MetaHash – The Next Generation Network Based On Blockchain 4.0

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MetaHash – The Next Generation Network Based On Blockchain 4.0

MetaHash – The asset exchange platform and the decentralized real-time application platform have just launched ICO. Early supporters not only got the best deals, but they also took advantage of the parody of early August.

ICO solves the seed funding problem, but the basic problem is the system’s ability to operate without additional investment. It relies heavily on the popularity of the project, but in the long run, the focus shifts to the initial infrastructure of the system. #MetaHash is a network built on Blockchain 4.0 that uses self-made financial models – ICO early users who participate in the program on June 29 will maximize their investment. That

#MetaHash combines a real-time asset exchange network with a decentralized real-time application platform. The company has developed its own # TraceChain protocol, which combines all the benefits of blockchain at the lowest price per transaction.

MetaHash AG is a Swiss-registered company. At first, we received many requests from various companies for the application of blockchain technology and learned that current technology cannot meet the requirements for such systems. So in 2016, we started to develop our own TraceChain protocol. In 2017, we created an alpha and beta version of the TraceChain protocol version and worked with the company and the most influential people in international marketing and business development.

MetaHash is a decentralized digital asset exchange network and platform for creating distributed real-time applications based on Blockchain 4.0 technology. It is an idea to provide a new starting point for technology, not only to access advanced users, but also to access regular customers.

The uniqueness of the MetaHash project is its versatility. Four key network components are combined into one harmonic system, allowing complex and decentralized applications to work in real-time under high traffic conditions.

The company demonstrated a responsible approach to work: launching MainNet through a series of load tests and public access to TestNet, generating over 500 billion transactions. The system developed by #MetHash has proven its effectiveness: its capacity exceeds 60,000 TPS, and the authentication speed is less than 3 seconds. MainNet can now be downloaded from the official website. But this is not the only opportunity to participate in the development of #MetaHash ecosystem.

What is #Metahash?

#MetaHash is the next generation network based on Blockchain 4.0 technology to share assets and digital platforms to create and manage distributed applications and services in real time.

#Metahash will have 4 system components as follows:

  1. #TraceChain
    Blockchain is the fastest and safest – more than 5 billion transactions per day, verifying transaction no more than 3 seconds
  2. #MetaApps
    New generation smart contract – decentralized real-time applications like C ++, PHP, Solidity, etc.
  3. #MetaGate
    Decentralization of the Internet – decentralized app directories and multi-asset wallets that do not burden your computer
  4. #MetaHashCoin
    #MetaHash Exchange Network Assets – #MetaHashCoin is used to ensure network reliability, exchange services and define their own financing and development


#MetaHash has a very high dispersion rate and is one of the main components of the whole project. This network has a public voting system in which the token holder decides whether to approve new or democratically updated apps. As mentioned earlier, the level of decentralization is indeed higher than most other projects. In general, #MomHash places the centralization of the blockchain industry as one of its priorities.


Some equity certificates (some PoS/forgings) can solve mining-related problems. Forging provides an opportunity to get cryptocurrency quickly, even in light mode. In addition, no environmental damage is an advantage. #MHC coins can be forged and cannot be mined. #MetaHash proposes an evolutionary way to distribute coins, which will surely excite users. Innovation and invention are always satisfied with optimism.

Four System Components:

  1. Blockchain Is Fastest And Safest
    Over 5 billion transactions per day, verify transaction no more than 3 seconds
  2. New Generation Smart Contract
    A decentralized real-time application that runs like a regular web server and is developed with the help of any programming language, including C ++, PHP, Solidity, etc.
  3. The Internet Is Decentralized
    Scattered app catalogs and multi-asset wallets that do not overload the computer
  4. #MetaHashNetwork Exchange Assets
    #MetaHashCoin is used to ensure network reliability, exchange services and manage its own financing and development

#MetaHash Benefits

  1. Full Decentralization
    You can not believe that there is not enough network to spread.
  2. Full Synchronization
    If high speed and sufficient bandwidth are achieved by reducing network synchronization, then transferring data across network segments will ultimately be a problem, outweighing its benefits.
  3. Trading Speed Is Less Than Three Seconds
    The longer the transaction, the lower the ease of using the system, and the more difficult for distributed applications to run at full capacity.
  4. High Bandwidth
    The number of transactions per second is more than just another number. High bandwidth allows the network to keep transaction prices low because it has enough resources to handle more transactions per unit of time.
  5. Low Price
    The lower the transaction price, the more interested potential customers are in using the platform to store their financial transaction information and technical data.

MetaHash Comparison

This Network Can Be Used To:

Store any information inside Blockchain using 4k encryption protection and multiple signatures. Attacks on an encrypted wallet become more common, even if the mining platform is not secure. To solve this problem, the #Macintosh network provides five different consensus algorithms designed to improve security.

Trading (up to 3 seconds of approval time inside and outside of #MetaHash network). Many cryptographers feel uncomfortable with the inability to transfer assets on time, for example, BTC takes 10 minutes to get transaction approval. #MetaHash is designed to improve speed, unlike other projects. #MetaHash is even faster than EOS (5 seconds) and ETH (15 seconds). Because of the #TraceChain protocol, the project is similar to the blockchain, and the transaction rate per second increases to 50,000+ per second in addition to reducing approval time. Therefore, cryptocurrency can be used as a means of payment, while online commission payments will be reduced to almost zero. This means #MetaHash can bring encryption to the real world.

Exchange any assets (all digital assets in the #MetaGate purse use the ERC20 token in all exchange services). This is important and shows that the project wants to integrate as many encryption enthusiasts as possible.


Once the funds accumulated during the ICO are exhausted, the project may succeed as a self-financing entity. However, if the team developing the project proposes to increase the portion of the commission’s help to #MetaHash, and the #MHC holder feels the need, they can choose the plan.

Project authors, experts, and consultants will receive a commission and may purchase #MHC at an ICO price (for general reasons).
Regardless of the person or company that manages #MetaHash in the future, the author’s fee will be paid out of the projected revenue within 25 years from the date of publication.

#MetaHash Commerce Committees in Networks To maintain competitive pricing, commissions for networks can be changed by a public vote based on #MHC values.

If data transactions begin to disrupt the network, they will be given an isolated network with the same consensus as the main network. MetaHash transfers do not charge any commissions using standard load on the network

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the MetaHash team, I just give you the latest ICO info”