MeetnGreetMe – Payment Service And Is Known as the WelcomeCoins Eco Product Sign Symbol (WEL)

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MeetnGreetMe – Payment Service And Is Known as the WelcomeCoins Eco Product Sign Symbol (WEL)

What is MeetnGreetMe?

MeetnGreetMe is a global market where visitors can find local personal assistants, which will help to travel to the country’s aides and allow visitors to take mitigation plans. The personal assistant can provide all the necessary places for travel convenience to assist the traveler in the countryside, such as meeting and pick up passengers at the airport, then book all personal needs for hotel, travel and travel bookings. Therefore, personal assistants who are like-minded friends who are willing to help and tidy up the things travelers are necessary for such travelers can save time and effort to design trips and tours.


MeetnGreetMe’s mission is to give everyone access to all the benefits of their travel needs in a personalized way while supporting local businesses and communities to market their services and products at a reasonable cost.

Recognizing that our lives for international travelers can be more comfortable, more convenient, and more enjoyable, we should know who can stroll in the city and we have begun to develop a new concept of concierge services for the world traveler to submit private by the local community Itinerary, so you can gain the trust of anyone who needs it in the following ways. Based on trust, friendship, happiness, and hospitality, we build a community of like-minded people together, who are happy to share their hospitality, local expertise and knowledge with the global community of tourists.


We connect advanced technologies and real human experiences to change the way we travel. Our goal is to integrate it with elements of decentralization, motivate each member to contribute time, skills, expertise and local end-to-end goals MeetnGreetMe’s resource crowdsourced ecosystem brings revolutionary tourism and hospitality – Help people all over the world to travel freely and enjoy ways to personalize their travel needs and enjoy real experiences wherever they are.

In addition, a diverse background of MeetnGreetMe community members will help make the blockchain. Technology is becoming a kind of mass and popular among people all over the world.

How does MeetnGreetMe work?

The only private place for platform search and discovery operations, it will be easy for visitors to be individual guides for visitors, then share what they need and then make a bid to reach a price agreement. MeetnGreetMe local assistants for technical support for visitors and private interests blockchain, because there are them, and payment transactions will be more transparent because the payment system between them is P2P A (peer-to-peer) making it safer and more transparent between no intermediate parties /intermediary. The MeetnGreetMe ecosystem will create a more personalized service to visitors and make them feel more comfortable on the road. The MeetnGreetMe is a marketplace on the MeetnGreetMe payment service and is known as the WelcomeCoins Eco Product Sign Symbol (WEL) number, made by tourists personal MeetnGreetMe. Except in the local market, we can also get Welcomecomins, you can use it to come from MeetnGreetMe Get some CES services.

We can obtain WelcomeCoins in various ways, such as:

  1. MeetnGreetMe service is provided through private local assistance.
  2. MeetnGreeter and new guests are invited to join this platform.
  3. Invite friends to use MeetnGreetMe products and services.
  4. Promote MeetnGreetMe products and services through social media, blogs, and more.

Business Model

MeetnGreetMe Bussiness Model

In the P2P segment, MeetnGreetMe will continue to charge MeetnGreeters with a 20% handling fee as a globally accepted benchmark for P2P services. Since blockchain technology will help significantly reduce operating costs, plans are reduced over time. Moreover, due to the circulation of welcome coins, MeetnGreeters will have different opportunities to increase their total revenue for taking certain actions.

In the B2B2C market segment, MeetnGreetMe aims to complement the travel and hospitality industry by providing personalized solutions for travelers’ needs. Hotels, airlines, cruise lines, and accommodation platforms belong to these businesses, and their customers can benefit from the MeetnGreetMe service. Each partner has its own characteristics and can become an additional source of income for MeetnGreetMe.

MeetnGreetMe Service

From the time of arrival or during your stay to escorting to help organize your life events or visit a city to find business contacts, the local MeetnGreeters will offer a variety of tailor-made services to help international travelers achieve their travel goals and save time. It is the important thing.

We Can Use WelcomeCoin For:

  • Get products and services from MeetnGreetMe, such as ordering personalized assistants, and receive discounts to help you meet all your travel needs.
  • We can use WelcomeCoins to advertise on the MeetnGreetMe platform.
  • By providing discounts on transportation, accommodation, and tickets, payments can be prepared for partners.
  • The welcome currency can also be traded on the stock and sold in the legal currency.

What Goals And Issues Does Meetngreetme Need To Solve?

As tourism continues to grow year by year, it has become one of the world’s largest industries with industry blockchain technology, providing convenience and benefits for many people and many groups involved in tourism. The technology blockchain can solve some problems in this industry, and the market MeetnGreetMe can also be a platform dedicated to passengers/passengers, and the personal assistant offers many advantages and benefits locally, the platform MeetnGreetMe they can meet and set without mediation, which This means that visitors will receive cheaper service rates and personal assistants get transparent payment. In addition, due to the use of the digital tag GOOD payment in this process, the global nature of the ecosystem MeetnGreetMe can also be achieved through blockchain technology, and the blockchain technology is not geographically supported.

Some Of The Benefits That MeetnGreetMe Offers Are:

  • Visitors who become local personal assistants while on a tour are prepared to visit the country in any way and do not need much time to arrange tours for easier and more convenient.
  • Cultural and linguistic differences no longer impede local holiday activities because personal help can help everyone.
  • Travel becomes safer because it is always accompanied and assisted by personal assistants.
  • Avoid paying high travel expenses because the personal assistant always finds travel and accommodation services and other services based on the wrong assistance of the passengers.
  • With this example of the MeetnGreetMe platform, travelers will feel safer, more comfortable, and provide support and help because his personal assistant is always ready to provide solutions for friends and he is willing to bring anything during the holidays. Road assistance.
  • This trip is more interesting and unique for tourists because when they are traveling in the country, some people can trust their party and are ready to help them.
  • Travelers can also travel according to their budget, just like such personal help, avoiding middlemen and reducing vacation costs.

In order to support its goals and improve products and services, MeetnGreetMe will raise funds through pre-sales and ICO. For pre-sales, they have seized their target funds, proving that many investors are interested in the project.

Market Overview

MeetnGreetMe Market Overview

The world tourism and tourism market have reached US$7.61 trillion, of which 2.31 trillion came from the industry. The total global online travel sales amounted to 564.87 billion U.S. dollars and is expected to increase to 755.94 billion U.S. dollars by 2019. In 2016, more than 1.2 billion people will cross international borders, and the number of business and leisure and global international tourists is expected to increase by 4% each year and reach more. 2030 will exceed 1.8 billion U.S. dollars. It is estimated that by 2020, business travel expenses will increase to 1.6 trillion US dollars. 20% of the tourism industry has been affected by peer-to-peer services.

Token Distribution

MeetnGreetMe Token

150,000,000 WEL are going to be issued with 75,000,000 WEL accessible throughout the crowdsale. It’s a one-time emission.

  • Pre-sale starts on 11 Dec 2017 (9:00 AM EST)
  • Soft cap1,000,000 USD / 10,000,000 WEL
  • Hard cap7,500,000 USD / 75,000,000 WEL
  • Accepted Currencies ETH
  • Token rate 1 WEL = 0.0004 ETH
  • 1 WEL = 0.10 USD

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the MeetnGreetMe team, I just give you the latest ICO info”