obtain a Bank License and Maintain Bank Liquidity – 20%
  • Crypto ATM Network Developer With Fingerprint Identification and Face Recognition Function – 10%
  • Innovative Product Development – 10%
  • Infrastructure Development – 10%


MyCryptoBank team face a volatile market, now recovering from the explosive growth and subsequent decline in, and in 2018 it will be $ 50 billion level, to reach an average value of capital. However, a significant part of the market participants did not know that they can crypto assets do with them unless they are used as a speculative tool. MyCryptoBank intends to eventually take over segments of the market, and gradually expand their business development cryptocurrencies payment and savings instruments.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the MyCryptoBank team, I just give you the latest ICO info”