Miracle Tele  –  Mobile Virtual Network Operator

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Miracle Tele  –  Mobile Virtual Network Operator

Miracle Tele – Blockchain today is noted for being the technology behind cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ether (currency Ethereum), but blockchain much of a financial instrument. And serves as a platform for the books or books that are not mortal, forcing transparency, and passes the sensor. By addressing the problem of financial corruption, political and institutional, have the potential to create social change and large-scale highly protect the human rights of every individual.

We all know that growth in the use of communication media very fast growing in the world. Which makes telecommunications market is growing very rapidly, the need for domestic and roaming communications that connect the countries is a concern that is needed by us now. For this reason, there is now an update on the telecommunications market world we call Miracle Tele. This change comes with blockchain technology through Ethereum network which we know has a very strong market.

About Miracle Tele

Miracle Tele is a blockchain based telecommunications ecosystem. Our telecom ecosystem is a fully functional solution that fuses telco advanced features along with tools fintech. The Miracle Tele We want to grow together with the world and tend to the changing needs of telecom customers by offering increased privacy, lack of bureaucracy, reduced pricing, and value added services as well as freedom of access to financial tools through the blockchain all in one place.

Miracle Tele is to set new standards in the mobile telecommunications industry – to become more competitive and innovative – and makes it possible for customers to receive an award thanks to technological and economic blockchain collaborative.


Like most large companies in the world, Miracle Tele has a great vision that will support the growth of their platform. Miracle Tele wants to grow together with the world and tend to change telecom customer needs by offering them increased privacy, lack of bureaucracy, reduce tariffs and value-added services and the freedom of access to financial tools through all blockchain in one place.

Miracle Tele offers a primary and fully functional solution that combines advanced features along with the telco fintech, Miracle Tele setting new standards in the mobile telecommunications industry – making it more competitive and innovative – and allows the customer to receive the prize thanks to blockchain collaborative technology and economics.


Telecom is regarded as the industry that provides businesses almost unlimited prospects for the introduction of new technologies and achieves long-term stable growth.

Historically telecommunications services formed a very saturated market and monopoly in which giant corporations to forward their own agenda, ignoring the needs of users for a more innovative approach and technology and offering customer service quality levels leave much to be desired.

Currently, most mobile operators worldwide to provide their customers only postpaid plans under a contract of 12 or 24 months with strict conditions, which often include a national call unlimited and traffic, but still do not offer clients both international roaming and service value-added.

In a study called the Future of Mobile Communications, GSMA claims that in the near future customers will expect mobile operators to introduce more new features that have to do with advanced communication tools based on the Rich Communication Services (RCS) and voice- over-LTE (VoLTE) technology.

As technology advances and the world is more global, people do not see their mobile phone as the only means of communication again.

And they expect mobile operators to follow the same path by making their processes simpler and more transparent as well as offering additional and more sophisticated services that often have little to do with telecommunications.

Being a pioneer in providing solutions that will fuse main telco advanced features along with tools fintech, Miracle Tele is to set new standards in the mobile telecommunications industry to become more competitive and innovative.

Miracle Tele blockchain will serve as the data and airtime mobile market and connect hundreds of thousands of customers with dozens of local mobile operators providing cheaper and high-quality service.

In this way, the customer will enjoy a reduced rate and value-added cutting-edge tools and sign holders receive rewards thanks to technological and economic blockchain collaborative.

Tele blockchain miracle will be built using either Ethereum based solutions such as Plasma and Sharding Graphene technology or protocol. This will allow a large increase in scalability and throughput of transactions and resulted in almost no transaction costs, time approval of the transaction, and energy consumption when compared to standard Ethereum Bitcoin blockchain or blockchain.

Tokenization assets of the company, which is a virtual resource but as real as the mobile traffic and airtime, will ensure the steady growth of the value of the token TELE and protect it from market shocks and volatility, and let us issue a prepaid debit card that will support both token TELE and cryptocurrencies other and will be available for use throughout the world.

All this makes the product Miracle Tele comprehensive cross-industry that provides customers an easy and effective means to use advanced communication tools and sophisticated financial services all in one place, following the global trend for digitalization and decentralization of the most important aspects of our daily lives day.

MVNO Model

An MVNO, stands for the mobile virtual network operator, is a leading provider of wireless telecommunications services both on a local scale, international, or around the world.

As a rule, MVN operators offer customers of telecommunications services together with a conventional mobile operator with such a global presence of national and international calls, mobile Internet, SMS, and so on-but their internal workflow and business model is completely different.

First, mobile virtual network operators usually do not have their own proprietary telecommunications infrastructure and instead, they signed an agreement with local mobile operators traditionally the bulk purchase of airtime and traffic for further redistribution among clients.

This ensures that the quality of service remains at the same high level and the level of telecommunication get significantly lower, while the performance of customer support is usually much better because of the smaller size of the company and the strong commitment of specialist support department is likely to adopt a customized approach to each client, so that customer satisfaction is higher.

Second, because the MVN operators usually start small and have little or no competition in the market they work, allowing them to have diminished randing and marketing costs, allowing them to be more cost effective and bring the rate down further telecommunications.

Apart from that, because MVNOs are not direct providers of airtime and traffic, allowing them to get rid of bureaucracy that is commonly associated with mobile service providers that required their customers to sign long-term contracts are tight and sell their SIM cards only for clients which can provide their ID.

And this is exactly why magic of Tele decide to choose this model as the basis for Ethereum based blockchain grid that will allow for deploy a variety of value-added services decentralization and tools that will bring the innovation needed, security, and competitiveness for the mobile operator market, a role model for the future of the telecommunications industry.

Miracle Tele was founded and officially registered in the Czech Republic as a miracle Tele s.r.o. (Company registration number: 06,968,287) and successfully obtained an MVNO license from the Office of Communications Republic in July 2018.

Tele Token

Tele Wonders also offers customers a digital tool that enables supported by blockchain tokenize their assets using a token TELE and receive two weekly prizes as well as real telecommunications services that allow clients phone and the content in more than 160 countries worldwide with a lower level of the world. and retain the right to privacy.

TELE is ERC20 utility token issued through Ethereum blockchain that our project is supported by and serve as the foundation of Miracle Tele, allowing our customers to receive their biweekly token rewards.

ICO Details

  • ICO token supply: 150,000,000 TELE
  • Soft cap: 150,000,000 USD
  • Hard cap: 300,000,000 USD


  • ICO Platform: Ethereum
  • Country limitations: China, Singapore, United States, South Korea
  • Registration country: Czech Republic
  • Registration year: 2018
  • Office address: Vaclavske Namesti 58, 110 00 Praha 1, Czech Republic

Token info

  • Ticker: TELE
  • Type: Utility-token
  • Token standard: ERC20
  • Token price in USD: 1 Null = 0.15 USD
  • Accepted currencies: BTC, ETH, USD, LTC, DASH, XRP

Bonus program

Token price by stage:

  • Stage 1 (15.10-14.01) – €0.13
  • Stage 2 (15.01-14.04) – €0.15
  • Stage 3 (15.04-14.07) – €0.20
  • Stage 4 (15.07-15.10) – €0.22

Token distribution

  • 50% – Token Sale
  • 20% – Promotion
  • 20% – Team
  • 5% – Bounty
  • 5% – Legal

Miracle Tele Distribution

Miracle Tele Team:

  • GOLOD ROMAN = Head of development
  • MAFALDA PINTO = Head of customer support
  • JOSHUA WOODS = Researcher
  • VERONICA MÜLLER = Office and event manager
  • EVELYN HOFSTETTER = ICO Legal adviser
  • THOMAS CONTIN = ICO Legal adviser


Telecommunications services are core products Miracle Tele. Serve as a basis for grid blockchain us, they make it possible for holders of tokens to receive the gift biweekly, giving our project business advantage over mobile operators the most and MVNOs who do not offer their customers a decent loyalty or cashback program as well as other more projects ICO who do not have the product available that can be used client.

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To know the latest information about the Miracle Tele project you can visit the link below:

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Miracle Tele team, I just give you the latest ICO info”