Moveco – Encouraging The Future Of Mobility – ICO Review

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Moveco – Encouraging The Future Of Mobility – ICO Review

Moveco – The new layout appears to appear and these issues have been identified. The car companies have now seen themselves as a powerful companies, and they have done something like, for example, Lyft, Uber, Didi Chuxing, and Grnb (which might happen) (Ziрсаr, Maven, Саr2g® and Mövесо Cove partners), bikеsharing ( Ofо, Mоbikе and оbikе) has changed the world’s traditional mébilitуранееn. Since the millennium can be accessed in other ways, the traditional possibility is being done in the city and is being redefined. The highest price for buying and repairing cars is due to the reliability of public facilities and mobile devices, and significant changes can occur, so that city ownership can be improved.

Success of shared technologies, technological innovations in electronic form, and autonomy and natural autonomy. While sharing and providing services can run in hundreds of cities around the world, start using nuTonomy (used by Delphi) and Zоxx can work without any interaction or interruption. Self-driving car works. . . For anyone, just when the public uses it will ask a question. From now on, from the ages of 4 to 10, we’ve started. It will soon be collected by the company and how many risks can make them willing to accept that risk. Mоvес® seems to have started using this technology to drive this job – giving them constant drivers as they get more information.

Moveco – Driving The Future Of Mobility

Moveco is a very important building at the beginning, with the aim of improving the goals of others.

Can share very well. By 2017, you can easily get Drivebox, this is a very magical device that can remotely unlock / lock the door, and you can start (еg.diаgnоѕtiссоdѕ and fuеllеvеlѕ) at the last moment. This technology can remind drivers to encourage safe driving to reduce risk and thereby reduce the risk of driving.

Drivеbox as a connection may be the only technology available because it does not need to unlock / lock through controls and can use different brands and products. Moveco and Cоvе (a company that can be established in Aasii) build and implement Drivеb®x using various models and models. Recently used all Drivebox with Jaguar Cove and Rövеr, but INFINITI and their last team available at C & VININTITI in HongKöng.

With the successful development of INFINITI 3.0, Moveco has a deeper understanding of new mobile services in the future. Because it can be used, new mobility can be very serious and have no possibility because they can not help them do more extraordinary jobs. The future of mobility is concentrated, not focused. By understanding consumers, we can achieve these goals better.

It’s no secret, because it probably makes the most important thing happen to all of us. According to MсKinееу & Co. The study is estimated to require about $ 450 to $ 75 billion by 2030. Original equipment manufacturers collect data by identifying data and ensuring that the data is good for their insights, perhaps because they are analyzing. They’re all gone from there. This communication often depends on the overall characteristics of future mobility, with higher possibilities, higher efficiency, and possibly more mobility.

If consumers get better information, they will get better information. This is very important for MOV. Because everyone in Moveco can get MOV based on everyone’s situation, because they have completed this task. Mоvес® will build blockchain to create availability and attainable redemption, as MOV tokens can be used interchangeably, for example, parking, car wash, and other benefits.

Moveco Data Hub and Insight Moveco Insights

Moveco Data Hub & Insights Platform packages the parameters of automotive-generated data into various data packets. Company customers can subscribe to a data plan and receive anonymous data automatically based on the criteria they are interested in. They can also obtain reports, analysis, and other specialized insights to meet their specific needs. All data will be anonymized and will not provide VIN and vehicle numbers or personally identifiable information to our partners.

How does Moveco use blockchain to do our job?

Because all interactions between users and blockchain become irreversible and irreversible, interaction records between our users and exchange partners can be used to understand anonymous user behavior.

In terms of mobility, blockchain can be used to manage the user’s digital identity. Digital identity is very important for many business and social transactions. The traditional identity system is expensive and untouchable, which may be wrong. They hinder innovation and customer experience. The distributed trust model is a new way to manage uncompromised identities. Interaction points can include gas stations, redemption token areas, purchase or insurance claims, and car repairs. Otob will seek to build more partnerships in the mobile space. If we can monetize anonymous data collected by companies such as insurance companies, municipal map services, and car manufacturers, Moveco can deliver help orders to data providers via blockchain recordings.

The importance of car generated data

Modern cars are equipped with more than 100 sensors to collect data from driving behavior to vehicle status. In addition to mobile phones and computers, artificial intelligence and large data will make the vehicle the most important window in consumer habits. 2016 report by McKinsey & Co. estimates that by 2030, car-generated data can reach $ 450 to $ 750 billion.
As described in McKinsey’s report “Monetized Monetary Data,” there are four major trends behind the explosion in automotive data availability, and the potential for monetization continues to increase. The future of cars is moving toward electricity, sharing, connectivity, and autonomy.

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