MeetnGreetMe – A Global Marketplace Where Travelers Can Find Local Personal Assistants

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MeetnGreetMe – A Global Marketplace Where Travelers Can Find Local Personal Assistants

MeetnGreetMe – Tourism is one of the largest industries in the world, continues to grow every year, and with more popular cryptocurrency and blockchain technology using this technology can be in the travel industry, through many benefits and advantages for the parties. However, although the tourism industry has experienced rapid growth every year, there are still some problems faced by tourists when they travel to other countries. Some of these issues, such as language and cultural differences, cause tourists to have difficulty visiting and interesting areas in different countries.

It is also in the tourism industry has generally been party brokers / some fees that provide services for passengers, foreign tourists on expensive vacation or industrial terminology often used by tourists are among the people from various travel commission services intermediaries in the travel industry such as hotels, tours, and other travel services. In fact, many foreign tourists who want to visit various countries who want to believe that someone can / the local community to be able to help and accompany them during the tour, and local people such assist personally, can help foreign tourists in this hotel, held Travel needs for travel and all other travelers. And a startup called MeetnGreetMe to launch UPS will create a platform, marketplace and blockchain technical support to bring travelers and personal assistants without intermediaries. Please follow the further review of this item below.

What is MeetnGreetMe?

MeetnGreetMe is a global marketplace, where travelers can find local personal assistants, who will assist travel journeys to assistant countries, allowing visitors to travel on a mitigation plan. Personal assistants can provide convenient travel/arrangements for all necessary places where assistants travel to tourists in the country, such as conferences, and pick up passengers at the airport, then arrange all the personal needs of hotel, travel and traveler bookings. Therefore, there are personal assistants who are like-minded friends who are willing to help and organize the things that tourists need. So, these travelers can save time and effort to design travel and travel plans. MeetnGreetMe already has a real-time product, you can try to know the operation of this platform on their website (

How does MeetnGreetMe work?

Platform operation is just a search and discovery of a private place, and it will be easy for travelers to become personal guides for travelers and then share what they need and then make offers to reach agreement on prices. MeetnGreetMe as a blockchain support technology for tourists and the personal interests of local assistants, since there is no intermediary party/intermediary between them and payment transactions will become more transparent, because the payment system between them is P2P a (peer to peer) Make it more secure and more transparent. MeetnGreetMe Eksositem will create more personalized services for travelers and make them feel more comfortable on the road. In MeetnGreetMe is on the market of payment service MeetnGreetMe and products known as symbol WelcomeCoins ecosystem sign (WEL) figures, this sign is used by the travelers MeetnGreetMe personal and local assistant in the trading market. In addition, we can also get Welcomecomins, and you can use it to get some services from this MeetnGreetMe.

We can get welcome coins in various ways, for example:

  1. MeetnGreetMe service is provided through private local assistance.
  2. MeetnGreeter and new guests are invited to join this platform.
  3. Invite friends to use MeetnGreetMe products and services.
  4. Promote MeetnGreetMe products and services on social media, blogs, and more.


The MeetnGreetMe platform was established to provide users with the necessary infrastructure for mutual benefit and interaction.

The MeetnGreetMe platform today includes the following features:

  • Profile creation and promotion
  • Search and match users in city segmentation and scheduled filters
  • Verification procedure
  • Chat
  • Send and receive service requests
  • Assessment and review systems
  • Notification system
  • Balance management
  • Integrated payment system
  • Android Mobile Messenger (v1)
  • Blog

To ensure the successful creation and exchange of values, the platform must be centered on core interaction without friction and transparency.

We can use WelcomeCoin:

  • Get products and services from MeetnGreetMe, such as ordering personalized assistants, and receive discounts to help you meet all your travel needs.
  • We can use WelcomeCoins to advertise on the MeetnGreetMe platform.
  • Payment is ready for partners by offering discounts on transportation, accommodation, and tickets.
  • The welcome currency can also be traded on the stock and sold to the legal currency.

What goals and issues does MeetnGreetMe need to solve?

Seeing that the tourism industry continues to increase year by year, becoming one of the largest industries in the world with the presence of blockchain technology in the industry provides convenience and benefits for many people and many parties to participate in tourism. Technology blockchain can solve some problems in this industry, and the market MeetnGreetMe can also be a platform dedicated to passengers/passengers, as well as personal assistants to provide many benefits and benefits locally, the platform MeetnGreetMe they can meet and set without mediation, which means visitors will Get cheaper service rates and personal assistants get transparent payments. In addition, the global nature of ecosystem MeetnGreetMe, thanks to the use of digital tagging GOOD payments in the process, can also be achieved through blockchain technology, which is not geographically supported.

Some of the benefits that MeetnGreetMe offers are:

  1. Tourists traveling on the tour to become local personal assistants are ready to tour the country in any way in the course and do not need a lot of time to plan a tour to help make it easier and more convenient.
  2. Cultural and linguistic differences no longer impede locals’ holiday activities because personal help can help everyone.
  3. Travel becomes safer because it is always accompanied and assisted by personal assistants.
  4. Avoid paying high travel expenses because the personal assistant will always look for travel and accommodation services and other services based on the passenger’s wrong help.
  5. With this MeetnGreetMe platform case, travelers will feel safer and more comfortable, and provide support and help with assistance because his personal assistant is always ready to offer a solution to this like a friend, who is willing to take anything during the holidays. Road assistance.
  6. This trip is more interesting and unique for tourists because when they travel in the country, some people can trust their party and be ready to help them.
  7. Travelers can also travel according to their budget, just like this personal assistance, avoiding intermediaries and reducing vacation costs.
  8. In order to support its goals and improve products and services, MeetnGreetMe will raise funds through pre-sales and ICO. For pre-sales, they have seized their target funds and prove that many investors are interested in the project.

Who are the team and founder of MeetnGreetMe?

The Founder team MeetnGreetMe is made up of several people who have had too much experience on the field, they include Elena Shkarubo as co-founder and CEO Nick Vyhouski as co-founder and product designer, Andrew Gaidukevich as co-founder and Chief Technical Officer, Satchok, ILJA Software Engineer. There are more teams and other advisors and everything that can be viewed on their website.

ICO MeetnGreetMe details

During the ICO, the total supply of welcome coin tokens (WEL) is 150 million tokens, and 75 million tokens will be sold.

  • ICO START: March 27, 2018
  • TOKEN NAME: WelcomeCoins
  • Symbol: WEL
  • Cost: 1 WEL = 0.0004 ETH
  • Purchase: ETH

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BTT Profile:;u=376156

ETH: 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the MeetnGreetMe team, I just give you the latest ICO info”