Module – Decentralized File Storage Network

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Module – Decentralized File Storage Network

Module – Cloud storage space used to provide bulk storage, its role in the same third-party validation of data storage and transmission. However, the problem with this system is that it is a model based on trust. This is not only because of the client encryption rare but also because until now the cloud has gone from losing your personal data and confidential information for hackers who have realized vulnerabilities and attacks malware Server Program. Because many storage servers rely on the same infrastructure, there is a risk of malware can affect the entire system through a file.

distributed storage networks with cloud-based server advantages. data security through encryption to keep clients, while maintaining the reliability of the data decrypted by the evidence. It can also significantly reduce the impact of server failures and security breaches (security risk) of. The introduction of more advanced equipment and reduce the costs of using more and more devices that will enable data storage space.

About Module

Module is based on free mobile storage platform offers blockchain assets. Platform Module allows users to tap, even from small portable devices, which means that every cell phone owner will be able to participate in business modules and obtain a lease GB unused.

Blockchain- module is based on a platform designed to take advantage of smartphones, personal computers, servers, etc. as an asset of free storage space. Using a modular platform will be able to even participate in mined from the smartphone. Server and businesses can also participate in mining.

Consensus module (mining) algorithm can be appreciated by lending space. With advances in equipment and storage capacity expansion, can be expected to provide expanded services. In addition to the original issue of new currency, users will also be able to develop Dapps on the platform (distributed applications).


The PCSN (P2P cloud storage network), which makes it possible to encrypt the client so that users can send and share data without having to rely on third-party storage. Elimination of central control can alleviate problems such as power outages and traditional data errors, and significantly improve the security, confidentiality and data control. Previously, P2P networks are not suitable for building a storage system. With this system, we have solved the problem through the application of direct payments (recommended solution) attached – (validation method is similar to the response system).

This will check the authenticity of the data on a regular basis, and compensation
payment data is stored in the peer. The module also proposed address access mode and independence in this system, as well as the ability to aggregate node.


Access module solution that allows you to store and private, secure, self-contained and quickly manage your data. your data is stored in blockchain address resource, which is actually controlled by you – the only one who can access their people. Make full use of the concept of secret sharing our platform. Rented a room, and start mining – easily with the module. Use blockchain rapid deployment for their services, payment data, data storage and transmission services. Use the token payment system integrity and respect the miners sent to the developers and contributors pay to support scientific laboratories and universities, affiliates, and create loyalty system.


Internal testing will begin in October 2018 a beta version will be distributed to users in December after the test is completed. Google officially released the game and app store is planned for January.

One feature of our project is that holders = MODL Token users. In the beta version, MODL applications will be distributed to users who buy tokens to MODL for ICO. For applications that are more active, more value allocated MODL. The impact will be used to deploy applications and access to users. Press releases will begin in August 2018 from the Asian region.

How Blockchain modules cloud data storage network engineering

The main product of this module is blockchain- expected data storage platform for anyone to impose sanctions, as a free recall “Miner” (master data) with the computer. This system is not required for end users, but the software developers who can manage a variety of back-end applications.

In their white paper, the module expects global smartphone and other tricks gigabytes of data billions of dollars to use. While most of the accommodation blockchain relies on a very powerful computer to check transactions and data storage, display modules, and not all take advantage of this memory should not be used.

All data stored on an encrypted platform module, plenarily of his tricks that are stored on forfended, but times subtle, because there are multiple copies of the offline host tricks.

developer platform that country, they are one of the most extensive uses of the most viable alternatives blockchain verify scheme, as evidence of the working algorithm requires great strength and ownership verification methods tend to focus on understanding.

This algorithm is designed to provide a platform for the truly distributed system, this growth will continue in the future work as well as computer hardware and program prerequisites memories.

This module allows miners to set their own prices on their host accommodation, the company hopes will stimulate healthy competition and the sanction to purchase only the storage capacity they need to reach their intended use. Accommodation MODL need an access token, which is used to compensate for the payment of maintenance host accommodation.

May 2018 began, although the company’s modular development platform roadmap shows that the beta will not give up until it stops. Companies want to provide a comfortable and smartphone apps like Google Play App Store in early 2019.

Module Applications – Data Storage Services

Module adapted to store sensitive information since it is stored in a distributed storage puts a lot of different data segments. It can be used to store other people’s information should be kept confidential. In particular, by strengthening the information stored in distributed storage security module information, through the “shared secrets.” In other words, if sensitive information is divided into pieces and fragments of information, and stored in different places, such information can not be reproduced with only one segment, if several collections, information can be reproduced.

Secret sharing method will blockchain use, and build a secure store sensitive information secure cloud storage.

To hide notes blockchain file management technology with the shared secret key has been developed. Barriers to use blockchain handle sensitive information that should be disclosed to the fact that the entire community of users blockchain information. However, through a combination of technology and sharing secrets blockchain, you can expect security and greater comfort. The blockchain can be in various fields such as finance, distribution, and use in the supply chain, document management, and the like.

Module MODL Token ICO Details

Module MODL is an Ethereum ERC-20 compatible toke. Private pre-sale runs from June 15 through July 31, 2018. All public ICO sales commence immediately thereafter and run until August 15. During the crowdsale, a MODL token will cost you $ 0.008, even though pre-sale customers receive a 7% discount. The MODL Token Soft Cap is 5M and the Hard Cap is 30M.

Details Token ICO

  • Token Name: MODULE
  • Token Symbol: MODL
  • Token price: 0.008 USD
  • Platform: ERC-20
  • Accepted Currencies: ETH
  • Hard cap: 30 Million
  • Soft cap: 5 Million

Collected fund distribution

Module Collected fund distribution

  • 40% Development
  • 30% Marketing
  • 30% Recruiting

Token Distribution

Module Token Allocation

  • 60% Mining
  • 15% Team and Advisors
  • 15% Public sale
  • 5% ICO incentives
  • 5% Private sale


  • May 2018
    Management of the token sale
    Participation in Consensus 2018
    Start of Module platform development
    Start of MODL App development
  • July 16, 2018
    Start of presale
  • July 31, 2018
    End of presale
  • August 1, 2018
    Start of ICO
  • September 30, 2018
    End of ICO
  • September 2018
    Listing on exchange
    Start of development of the Secret Sharing service
  • October 2018
    Building of mining server
    Testing of MODL App beta version
  • November 2018
    Testing of Module platform
  • December 2018
    Start of Module platform operation
    Distribution of MODL App beta version
  • January 2019
    MODL App in Google Play and App Store

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