Moveco – A New Way To Win With Buy-Back Platform

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Moveco – A New Way To Win With Buy-Back Platform

Moveco – The team initiated a partnership for the Moveco app in May 2018, and a pilot version of successful development began in March. Soon, MOV will begin selling and integrating with the Cove payment channel.

The team is also building partnerships with potential data users to bring revolutionary mobility to everyone.

Using the Moveco team to share customer data with his team, he helps build the city planning community and the new generation of cars.
The future of autonomous vehicles is here, and the team wants customers to be a part of this.

The mobile ecosystem that turns your mile into a useful consumer can make a positive contribution to the future of mobility and get MOV in the process. Share your mobile data to help plan or build your next self-driving car. Get the MOV token prize immediately and use it for the next gas bill.

Benefits Of Moveco Blockchain platform

The advantages of the Moveco blockchain platform are endless, and they are characterized by nodes and systems so that consumers are fully dependent and trusted. The reward system operated by Moveco is obtaining a MOV token for gas charging during travel and to cover mileage.

User data helps with proper urbanization and helps build a mobile future for cities, cities, and provinces. This is a great refund via a MOV token. In addition, it should be noted that automotive data will enable automated vehicle construction to be rebuilt into safer, more convenient, efficient and economical vehicles to provide clear and integrated new mobility for future urbanization. This is called “Future Mobile Service” ( It leads data brokerage firms via the Moveco platform and works with car makers to benefit from all consumers in Moveco. This allows users to gain control and gain the lion’s share of the monetization process in anonymous data. Currently and in the future, obtaining MOV tokens gives users access to goods and services tokens, paying for gasoline, paying travel expenses, and enjoying Moveco exchange platforms or leveraging other loyal partners on the project.

A New Way To Win

Compensation for the cost of owning a car or traveling by obtaining a MOV token. MOV Token is based on the miles you move and share. The tokens obtained can be used for goods, services, and experience on the Moveco Exchange platform, as well as for our loyalty partners. You can get a discount for the next gas bill or redeem the chip for Asia Miles.

The team initiated a partnership in January 2018 to implement Moveco, and the trial development version was successfully launched in March.

The sale of the MOV token will be launched soon and will be included in the Cove payment channel.

The team also partnered with potential data users to bring revolutionary mobility to everyone.

With the Moveco app, teams want customers to share their mobile data with teams and help community plans and build next-generation vehicles.

The future of autonomous vehicles is here, and the team wants our customers to be involved.

Moveco will reward customers based on the data they share with Moveco.
Therefore, every one kilometer away, the customer immediately gets a MOV token that can be used in the Moveco repo platform.

To resolve this issue, we’ve given you three ways to get a MOV token using An Moveco:

1. General mobile data.
Download the Moveco app and let it run in the background of your device.
Moveco will collect general mobile data and return it anonymously to the network.

2. Driving behavior data.
This will involve you installing Movebox Lite or other telematics equipment by Moveco and its partners (other companies use OBD-II devices).
Driving behavior and the state of your car will be collected.
By making a real-time diagnosis of your car, you can use it with our insurance partners to reduce your premiums.

3. Autonomous data management.
You will install advanced technology from our partners, such as laser radar technology.
It is widely used in autonomous vehicles worldwide.
Users will receive a gift of MOV tokens, which can then be used regularly on the Moveco purchase platform and Moveco loyalty program.

Partner loyalty purchasing MOV tokens, including Esso, Shell, Asia Miles, Grab and our favorite Starbucks
The list of partners should be very important this year because we want to give you more benefits.

The beta version is coming soon and the team wishes you excited about the future of mobility.

Case using mobile data


  1. Driving behavioral data/vehicle diagnostic codes
  2. Data on vehicle usage
  3. User preferences to assist vehicle design


  1. Promote behavior data based on the insurance used
  2. Vehicle diagnostic code and claim record
  3. Target marketing leads customers to the preferred mechanism


  1. Near real-time location data
  2. Location of radiation and melee marketing
  3. Analysis of crowd flow and clock optimization

Smart City

  1. Traffic and data congestion
  2. Town planning
  3. Improved road infrastructure and improved design

Gas oil

  1. Stream mode
  2. Driving mode and refueling
  3. Construction of electric vehicle infrastructure


  1. Signal coverage and infrastructure planning
  2. Data consumption mode
  3. Data providers connecting vehicles and IoT devices

How to participate

Here are some shortcuts to join our community

1. Pre-list as the first Moveco driver application user (only a small number of users are allowed in the first Moveco driver application!). The team will provide a small number of MOV symbols to thank you for being a member of the Moveco pilot!

2. Please refer to the white paper to provide you with all the information about the Moveco app. To learn more about how to participate in ICO, we will come.

3. Keep up as Moveco will continue to provide new partnership updates, an in-depth understanding of team members, and lots of new updates.


Moveco Team 1

Moveco Team 2

Moveco Team 3


Moveco Advisor 1

Moveco Advisor 2

Roadmap Of Moveco

-Q1 2017
(Moveco’s founders Lawrence & XT raised funding for Cove from InMotion Ventures (Jaguar Land Rover’s investment arm)

-Q2 2017
(Developed technology device Drivebox V1. Drivebox was tested & installed in Jaguar and Land Rover vehicles through Cove)

-Q3 2017
(Worked with the largest dealership in HK to test Drivebox in various brands of cars eg. INFINITI & Nissan Started building data insights through Cove, Began engaging corporate customers interested in Drivebox)

-Q4 2017
(Lawrence & XT joined the INFINITI 3.0 accelerator program in Hong Kong and worked closely to develop our technologies through Cove)

-Q1 2018 JAN – FEB
(Began partnership building for Moveco app (Mobility corporates & redemption platform partners)

-Q1 2018 MAR
(Started development of Moveco pilot app (to be tested with a controlled amount of users)

-Q1 2018 MAR
( Launch of Private token sale, Integrate with Cove’s payment channels, Built partnerships with potential data users)

-Q2 2018 APR
(Launch of Pre-sale to Corporate partners, Launch of redemption platform for the pilot, Launch of Moveco app beta)

-Q3 2018 MAY & JUN
(Expand team (key roles – data scientists, business development manager & developers)

-Q4 2018
(Release of Moveco App v1)

-Q2 2019
(Launch of Moveco Data Hub, Expand partnerships in Asia)

-Q3 2019
(Launch of Moveco Data Insights platform)

-Q4 2019
(Expand partnerships & team outside of Asia”)

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Moveco team, I just give you the latest ICO info”