MixRent – Decentralized Rent-A-Car and Sharing Service

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MixRent – Decentralized Rent-A-Car and Sharing Service

MixRent – Many ICOs is running, but some have been used in running products in Richangshenghuo. MixRent is the exchange and car rental service decentralization. Due to the use of block technology and intelligent contracts, the platform will provide transportation that is updated in real time to customers, the largest and most convenient database for all modes. decentralization model platform provides a number of business cooperation and direct owners worldwide.

MixRent hires all types of vehicles rapidly growing platform. In the first year of work, a platform of more than 11,000 registered users, more than 7000 listed therein. The project is simple and easy to understand for all participants in the market. This could be anyone from a decent and operations, everyone can benefit from investments and profits in the ICO. Platform for users and investors, which is absorbed by the funds received from investors of $100,000 proved crucial.

MixRent provides customers with a user-friendly platform, rental vehicles worldwide. Since 2017, our service has been bringing people together, to help them hire various types of vehicles. So far, the platform has registered more than 7,000 vehicles that list more than 11,000 users. This includes cars, motorcycles, motorboats, construction equipment, boats, bicycles, and other equipment.

MixRent available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Russia. In the near future, the platform will be introduced to the market in Australia and Brazil. Blockchain token of our own technology and will significantly increase the reliability of transactions, simplifying the trust between the parties to the transaction between payment and will redefine who and tenants. We do not intend in this space just a project. Mix.ent mission is to become the market leader in the transportation rental world, creating a high-quality business model and operational services for our customers, allowing unlimited growth MIX sign.

We went with the car key to the transformation of the business into the dispersion ICO platform, while reducing costs and expenses for all users, which will allow us to target the rapidly growing business.

MixRentset itself to become a global leader in the rental market, making high-quality customer service, and launched a business model that offers unlimited growth MIX task token. ICO and business transformation into the Distributed platform, reducing the time and all the vehicles were leased, which will enable rapid scale cost targets business conduct.


Transportation history is one of the major technological innovations. Advances in technology allow people to travel and so much more area to explore and expand the influence of the growth of the region. Even in ancient times, new tools, such as foot coverings, skis, snowshoes can be extended and distance traveled. With new inventions and discoveries are applied to the problem of traffic, travel time, and will increase the load capacity is more and more reduced. Innovation continues to carry the researchers attempted to find new ways to reduce costs and improve transport efficiency.

Today throughout the world, many companies are concentrated in the areas of transportation, up from the rental car. But this time, we are talking about and sharing platform leased vehicle.

Car rental process can sometimes be expensive, time-consuming and full of hidden costs and demand shock. Shopping is the best price and makes sure you understand the rules before and after using the car will help. With the agreement, to ensure you have all the necessary files and you rent under the same conditions to return a rental car.

Currently, there is no single global platform, allowing customers to rent vehicles around the world for a variety of types, for example, today you rent a car in Beijing, and a few days later you ride a bike hire Thailand. Not only do you have to look for a different platform than the rent, but you will have more options from different companies offer. That’s why this process requires the customer at this time so much time. Which can often be difficult for the user to other issues?

technical solutions provided by MixRent to facilitate access to markets, small companies, and their owners, and give them their money assets are not being used. The biggest advantage of blockchain technology is that it solves the major problem the industry, is the low level of trust between market participants.

MixRent Solutions

  1. Customer-centric Is Our Top Priority
    MixRent helps users quickly choose the location, vehicle type, and configure the necessary parameters. In addition, our service will show the owner of the company, which is the grating formed on the basis of feedback from previous orders.
  2. From The Owner Of A Unique Incentive
    From tenant to owner exclusive offers unique, stylish cars and motorcycles with their own unique personality; custom yacht; trailers and RVs, can take you to different events and states; and rare model helicopters.
  3. Favorable Supply
    MixRent saves time and money for customers. This platform provides an opportunity for a long-term rental discount.
  4. Easy List
    MixRent breaks all these barriers unprecedented quite complex leased. When you create a profile Jiaotonggongju, the average market price of the viewing platform, and the estimated monthly income of the vehicle. This is the first preliminary estimates of revenue and market analysis has been done so quickly and easily.

Why MixRent use Blockchain

  1. The dispersion system
    All transaction data is stored in blockchain a. Trade through intelligent contract, which completely eliminates intermediaries and other third parties. A smart contract to guarantee the security and independence of the transaction.
  2. Guaranty Trust
    About landlord and tenant, the previous order of the quality of service provided by all the feedback and history information is kept safe and can not be modified or deleted. This platform helps to quickly check whether a company or a reliable customer.
  3. The guarantee funds, low cost
    Blockchain provides a mechanism to transfer funds safely and significantly reduces transaction costs are usually imposed by the international system of payment transactions.
  4. Quick Payments
    Cryptocurrencies will significantly speed up the transaction process. This will help avoid the garbage waiting to be processed interbank payments, which is now a necessity.
  5. The deposit will be refunded for sure
    With the help of a smart contract, MixRent reassures customers that meet the specific requirements of the rental deposit, will definitely be back.

MixRent Blockchain

MIX Utility Token

  • Functionality, performance, and functionality of the token after token sales that will be updated with the function of the platform’s capabilities.
  • Token allows users to make money, save money platform.
  • Several options will be available only to holders of the token.
  • Lease LP (Ireland), the token issuing company policy is to make a token payment instrument and the main function of the internal currency.
  • Token leasing services.
  • MIX platform for sign owners created here a new product.
  • Token to access the platform of choice for the exclusive.
  • The token may not give the right to vote should not be seen as property or shares issued by mixing lease LP together.
  • The incentive on the token issued to the user platform to perform.
  • MIX token will be stable coins to pay for advertising on the platform.
  • MixRent does not prevent the division of profits between the owner and holder of the token.
  • MIX users do not need to use the sign of cross-border payment orders from various countries hire car benefits.
  • Tokens to connect and unite people, owners, and tenants, which in all parts of the world in different countries using the MIX token.

Token Sales

  • Total number of tokens 100,000,000
  • Private Placement 3,000,000 40% Bonus
  • Pre-ICO 4,000,000 20% Bonus
  • ICO 45,000,000 10% Bonus
  • Minimum volume of investments (soft cap) 2,000 ETH
  • Maximum volume of investments (hard cap) 60,000 ETH

MixRent Token Details

MixRent Token Distribution

To know the latest information about MixRent project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://mixrent.io/
Whitepaper: https://mixrent.io/documents/wp_en.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MixRent.team/
Telegram: https://t.me/mixrent
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MixRent

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH: 0xC7B643eA72a38091337E7CaB8E4cE1A144D3AA4B

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the MixRent team, I just give you the latest ICO info”