Meritt – A Platform To Solve Global Loyalty And Platform-based Results

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Meritt – A Platform To Solve Global Loyalty And Platform-based Results

Meritt – On this beautiful day, I will tell you a promising project. Meritt is a network of self-creation and colleagues Blockchain financial contracts to maintain an open protocol. Unique distributed platforms will be very popular today. After all, the real guarantee of the quality of the intellectual property transaction contract. This project is ideal for Meritt collection of funds, financing, and some scattered token!

Establishment and implementation of open protocols such as network chain of financial contracts.

The token concept is very versatile, flexible, and there were many types of tokens. Everyone watch this space will be found as a sign of the utility and the former is the difference between the participation of signs of certain securities in the strict sense of the needs of the network, while the second was intended for investment purposes pins. There is overlap between the two: investment and speculative purposes as legal tender can be bought, people can buy a token investment practical purposes, is not participating in the network.

In this case, we can consider the use of an algorithm that Meritt platform is simple:

Setting up a new contract target. Meritt financial contracts ERC20 build compatible frame transfer token and division. The transfer may be limited to a specific group, and temporarily closed ?? (Tokens can be frozen).

What is Meritt?

Meritt is cumulative and solves global loyalty and platform-based results. When checking out a lot of loyalty program from a different point, the search cannot find a good application. This, in addition to the failure to achieve prosperity for the company to increase the responsibility of the loyalty program, consumers continue to deteriorate.

dynamic payment channels. Payments made from the issuer sign the contract (for example, by the company paying the dividends) to pool participants are automatically transferred to the storage token issued by the appropriate electronic wallet. Allocation takes into account the proportional distribution of the underlying asset.

Voting and two-way communication. the voting system can be public, tickets will be sent directly to a contract for evaluation. In addition, the ticket can be private, only the hash send the contract to ensure the authenticity of the sound.

The two-way channel of information: the obligation of issuers to comply with the contract marks can send a message through intelligent information for all participants contract. Send a message to the publisher when the participant may request a contract.

Easily create contracts and their performance. DAPP advantage through the network, companies seeking funds to create and publish financial contracts, contracts corresponding increase in the token, and placed in a special contract transfer, receipt of payments from the participants (similar to vending machines to automatically transmit orders contract card machine).

A database for storing the contract was made. There is a demand for Meritt participant data and observer can sign up to get on the end of the contract with each contract Meritt event (to the extent they are available to the public), and data.

data storage architecture. Meritt enables user management and independent environment to provide identity and other personal information and data available to them are limited. The data itself can be independently placed or stored in a distributed data warehouse.

Some Of The Important Features Of The Project

It is worth emphasizing that the factors that can attract the attention of the participants of the platform:

  1. Plug And Play Modules
    To avenge Blockchain on a variety of financial contracts and the implementation of the simple settlement
  2. This Agreement Unrelated Asset Classes
    Meritt financial contracts may be securities, loans, bonds, utilities, property or donate mark. Distributed to each particular symbol ERC20 financial contract is a contract.
  3. Key Requirements And The Completion Of A Perfect Blockchain
    Transparency and distributed in the same book with the essential requirements and confidence in the future of the tests. The results secured by way of financial contracts and mining contracts trouble-free service.
  4. Identification Of Sovereignty And Identity Security Interest
    Participants complete control and ownership of data encryption and personal identification data and may disclose information about zero-knowledge.
  5. Decentralization, Free, No Commission Meritt, Unmediated
    scattered blocks chain structure. Only gas costs occur. Financing the implementation of the peer network environment.

Creator of unique distributed platform ready to give their customers access to high-quality, profitable, secure trading opportunities. The contract for the intelligent cooperation of all the conditions to achieve the perfect assurance. In this case, all participants in the transaction receive reliable protection fraud scheme. At the same time, all transactions are done very quickly.

The main advantage of the platform that Meritt was as follows:

  • Blockchain-based on a copy of the technical data and to ensure that every user comfort decentralized exchange
  • Functions to maximize simple and profitable deals
  • In a system with little or no commission at all – compared to other methods of payment service, the lowest cost
  • Through smart regulation remittances contract
  • Reliable, integrated personal wallet for each user, which is stored and from which funds payment. Peer network file system does not require an accounting or cash transactions.

When Cryptocurrency is one of the payment, as well as a lucrative way to invest in the easiest and most comfortable way. Combined with blockchain technology, it has a large capacity, which Meritt System Demonstration – immediate, secure transactions at any time and any place. Employers can quickly find freelancers in the system, access to quality services, and pay with Meritt token.


Meritt Protocol Roadmap


We have done a lot of work to map out a possible sign of the universe so that we can design our deal directly from the ground up. In this article series, we want to share with you the results of this work – we will discuss aspects of a word or words at a time, we will take over this far, we have found a summary overview of the entire universe.

Every time we compared the company began to use the results of the loyalty program. It is a multi-billion dollar market for this position, and to grow by 6% per year. However, this means that there are many types of accounts, as there are many job opportunities around the world. In an emergency, it is difficult to take care of the customer mirrors and use it. In fact, the trade, the results do not lead to the use of loyalty programs, lower than before and gives a negative impression debt. Meritt is based on key distribution solutions to solve the problem through the use of glass and loyalty program resolved. Bag, the main feature of the profits from the currency exchange, Meritt store food sales.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Meritt Protocol team, I just give you the latest ICO info”