Lynked.World – Eliminating The Need For An Intermediary Step And Validate Identity Data

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Lynked.World – Eliminating The Need For An Intermediary Step And Validate Identity Data

Lynked.World – It is a mile looks own goal net was made the very clear description of the archive is on the same street. It combines the atmosphere of the entire contents of a global identity community must contain. They say a good way to really blockchain this work need to be successful. Millions of transactions can not fast facts on a common network. Therefore, blockchain around the rest of its corresponding platform.

A New Service Application (Sim Card)

Lynked Application for a new Service (SIM Card)

  • Consumers to join Lynked.World
  • Platform Lynked.World to complete/verify his identity
  • Portal telecommunications service provider must have a digital ID Lynked.World choice new SIM card registration
  • In using this option, users will be greeted with a package for a new SIM card application form, information on the identity and other relevant documents required KYC process with QR code
  • Consumers using QR code scanning applications Lynked.World
  • SIM consumer card authentication and authorization required by the application and data files
  • Identity verification is provided by Lynked.World for blockchain
  • SIM card issuance and activation

Our Ecosystem

Lynked.World ecosystem includes features to develop the entire application platform from the ground up to take advantage of multi-faceted art solutions blockchain. Our platform is based on a question of revenge blockchain and contains a lot of functional modules to solve the digital identity of the state, files and data to consumers and businesses trust and authenticity of real life.

The Main Features Of The Lynked.World

  • Applicable in all situations and objectives, secure and reliable digital identity
  • The use of peer to peer file that and validation of data
  • Technology can not change blockchain
  • A source of truth verification data, verification, and validation to ensure authenticity
  • Based on digital identity KYC process capability
  • Keeping the total amount of data in the hands of the owner and the ability to share data with consent
  • To remove duplicate verification requires the same profile can be accessed at blockchain by maintaining a clear validation history
  • Eliminating the need for an intermediary step and validate identity data.
  • Use Lynked.World digital identification document digital signature

Secure Transaction

Our digital identity solutions recognized by the strength blockchain personal capacity utilization plummeted unnecessary risk of fraudulent online transactions.

Banks, financial institutions and even online retail services can take full advantage of our application to make sure that online payments, withdrawals, authentic, instead of lost or stolen cards and/or identity to complete. Until users are using the Internet more secure and reliable we Lynked.World mobile application transactions to confirm / her identity number on the online transaction cannot be completed.

Partnership in the various vertical real world, some of which are:

Coal India Ltd (the largest coal-producing company in the world and the second largest government employer sector in India has more than 300,000 employees)

  • Government City State
  • Scrap Metal Trade Co., Ltd (MTSC)
  • West Bengal Forest Corporation (WBFDCL)
  • The organization’s senior management and engineering (IIT and IIM’s) O And many others

Lynked Awards and Mentions

Lynked Our Awards

Five patent applications

Estimated potential market damage easily surpassed consider all the possible usage of $ 100 billion for the entire public and private sector partnerships and launching promising impressive team through this platform what makes us stand out from the value proposition. It is part of our trip, and we believe that participation is the greatest damage in the era of the digital economy – World Linking by Blockchain.

Download our mobile application from the Apple App Store or Android – control your digital identity and data! Welcome to the new digital era.

Our platform features:

  • Digital identity
  • Digital Wallet
  • Dashboards and dynamic profile
  • Form configuration
  • Share data by using QR code
  • Background Verification Platform
  • Professional network of reliable
  • Recruitment portal

Application Development Platform

API modular and open ecosystem that is held in accordance with their own solution business scene.
Compared with many of the capabilities combined with two other similar products blockchain and other mobile technologies have a significant competitive advantage.
Platform with a variety of security protocols to prevent theft and/or data hacker identity.
vertical industry applications SaaS different.

Why own LYNK tokens:

  • Lynk Token is the main source and only one of the services on the platform Lynked.World ecosystems provide in the exchange rate.
  • Lynk token amount is fixed. No additional Lynk mark will ever be made.
  • Lynk organization will lock token entry and spend their own digital wallet, can use the service platform. This ensures LYNK tokens demand will increase with the future vehicle platforms new organization.
  • Value-added service platform will also require the user to lock and scarcity of time spent driving Lynk token.

Awards And Mentioned

58th session of the National Convention of the platform at the Indian Institute Lynked.World cost Cost Accountant held in 2018 formally established. The event was attended by the famous conference of Indian politicians.

Token Sale Details

  • Lynked.World tokens (LYNK) are ERC20 tokens based on the Ethereum platform.
  • Token Symbol LYNK
  • Initial Token Supply 200,000,000
  • Start Date for Public Sale November 15th, 2018 (9:00AM GMT)
  • End Date February 10th, 2019 (11:00AM GMT)
  • Number of tokens for Sale 150,000,000 LYNK
  • Hard Cap 25,000,000 USD
  • Token Exchange Rate 1 LYNK = 0.35 USD
  • Soft Cap 5,000,000 USD
  • Acceptable Currencies ETH, BTC

Unsold Tokens

Any Unsold Tokens after the token sale (based on the hard cap of 150 million) will be moved to the Community Reward Pool

Additional Token Distribution

New LYNK tokens after the initial issue of 200,000,000 can only be generated from the reserves based on redemption of Lynk Boost Dollars into LYNK. Once the total number of LYNK tokens issued reaches 500,000,000 the company will initiate buyback programs to purchase LYNK tokens from the open market to be able to continue the “Community Rewards System”.

Token Sale Timeline

The LYNK token sale will start on the 15th November 2018 and continue till 10th February 2019. The entire sale has been broken down into 4 individual rounds with varying discounts to the base price (0.35 USD) for each LYNK token.


In Lynked.World, our driving principle is “trust barrier” to address digital identity and digital database on assistance blockchain application development platform for sharing and file. With unique features and patents, both for iOS and Android, in the place of execution and all government agencies and partnerships in various vertical industries hosted applications published; The first project we have come to token sale not only by appointment or MVP but also ready to use the product and to reach the real world.

Our product portfolio includes a variety of components of SaaS applications in different vertical industries, such as digital identity platform, in the form of a digital wallet, is configured, such as verification of the professional network, which helps to solve some of the problems are most prominent in today’s digital era. Lynked.World individuals and organizations with a secure and convenient way to share digital control and trustworthy identity, data and documents. As the potential market easily over $ 100 billion dollars of our partnership, because we launched many well-known organizations, we believe the platform we need to be a leader when it comes to all the elements for blockchain mass technology.

To know the latest information about Lynk.World project you can visit the link below:


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ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Lynk.World team, I just give you the latest ICO info”