LUCRE – Adding Value To The Existing Global Gambling Ecosystem

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LUCRE – Adding Value To The Existing Global Gambling Ecosystem

Lucre Global is an Ethereum-based blockchain company that creates a decentralized, independent, non-cash, transparent and secure payment solutions and ecosystems for the global gambling industry. It also solves the KYC process, money and wallet application is not only secure, decentralized, single player bankrolls hub, but also for a single casino all partners around the world to a sign-on solution. Furthermore, lucre and security hardware also brings the ability to Blockchain, integration with popular FinTech manufacturing technology, and bring the cage casino, table games, a player with a ring, and all another future material network can provide.

Gambling Helps The Brain

As we get older, we stop using our brain sections and regions become weaker and can cause more rapid aging, but there are things that can help slow down this process, kelp keeps the brain strong well into the later years of life.

After a lot of research has been done on the human brain can not understand why the human brain degenerates faster some, and then they find other people who keep themselves busy people who have better maintain their skills, and those who recently retired fishing around the house or spend time trend.

Those who need a lot of thought and focus on activities to keep busy Age will seem slow.

Gambling seems to remain active young minds to work well for many people around the world. There are many people in their 80s have played a regular poker game over the years. Not only poker game requires the use of some part of the brain is also a social experience. As you play, you have to speak, and with other players, which also makes the different parts of the brain that good lubrication kidding.

It is estimated that approximately one billion $ 155 bet on sports in the United States every year –97 percent of illegal immigrants.

In addition, because of the pressure we report that promotes illegal sports betting market to actually increase the risk of match-fixing, cannot effectively trace a pattern or history with law enforcement bet.
Against the gambling ban also means that a lot of tax revenue, and the loss of jobs. According to Oxford Economics legalize sports betting nationwide by the increase in the gross domestic product of $ 11.6 billion to $ 14.2 billion and 125000-152000 create new jobs, generate tax revenue $ 4.8 billion to $ 5.3 billion.

Responding to this, the lucre intends to build a platform to help people quickly make the beach safe and enjoyable. Design money is the only model universally accepted throughout the casino, sports betting and poker rooms pay – either online or offline. As a mode of transaction, it is not intended solely for trading currencies, but many use every day.
A big advantage, which naturally is that it will act as a whole capital wallet. limited cost and instantaneous trading hours will enable the selection of money management program money bag industry whole.

Lucre Vision

  • Interactive Wallet
    Using funds purse money, deposits peer network transfer to the casino, sports betting and card room, and to recover the bonuses.
  • Universal KYC
    In the money site and will as usual KYC application, eliminating the need for multiple online and offline merchants all stages of disorders.
  • Betting Safe
    The money will allow users to peer betting proposition at all Chongdashijian, and reliable, transparent intermediaries to raise funds.

Ecosystems Lucre

  • Purse
    Gaming responsible global lock quick access fund management NFC and QR Gateway Universal Gateway P2P KYC trading money management safety lock multi-currency support or protection
  • Application
    Desktop, tablet and mobile phone in real time Betting Odds Comparison gate P2P real-time betting slip create customized business promotion visit to access global money that hosting allows
  • Service
    Based Whitelabeling business ads on-site concierge services AML / ATF players insist entrepreneur clients collect data to support real-time news updates and strategic push notifications

The Lucre App

An application class application money, the system really is one of the backbones of our business. Available online and offline applications can bet placed money in casinos, or online at one of our dealer partners, as well as with other colleagues anonymous gambler can be used. Users can seamlessly create a transaction, bet, and get a detailed analysis of individual bets, in order to help the success of future bets. Users also need to enter the sports betting tips from the best in the industry in all sports

Safety And Comfort

Rate and convenience to improve the access to and use of idle funds of funds around the world and focus on safety and spread the solution wallet/money.

Long-term And Sustainable

Dynamic, heavy monetary provide the level of long-term sustainable growth, index, and excellent pre-ICO and ICO returned token investment.

Profitability And Safety

That appreciation additional source of income, eliminate a lot of cash on hand, and security KYC, targeted advertising and customer service needs opportunity.

The Lucre ITO

  • MAX SUPPLY – 360,000,000
  • MAX FOR SALE– 259,000,000
  • TOKEN VALUE – 1 LCRX = 0.25 USD

Lucre Wallet

  • Money management
  • Global Direct Access
  • P2P transactions
  • Lock liable game
  • Lock fund management
  • Multi-currency support
  • SAFE or protection

Lucre APPS

  • Desktop, tablet, and mobile
  • GATEWAY bets
  • Real-Time Odds Comparison
  • REAL-TIME Betting
  • P2P Betting
  • Business promotion ACCESS
  • Global Access Program
  • Enable Escrow money

Lucre Services

  • Business white labeling
  • Location-based ads
  • Concierge service
  • Business Customer Service
  • Business gathering
  • Player Profile Support
  • Real-time news and the latest bulletin
  • Strategic push notifications

Token Details

Lucre Token or LCRX, lucre money is made in the ecosystem, and the use of natural ERC223 token generation and transaction between the holder and any partner casinos, sports betting and poker room.
Money of $ 3.6 million ERC-223 supply LCRX cover. Thus, 75% of the pre-launch exchange for distribution and sale. Tokens are not sold will be burned. Mark, the team lucre and resources, payment mode LCRX work to ensure long-term dedication to the project is protected. This includes ownership and sells reverse cycle. This limits the disposal LCRX, negatively affect the value, while ensuring the life of the first team and employees.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Lucre team, I just give you the latest ICO info”