MOOZICORE – World’s 1st Music Streaming Service On Blockchain

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MOOZICORE – World’s 1st Music Streaming Service On Blockchain

MOOZICORE generate higher revenues, which to date has been the impact of the construction industry. The blockchain, the cornerstone was recently innovation, there is the potential to revolutionize the possibility of the earth. Realizing this potential, we tend to MOOZICORE, creating a group of experts and entrepreneurs novice and experienced investor has made a comprehensive pulpit blockchain mercantilism.

Since cryptocurrency may have adopted our platform is to stop buying agency Buy United Nations will find the most important is that from their investments. We want to produce the easy-to-use system, blending the ancient bazaar and blockchain based assets.

Our team specializes in the field of monetary units mercantilism and market cryptocurrency has many years of professional experience and international brokerage operations. From the purpose of reading the customers, understand the market, as well as the quality of experience of management of financial institutions and banks, urging the United States to return to the field blockchain.

MOOZICORE development, which is the platform for all of our wildest come. The formation of the platform began in 2018, from the beginning to our platform, some technical problems have been studied and completed discharge, although the United States to our excellent system that allows the exchange of ideas that is perfect in the future are encrypted.

This shows that the number of exponential growth and confidence Lenovo cryptocurrency basic utilities as a very important business and medium-sized stores. What growth is inspired by the actual use of international aid and the transparency of the sample and the same blockchain LED technology, it is a blessing, faster, peer to peer network transactions and reduce property values.

Introduction Moozicore

Moozicore background music service is a revolutionary business, music is very important for customers. We change the background music service is a source of customer interactive playlist. And Spotify, Moozicore not fully licensed and legal for all types of businesses.

Our solution enables business owners to control the playlist, and provide customers with a better experience, have the opportunity to engage directly from their mobile smart Music. With Moozicore platform, the business owner can access the Web Moozicore panel, which allows you to create your own library of over 20 million songs. They are also available from certain types of us, directory, pre-built playlists to customize their music library, create your own custom tool or import music from Spotify or Apple’s own favorite playlists.

Moozicore purpose is to develop a personal experience for each customer, social music venues, such as bars, restaurants, fitness centers and other entertainment venues.

What our service is unique because it allows our customers to gain a dynamic user experience with all the music, television monitors, participation in social media and promotions directly from their smartphone.

Moozicore customers to use the mobile application to select a song, the music sounds to come, in social media to share with another fixed bar, but also a special offer interactive comment field. Moozicore believes that artists and songwriters should be legal or compensation for their efforts.

To use our services, access to each license by Moozicore necessary performance requirements of the US performance rights organizations (ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC).

With the introduction of new technologies, integration services television screens located in Building Improvement and increase customer participation. The application of technology to improve society as a whole and interactive music channel, promote specials, new menu items or events as well. When a client application uses Moozicore, their song selection, and poll displayed on a TV monitor in the bar, which is an optional part of the company.

For customers to create a more engaging experience, and to improve marketing Moozicore restaurant is suitable for applications using the iOS and Android platform solutions beacon system leading supplier of network technology.

Our services and applications using the target position of the participating regions. After a national lighthouse song gave them the name of the push notification addressed them, telling them that they’re nearby and Moozicore platform support, and eventually their favorite songs are added to the queue.

Mobile phone users can use the application directly from Moozicore MZI & MZG token of their smartphone or via Paypal, to pay (iOS devices) Apple, and with a major credit card to buy the coin. Money is not going to end, it can be used as a source of music and Moozicore in whatever position.

Business Model

Moozicore business model is based on three sources of income

  1. SaaS
    For a monthly fee to subscribe to the site owner can access panels allow them the opportunity to create a playlist of songs from a library of millions of full license of Moozicore in, make contact with their smartphones musical forms.
  2. Micro-transactions
    MooziCoins customer rink (MZI) to select the songs that will come, add songs to the playlist and ask for the next song to be played.
  3. Advertisement
    Moozicore integrated music venue and back-office services to attract more customers and allow the TV screen advertising for brand positioning.

Streaming Music Revenues

The use of the results of the customer growth rapidly continues, because the number of paid subscriptions full-service on-demand grew by 56%, with an average of 353,000 yuan, support compared to $ 227,000 for 2016, revenue of streaming media-on-demand service advertising grows 35% in 2017, to $ 659 million.

Sharing The Song

There are pictures and friends ‘tag’ in the game of social media, mobile users can buy gold directly on a smartphone application Moozicore using MZI & MZG pins or through Paypal, to pay Apple (iOS devices), and with a credit professional. Coins will never end, can be used anywhere Moozicore as the music source.


For customers to create a more interesting experience and use Moozicore application that provides a platform for iOS and Android torch solutions to improve the marketing of the restaurant through a leading supplier of network technology system. Our service targeting people who have to use the application on the location of the meeting. After the flare send greetings to their song title push notifications, notifying them of their position near the Moozicore platform support, and eventually, their favorite songs are added to the queue.

Legal implications with MZI GOLD Tokens

MZI Gold is a practical reason, ERC20 basic standard contract at issue revenge on the platform, can be used as a form of payment services Moozicore. MZI gold holdings do not carry the right to receive MOOZICORE of express or services, and the extent to which MOOZICORE if the service has been successfully completed and launched implied rights in certain countries and so on. In particular, the participants understand and accept tokens sold MZI GOLD does not represent or ownership or equity shares or securities, or the same rights, but also get the future earnings, or management of shares or participate in any other form or relating to the right to MOOZICORE services or MOOZICORE INC. Each entity of the Group. Participants understand and accept tokens for sale, he has no right to require entities MZI MOOZICORE gold as a service and/or MOOZICORE INC Group holds the intellectual property rights or equity or its equivalent, or participating in other forms.

Token Information

  • Ticker: MZG
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Marker type: ERC 20
  • Available for sale: 498,000,000 MZG (61%)
  • ICO price: 1 MZG = 0.00036 ETH
  • Adoption: ETH
  • Soft cap: 100,000,000 MZG
  • Hard cap: 498,000,000 MZG


Moozicore Roadmap

  • 4Q 2016
    Moozicore plan created
  • 1Q 2017
    Statistical measurement
  • 2Q 2017
    Trademark time period
  • 3Q 2017
    M” in best startup logos in 2017
    Group growth
  • 1Q 2018
    Moozicore token preSale with exhausting Cap came to!
  • 2Q 2018
    Stage advancement finish off (HTML, iOS, Android)
  • 3Q 2018
    Stage beta testing begins
    Moozicore website dispatch
  • 4Q 2018
    Moozicore token Public Sale
  • 1Q 2019
    Administration allowing finish off
    Moozicore dispatch in the USA
  • 3Q 2019
    Moozicore dispatch in Japan
  • 1Q 2020
    Moozicore dispatch in China

To know the latest information about the Moozicore project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Moozicore team, I just give you the latest ICO info”