MAVIN – A Reward-based Influencer Marketing Ecosystem On Blockchain

MAVIN – A Reward-based Influencer Marketing Ecosystem On Blockchain

Mavin is a reward-based influencer marketing ecosystem on blockchain gift that connects digital marketers and agencies to micro and nano influencers in social media. By aggregating the power of marketing of micro and nano influencers into a single campaign, Mavin surpassed traditional advertising market targets through a high level of ROI and engagement. At the same time, it reduces the cost of handling and advertising spending through blockchain technology, smart contracts, and microtransactions.


Mavin’s vision is to become a global market maker, where brands and companies (marketers) and nano and micro influencers (influencers) come together.

The marketers will benefit by reaching a more extensive audience with a higher engagement rate. And the influencers will be paid by the marketers for some of their social media mentions, giving them the opportunity to participate directly in the marketing budget spent.

The marketing spends will not only be distributed to well-known and famous influencers, but also to ordinary people. Because everyone’s an influencer.


Mavin is a decentralized, reward-based, global influencer marketing ecosystem based on blockchain that connects digital marketers and agencies to micro and nano influencers on social media.

Through the aggregation of the marketing power of micro and nano influencers into single campaign entities, Mavin outperforms the traditional target advertising market through significantly higher ROI and engagement rates. At the same time, it reduces handling costs and advertising spends through blockchain technology, smart contracts, and microtransactions.

Our quality verification framework allows micro and nano-targeting at a new level, while also offering transparent KPI measurement and disruptive rates. All transactions are handled through MVN tokens, the platform’s internal currency that powers the payment, reward, and verification system

Who is Mavin for?


With Mavin, not only the well-known and famous but also the ordinary people are valuable influencers for marketers. They can participate in the marketing budget spend by getting paid for social media mentions directly.


Marketers can participate in Mavin to reach micro and nano influencers, an audience which was too heterogeneous to handle efficiently so far. A higher engagement rate is a positive side effect of these kinds of influencers.


Mavins quality verification framework also allows people to earn money who are not interested in participating as an influencer. By being part of the verification process, human verifiers help the platform to ensure high-quality standards.

Mavin Ecosystem

Mavin ecosystem

Advantages Using Mavin

Up To 10x Cheaper

Mavins blockchain based micro-payment structure comes with the advantage of being very cost efficient, especially in comparison with traditional payment gateways.

Instant Payout

Every single platform user will be rewarded instantly. No minimum amount is required before a payout can be triggered nor is there any other limitation to monetize its work.

Quality Verification Framework

Mavin combines artificial intelligence with human verification to ensure high-quality social media mentions of relevant content in order to eventually achieve mutually beneficial relationships.

Global Influencer Marketplace

Although starting with the demands of a rather small and widely diversified target audience, Mavin is well prepared for future growth, thanks to its global and highly scalable platform.

To know the latest information about Mavin project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile :;u=376156

ETH : 0xF4919c366c3ad386f0A5Abe322d6cDe0238CeB28

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