Lucyd – The Smartglasses of Augmented Reality (AR) Revolution

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Lucyd – The Smartglasses of Augmented Reality (AR) Revolution

Lucyd – Hi everybody, The virtual reality venture isn’t new in any way. You can download a large number of substance in the rundown, Simplify numerous perspectives. You’ve presumably observed a great deal of this stuff in motion pictures, however they can not envision that something like this may occur, in actuality. Also, the task I’m going to tell today is only a project — Lucyd.

Augmented Reality (AR) is an immediate perspective of this present reality condition fixed with PC created interfaces. Hungry contemplations of visual data. “Over half of the cortex, the cerebrum surface is committed to handling visual data,” as per Professor David Williams at the University of Rochester. For that required a sort of keen focal point to address those issues.

The test is currently fathomed with Lucyd prepared to address this issue, and introduce another period of visual investigation with Lucyd Lens. We trust the proficient group, progressive innovation, and imaginative blockchain behind Lucyd all add to its potential achievement. By delivering cutting-edge smartglasses that fix a considerable lot of the issues that disturb current items, and piece based programming biological systems to help them. Lucyd Lens smartglasses will build up your review control, by joining significant information with your visual perception consistently.

Lucyd has a mechanical favorable position in AR weapons contest since it has 13 propelled licenses and an optical master group that empowers the improvement of a couple of one of a kind smartglasses. Lucyd Lens will be the first to be lightweight, ergonomic, sans wire, open to, covering, altering consequently with lighting conditions, obliging restorative focal points and looking like ordinary glasses. This will be an intuitive AR gadget that is perfect for existing Android and iOS content, while likewise supporting honest to goodness Lucyd content.

Lucyd’s glasses will include the following technologies:

  1. A flush, unibody design provides a discreet, customizable look. Existing AR devices are notorious for drawing unwanted attention.
  2. All circuitry is contained within the stems, so it looks and feels just like a normal pair of glasses.
  3. Can be outfitted with prescription lenses.
  4. Lens-integrated, stereoscopic LCD microdisplays with a long battery life and ergonomic feel.
  5. Bluetooth connection to iPhone/Android to experience your favorite apps in AR.
  6. Integrated microphone and bone-conducting speakers for easy calling and voice control.
  7. Can be connected to Bluetooth peripherals such as speakers and keyboards.
  8. Integrated front camera for photo/video capture.
  9. Navigate hands-free with custom controls among eye tracking, voice control, and finger tracking input options.
  10. High resolution, with an extraordinary 120° display arc for AR graphics.


As an entirely new interactive display, the potential for Lucyd is limitless. It should look and feel totally natural, seamlessly integrating computer enhancement with our perception of the world. However, we think it is prudent to develop it with the most common smartphone-like use cases in mind.

For that in its development, Lucyd launched the sale of LCD token to decentralize the AR revolution. The sale of an LCD token to give you the glasses of the future, and create an organic ecosystem for their growth. The token sales goal is to raise the funds needed to develop the pre-production prototype of Lucyd Lens, as well as to create the Lucyd Lab engine block. Lucyd Lab will encourage the development of native third-party applications and user engagement with LCDs. LCDs are used to purchase hardware from Lucyd, and developed content.

Information and plans for launch / sale of LCD token can be seen in the following timeline:

Total LCD tokens to be created: 100,000,000
Available during token sale: 50,000,000
Reissuance: Never
Token name: LCD
Fundraising goal: $10m USD
Soft cap goal: $1.5m USD
Token presale start: Oct. 17, 2017 at 8:00 A.M. GMT
Token LCD presale discount: 40%
Initial presale price: $.15 USD. LCD price in ETH will be calculated at the start of presale based on USD/ETH exchange rate.
Presale end: October 31, 2017 at 8:00 P.M. GMT (Or when token allotment is depleted)
LCD available in presale: 25,000,000
Token sale start: October 31, 2017 at 8:00 P.M. GMT (Or when presale sells out.)
Initial LCD sale price: $.25 USD. LCD price in ETH will be calculated at the start of sale based on USD/ETH exchange rate.
Sale end: November 30, 2017 at 8:00 P.M. GMT
LCD tokens issued at end of sale.

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