MenaPay – Transparency, Accessibility, And Attention To Local Conditions

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MenaPay – Transparency, Accessibility, And Attention To Local Conditions

MenaPay – We all know that banking institutions in Africa and the Middle East are developing quite bad. However, the population of these countries, of course, want to get a convenient tool for financial transactions. MenaPay project is designed to solve this problem – it is in the Arab support payment applications for mobile devices.
The project plans to actively enter the 18 countries where a potential market of 420 million users life. 75% will be allocated between the owners MenaPay total revenue of the platform.

Perhaps the main advantage of this system is a commitment, a token system (MenaCash) will always be the equivalent of $ 1. The full integration of the dollar makes it a reliable tool for payment, settlement, and storage. At the same time, MenaPay will be able to provide a high-quality interface is the simple and convenient solution to the Arab. SDK is unique, desktop and mobile wallet, easy to use control panel seller will develop and implement.

What is MenaPay?

MenaPay is the first block-based payment gateway is fully supported in the Middle East and Africa. MenaPay cryptocurrency replaces traditional payment and fully supported by the blockchain. MenaPay mission is to build a Web-based websites and applications, which will allow encryption of payment solutions for a variety of website integration, and support for the Arabic language in the dashboard.

What Opportunities Does The Platform Give Us?

The project says it will encrypt the new standard in the industry. Within the framework of this project, there will be:

  • P2P transaction-level (between direct participants);
  • P2M (commercial payments);
  • M2F (transactions between traders and funds);
  • Mining will be available.

MenaPay Work

How Will You Pay For With MenaPay?

MenaPay products including desktop computers or mobile application, and given to the merchant API and SDK, to help them begin to receive payments through their system. This application will allow the transaction and to provide information and management options through a simple dashboard. the currency used to pay MenaCash, which will always be equal to the value of $ 1. Merchants will be able to take MenaCash converted to US dollars from its reserves MenaPay Foundation at any time.

What Makes MenaPay Competitive Advantage?

MenaCash designed as a stable currency, not only with fluctuations in contrast to most existing cryptocurrencies profitable, but also should help be a means of payment recognized in the region. Islamic law as much as it does not support speculative interest. As an alternative to traditional bank and instability cryptocurrencies, MenaCash can be said to maximize the Sharia. For example, displayed star, such a thing was not possible.

To Solve The Problem

If you are reading this article, you must have currencies encryption is a basic knowledge of how it works, and how these market changes. encryption volatility is a big problem that needs to be considered. It is very difficult for new entrants to join the world of cryptography, to understand the specific nature of these service functions. Menapay for those tired of banking services centralized, slow and fragile for 100% of the dispersion mature. The deal will now be safer and faster. 1 menacash always $ 1. Therefore, people do not have to worry about fluctuations. Menapay will also have its own desktop and mobile wallet. This will give you instant access to your financial situation, very quickly and accurately perform the necessary transactions.

Alternative Islamic Banking

While Islamic finance is very popular in theory, in practice the implementation has been quite lacking. Critics complain that many a pretext, flowers and other functions are condemned or indirectly reintroduced with a different name. Many institutions have lost credibility as a result. Moreover, even if the popularity of Islamic banking, the majority of people in the Middle East and North African countries still apply no bank accounts, so shut in many parts of the modern economy do.

MenaPay unique opportunity in this market. With transparency and accessibility, and attention to local conditions, it is an opportunity that no model of Islamic finance essentially failed. Nothing seemed to hundreds of business plans for the platform, this is not realistic. However, the effort seems to be quite free to participate, so far, MenaPay information provided on the site is somewhat limited. It would be a good solution to this problem, if the opportunity will not be missed.


Mpay name of the new currency. Overall, the system will have 400 million tokens, of which $ 2.56 million will be sold. The process of the selling price of $ 0.165 per unit mark. a lower cost of $ 5 million, the upper limit is $ 25 million. The project is registered in Dubai than anywhere prohibited. The exact date of the sale is still unknown, but based on the landmark information, the sale is planned for November.

How will all the tokens be distributed

  • 64% are put up for sale;
  • 16% share of advisors and teams;
  • 15% marketing bounty;
  • 5% reserve of mining.

Use of Funds

  • 40% marketing;
  • 30% development and infrastructure;
  • 15% operation and administration;
  • 10% business development;
  • 5% Legal.


The launch of the application, all the systems is scheduled for September, will be held in the main sales later – in November. In January 2019, businesses will be connected. In April, plans to introduce additional face recognition technology transactions safe level. In addition, in May the project will reach 500 million users! In June, the market system as a whole should reach the level of $ 1 billion. In December, the company will launch a P2P lending opportunities, including the work of AI.

MenaPay Roadmap


The company is headquartered in Dubai (UAE), one of the richest cities in the world. A large team of experienced experts are studying the creation. It is too early to draw conclusions on whether the company will achieve its goals, making a sale will only take a few months to succeed. However, the high potential of this project is obvious.

To know the latest information about MenaPay project you can visit the link below:


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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the MenaPay team, I just give you the latest ICO info”