ModulTrade – Democratizing Global Trade With Blockchain Technology

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ModulTrade – Democratizing Global Trade With Blockchain Technology

ModulTrade – The quantity of smaller scale, little and medium enterprises(MSME) on the planet is tremendous (Over 400 000) and developing quick. There is one noteworthy issue for this business. On the off chance that they need to purchase or offer something specifically for each other they can’t do it. The main plausibility to do B2B exchange for them is to experience the managing an accounting framework. What’s more, this implies paying extremely high commissions, managing a major number of papers and parcel of time spent in this procedure.

Information is revealing to us that roughly 56% of MSME exchange back proposition is rejected for different reasons, while various rejected multinational companies are just 7%, making universal exchange out of line for more than 400 000 MSMEs. On the off chance that you at any point took a stab at completing an exchange this way, with somebody on the other piece of the World, at that point you without a doubt realize that it feels like we are still in century. Doing your business along these lines is so moderate, untrustworthy and costly that it is simply amazing regardless we utilize it in 2017. The time has come to state farewell to this antiquated method for exchanging and make proper acquaintance with MODULTRADE.

ModulTrade is a blockchain ecosystem for B2B trade where little undertakings can meet, submit and execute exchange universally effortlessly, trustfully and effectively. ModulTrade gives the Freedom to Trade through All-in-one module with international trade services. A plug-in Button for Merchants and an Application for Customers with: ‘*smart-contracts to secure installments and conveyance ‘*credit in MTRc to purchase products and administrations ‘*end-to-end exchange administrations to execute exchange effectively (installments in fiat and cryptographic forms of money, coordination, protection, and so on.)

ModulTrade B2B

ModulTrade settles all issue and dangers for the private venture in worldwide exchange by showing an application for small undertakings with an ecosystem that gives a chance to exchange all-inclusive, plug-in button For Marketplaces with end-to-end service for global exchange with new client encounter, Platform For trade services Providers for coordinate joint effort with exchange members.

The present exchange fund arrangement of letters of credit and certifications against counter gathering hazard offered by middle person banks supports expansive corporates who have the scale and deals volumes to help the procedure. Littler firms are avoided as the cost is restrictive and in that capacity are prohibited from having the capacity to develop deals and incomes.

Blockchain innovation and keen contracts give a characteristic answer for exchange fund. ModulTrade has outlined a stage, a shut eco-framework, called the ModulTrade Value Eco-framework that organizations can join and through which they interface with prospects, submit and execute exchange.

The solution proposed by ModulTrade

ModulTrade aims to eliminate the main barriers to entry into the global trade as well as:
  • Bringing together a comprehensive range of services for the full B2B trade cycle
  • Helping MSMEs meet, commit and execute trade globally easily, in a trustful and efficiently manner
  • Introducing the MTRc (ModulTrade token ) as an efficient instrument of value exchange in ModulTrade ecosystem.
MVE also aspires to be an innovative global platform that will easily facilitate participants access to 3rd parties providing some or more of the following trade-related services:
  • Logistics
  • Trade Financing
  • Tax and bookkeeping
  • Insurance
  • Custom brokerage
MVE aims to be the place to easily develop new digital solutions for global trade, the most obvious use cases being:
  • Supply chain tracking on ModulTrade’s Platform
  • Digital Thread for Additive Manufacturing (DTAM)
  • IoT solutions for invoice factoring

How It Works


Buyer and Seller set a Smart-contract
Buyer deposits funds with the Smart-contract


Seller ships goods once sees the funds locked by the smart-contract
Smart-contract is tracking goods delivery


Upon the goods are delivered Smart-contract releases funds to the Buyer


  • 40% (Pre-sale-10%, Token sale 30%)
  • 20% Product development
  • 22% Ecosystem creation
  • 15% Team
  • 3% Advisory


  1. Evgeny Kaplin – Co-founder / CEO
  2. Jean Chaanine – Co-founder / COO
  3. Karthikeyan Kaliyaperumal – Co-founder / CTO
  4. Fedor Sapronov – Co-founder / Business development
  5. Marco Rosso – Co-founder / Product Development
  6. Vitaly Pykhtin – Product development / Market lead
  7. Dmitry Shipilov – Product development / Technical Lead
  8. Artem Radchenko – Product development / Product Designer
  9. Olya Kolomoets – Product development / Project Manager
  10. Alexey Kosinski – Product development / Blockchain developer
  11. Volodymyr Zinchenko – Product development / Full-stack developer
  12. Bernard Lietaer – Advisor
  13. Richard Schwenke – Advisor
  14. Andrea Costantini – Advisor
  15. Richard Watts – Advisor
  16. Dmitry Lazarichev – Advisor
  17. Andrea Monaco – Advisor
  18. Angelica Lips da Cruz – Advisor
  19. Valentin Preobrazhenskiy – Advisor


ModulTrade Roadmap

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