MiBoodle Has Built The First “Work From Home” Platform Based Blockchain

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MiBoodle Has Built The First “Work From Home” Platform-Based Blockchain

MiBoodle – The concept of the MiBoodle platform is to enable communities to make money through the use of their social media networks and use proven and sustainable digital media methods to generate revenue for consumers. The MiBoodle platform allows anyone to get a token anytime, anywhere.

Simply connect your social media channel to the platform and publish interesting content. The more opinions and sharing of your content, the more income. You can choose whether to use MiBoodle tokens or pay via Paypal, depending on how you are most convenient. MiBoodle allows its communities to become micro-publishers, micro social influencers, and micro affiliates. You can imagine a platform for opening the world of online advertising and let everyone serve not only large companies. They are open so anyone can make money online and use it for free.

How it works

If we have a social network, we can register MiBoodle for free and connect this platform with our social network. Then we will be able to build a personal news site based on our favorite topics.

Each member of the platform can create 10 personal news sites around interesting topics and is as simple as adding topics and technical keywords. MiBoodle will immediately analyze and select the content it receives and includes it on the member news site. Then the news we get will be shared on our social media network linked to MiBoodle, where news content will be shared.

Other members of MiBoodle can share regular content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other platforms. If we have more followers or friends on social media platforms, it will automatically gain more potential to earn revenue as a social influencer.

If we often share news content on social networking platforms, we will certainly attract more visitors to the site and increase revenue.

MiBoodle also has smart settings that automatically deliver news content to your social networking platform. By adding network members, you can expand your social networking and use MiBoodle, where users around the world can earn huge amounts of money without hassle. This can be done by each social media user and become their “work at home” job and earn daily or monthly income.

Of course, MiBoodle uses blockchain and token technology based on Ethereum. MiBoodle also has its own currency called MIBO tokens. This token has many features and advantages. You can use tokens to go to higher levels and earn more money on a regular basis. You can also sell tokens to anyone who wants to increase their level on the MiBoodle platform. It also allows you to invest in the MiBoodle project by adding and buying tokens on the company’s ICO.

Business case

MiBoodle’s vision is to enable consumers worldwide to make money online through the use of proven revenue generation methods. This is no longer limited to large companies – they are everyday consumers. This consumer has so far been the target of online promotional advertisers. Now they will be authorized to establish their own monetized online presence and start generating revenue sources. Use MIBO tokens to increase data richness for the ecosystems generated MIBO-Complete data and useful for our advertisers and agency partners. This virtuous circle will democratize social networking advertising and reduce our unwanted, unreliable and unnecessary daily ad bombardment. It invests money into people who can deliver results in the social circle – MiBoodle members. Global media and advertising spending continue to grow every year. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be more than 67.4 billion US dollars in revenue, which means this is a large, established and growing market. Because the elimination of noise in the digital world becomes increasingly difficult, more and more expenses are being made. As more and more people are brought into the global digital economy, MiBoodle provides a tool for consumers to effectively manage their social influences and thus gain monetization through their direct means.

Marketing Experience MiBoodle

With over 30 years of experience in digital and media marketing, and with experience in improving membership enrollment and increasing website usage, the MiBoodle team has improved its membership registration experience every month and increased the use of membership sites to increase each monthly Membership Revenue. The MiBoodle team will perform through the following media channels to increase the registration of MiBoodle members in all areas.

How MiBoodle pays members

MiBoodle offers members two options to honor their income.

Users can use Paypal’s payment gateway to convert their earnings into real money. Once funds are transferred to your PayPal account, you can easily withdraw funds to your bank account and enjoy real-world cash.

The second option is useful for users who have long-term goals and are interested in getting more revenue from the platform. MiBoodle allows users to use the money they generate to upgrade their accounts to the second level, which means that the affiliate boss will significantly increase your earnings. In addition, higher membership will have other features that can not be experienced by default users.

MiBoodle has established a network of top companies that join the platform for mutual benefit and gives members the opportunity to earn more revenue by sharing information on the platform. Advertisers from around the world, big brands, networks, and agents are all connected to MiBoodle. These companies pay for the activities of their members.

The number of social networks allowed

The MiBoodle platform allows users to integrate an unlimited number of social networking platforms into their MiBoodle account. There is no limit to how many platforms you want to use in MiBoodle. By default, the MiBoodle account will have Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin. The MiBoodle team works hard to integrate the new popular social networking platform into the system. After new features are added to the platform, users receive regular updates.


MiBoodle Token requires the use of various facilities provided by the platform. All members will be allowed to form tokens by participating in various activities. They can earn a substantial income from their activities and easily turn them into real money. MiBoodle is an ERC20 token called the most secure blockchain base currency used to ignite platforms.

MiBoodle users can make money

Revenue depends entirely on user content creation capabilities. High-quality content will allow users to earn revenue quickly and become a top member of the platform. On average, members receive a monthly fee of £ 10 to £ 10,000 from their various activities each month.

The tools available on the platform will allow users to move quickly and get as much as possible in the process without spending too much time doing. Welcome tutorials, tips and tricks, and other tools, live chat support and the full FAQ section gives you a complete guide to the revenue process. Using this information, anyone can learn and immediately start using the platform.

All information, representation, and understanding of advertisers, as well as the monthly productivity and income of MiBoodle members, are disseminated by the Ethereum blockbuster through smart contracts to create the MIBO-Data ecosystem, providing visibility to increase advertiser effectiveness and increase the number of MiBoodle earnings members.

Using features created in the MiBoodle customer quote and overlays all performance data and performance data on marketing campaigns, users can use MIBO (MiBoodle token) and take advantage of our unique users and advertiser counting system. The calculation system is designed to improve the effectiveness of all advertising campaigns on the MiBoodle network and other networks. Use the power of this system to actively increase your social influence!

Important Information

  • All MiBoodle tokens will be based on the ERC20 standard.
  • MiBoodle locks the ‘Token Founder’ and token economy Phase 2, ‘Advertiser Token’ in a smart contract.
  • Token founder will be locked for 1 year and 10% every month.
  • Advertiser tokens will be locked until “MiBoodle member economic token” takes effect 18 months later.
  • MiBoodle operates a multi-signature wallet and is protected and approved by third party lawyers.
  • Hire auditors and consultants to provide ongoing security.
  • MiBoodle uses some standard tokens (like SafeMath) for safe counting.

To know the latest information about MiBoodle project you can visit the link below:

Creator: ubay

BTT Profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156

ETH : 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the MiBoodle team, I just give you the latest ICO info”