Lucyd – Create New Paradigms For AR Content And Application Development

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Lucyd – Create New Paradigms For AR Content And Application Development

Lucyd – Any reason you do not have smartglasses yet? There are many obstacles in augmented reality display displays that are truly user-friendly. At Lucyd, they have assembled a team of experts and a great technology portfolio to solve the biggest problems in AR. To build their first prototype and to create the Lucyd blockchain AR lab, they also launched their Lucyd (LCD) token sales.

They have 13 breakthrough AR patents that make up the blueprint for Lucyd Lens, a pair of future smartglasses. Their technology comes from research by leading AR experts at the College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central Florida. Some of the problems on AR devices currently available that Lucyd Lens wants to solve are its clumsy form factor, limited field of view, latency problems, light leakage, poor eye tracking, difficult controls, connectivity problems, high eye strain, and incompatibility with lens correction.

They designed the Lucyd blockchain Lab to organically drive content creation and user engagement with Lucyd Lens. This is done by providing an LCD token to developers in addition to traditional app revenue, based on community contributions to their contributions. LCDs are also provided to users based on the quality of their feedback to the developer community. The LCD can then be used to purchase AR hardware and content from Lucyd when it is available, or sold on an external token exchange. LCDs also have another uses-For example, they order the first 500 Lucid Lens pairs for LCD-only purchases, so participating in token sales gives you the chance to become the first person to have future AR goggles.

Basic Lucyd is 13 patents, which are from the main optical R & D facility at UCF. Furthermore, the main discoverers of their patents, renowned optical researchers Jannick Rolland, present as science adviser Lucyd. With its innovative technology and advanced optical team and AR teams, they are trying to create the next generation in AR. Lucyd Lens will be the first compact and comfortable AR screen in the world, with this important advantage coming from their patents:

  • Lightweight, lightweight smartglasses, and unibody that look and feel like ordinary specs, unlike current AR devices that attract unwanted users.
  • Unique free-form optics that optimize the improved viewing field and adapt to lighting conditions.
  • Some control options include voice, eye tracking, and finger detection.
  • Advanced object detection for next-gen, accurate spatial AR display.
  • Compatibility with prescription lenses for natural vision and reinforcement.

Lucyd’s patent portfolio includes several core technology areas in the Lucy Lens prototype, such as eye tracking and flush microdisplays. With a myriad of features, Lucyd Lens will address many of the problems that burden the AR space. This will provide a real depth perception, with accurate spatial AR applications in which real and virtual free objects, are co-operatively combined.


Lucyd is not only designing breakthrough smartglasses-they also create new paradigms for AR content and application development. Lucyd Blockchain lab organically encourages original content creation for the Lucyd platform. The LCD Token is given to developers and users who participate in AR friendly content creation for Lucyd. In early versions of Lucyd Lens, such content will be hosted on the App Store / Google Play, and also listed on Lucyd in the Lucyd app. Approved content gets the corresponding blocks generated on the chain, which notifies users of new content, and releases the LCD to developers based on user ratings. Users were awarded the LCD to participate in ratings, reviews, betas and bug reports. LCDs can be sold on external exchanges or used to purchase AR products from Lucyd. This system serves to motivate the AR community to engage as closely as possible with Lucyd.

The standard development tools will be available in Lab Lucyd’s app to allow new AR content created by smartglasses themselves. Their goal is to increase the functionality of Lab Lucyd’s applications over time, so that native apps can all be created, uploaded and sold entirely on a peer-to-peer network accessed only via Lucyd Lens. This will free the developer from the heavy costs levied by the current app ecosystem, and free Lucyd from compatibility constraints with the smartphone display. However, in the early stages, Lucyd Lens will benefit from the processing power and content management system of smartphones.

Lucyd wants to change the way you see the world. Their goal is to create the first practical, practical look that mass market consumers love. Lucyd Lens has the potential to change the way we work and play, making every computing tasks faster and easier. Lucyd Lens also has customizable functions, inputs and display options to attract the widest possible audience. Blockchain Lucyd Lab will automatically motivate original content creation, populate the user experience of Lucyd and maximize device functionality. Smartglasses is the future, and Lucyd is ready to pave the way in front of AR.

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Some features that we believe make Lucyd Lens an evolutionary leap in AR:

  1. Flush, unibody design for a thoughtful and sensible look.
  2. All the circuits are contained inside the stem, so it looks and feels like just a pair of ordinary glasses.
  3. Can be equipped with prescription lens/lens modification.
  4. LCD microdisplays are integrated with stereotyped lenses with long battery life and transparent look.
  5. Utilize the computing power and data stream of iOS / Android smartphones to keep Lucyd light, and let you experience your favorite apps more conveniently on AR.
  6. Built-in microphone and bone-conducting speaker for easy dialing and voice control.
  7. Can be connected to Bluetooth peripherals such as speakers and keyboards.
  8. Integrated front camera for image/video capture and object detection.
  9. Customizable view navigation with eye-tracking options, voice control, and finger-tracking options.
  10. High resolution, with an incredible 120 ° field of view.
  11. No buttons, switches or cables. Clean, simple and fun.

Lucyd (LCD) Token Info

  • Total token LCD to be made: 100,000,000
  • Available in token sales form: 50.000.000
  • Fundraising objective: 31.250 ETH
  • Soft Hat Purpose: 4.688 ETH
  • Token presale start: October 17, 2017 at 8:00 am. Greenwich TimenLCD Present: 40% Initial presale price: 1 LCD = 0.00046875 ETH
  • End of presale: 31 October 2017 at 08.00 P.M. GMT (or when the token allot is exhausted)
  • LCD is available in presale: 25.000.000
  • Token sales start: October 31, 2017 at 08.00 P.M. Greenwich Time (Or when presale is sold out.)
  • Early LCD selling price: 1 LCD = 0.00078125 ETH

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