Loyakk Vega – Enterprise Relationship Platform Based Blockchain

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Loyakk Vega – Enterprise Relationship Platform Based Blockchain

Loyakk – The team from Loyakk Vega developed the platform using an integrated, sustainable system and using blockchain technology as its development base. Loyakk Vega has patented blockchain patent technology that will serve as a solution to the problem of information exchange between companies. Loyakk Vega provides cutting-edge technology to address gaps in business relationships and modern business engagement across industries. Through such a system, Loyakk Vega can achieve efficient and sustainable business cooperation in a decentralized economy.

Loyakk Vega is a platform that focuses on providing decentralized business relationships based on sustainable and renewable blockchain technology. Loyakk Vega allows companies to use this platform to exchange information and data quickly and securely. Companies can build on each other and gain significant value through the exchange of information between partner companies and will improve the economic sector.


Loyakk Vega uses a smart contract system to record all transactions and data in this platform so that anyone can view the recorded data in a transparent manner. Any data generated will be protected, allowed, verifiable, and unchanged. Companies that contribute and participate directly in the system will be able to securely connect, interact and exchange data and reward them with partners and customers in the business network they form. The Loyakk team also developed tokens called Loyakk tokens, which are required in transactions and interact directly with other business networks or companies in the Loyakk Vega platform.

Why Choose Blockchain

The blockchain is a public ledger distributed from all transactions in a given system. Since the complete block (transaction information) has been added, it will continue to grow. These blocks are built in a linear and chronological order with cryptography. As a public system, information stored in blockchain is readily available to all users, anytime, anywhere. However, its distributed nature ensures that this information is not easily damaged and can not be changed. Blockchain quickly penetrates the global economy – reducing costs, reducing risks, improving efficiency, and leading newly discovered confidence levels through non-intermediate services. One sector that develops this emerging technology is the financial sector. The advent of blockchain technology has revealed many deals through direct peer-to-peer trading, bypassing traditional intermediaries.

The global financial system is enormous and requires large numbers of coordinated human and resources to process one transaction. Intermediaries always need to send, receive, and verify transactions, which can lead to sluggish and impractical processes. These are often subjected to fraud and fraudulent activities that result in very strict rules and everyone needs higher work costs. The 2008 Global Financial Crisis – 2009 was the worst economic disaster since the Great Depression of 1929 – bringing countless difficulties to millions of people worldwide and a credit crunch that we have not yet restored. Global economic growth has not recovered to pre-financial crisis levels. Most companies are forced to restructure and dismiss workers, the unemployment rate is still too high. The removal of blockchain from third parties and conservation leads to a paradigm shift to a safer, transparent and decentralized banking system that places strong control in the hands of users.

How does Loyakk ICO work?

A highly qualified team is committed to a variety of blockchain patents, many of which have been successfully applied. It should be noted that the main focus is on applications based on Hyperledger Fabric and Quorum.

This platform enables several companies around the world to share and exchange data in a completely secure manner. The project uses its own patented blockchain technology. Implementation is expected to be very useful because it will have advantages in corporate relationship management.

The company offers smart solutions that include critical applications, a wide variety of indispensable platform components, and services that enable early and growing blocks in areas consistent with Loyakk Vega’s outlook.

Characteristics of Loyakk ICO

One of the most important features of the given project is the high tech industry value network. Some organizations may rethink the way they manage their business by increasing the use of business networking relationships. They can invite partners, contractors, distributors, etc. To enter a shared network. This will lead to the idea of transforming the entire sales process, thereby greatly implementing and maintaining complex technical solutions.

The company allows its customers to secure the most secure IP contracts, projects, and data sharing. In addition, they can see and track intelligent contracts related to relationships. These features help speed up the selected transaction. Project execution is also very fast.

Another important feature that deserves special attention is the Insurance Value Network.

This allows insurance companies and third parties to gain ultra-fast access to information and includes all the latest relevant updates. In addition, they will be able to carry out all they need through a predefined smart contract.

You have to agree that the option to share data repositories/ledgers on various trusted parties in the value network is a big advantage here because insurance companies can check customer authenticity, policy contracts and transactions. This is possible because it keeps a complete history. This helps speed up policy announcements and releases to a great extent. And almost ruled out any mistakes in the process.

This platform is essential to enhance and protect the exchange of information between members of selected distributed service networks, resulting in collaboration and active participation.

It is important to provide network members with access to relevant data necessary to access data based on factors such as identity, relationships, and the business environment.

We should also point out that the project can normalize all interactions across the network. It can coordinate data from various sources, system.


  • Ensure and simplify the exchange of information, collaboration, and participation among members of a distributed business network
  • Allow members of the network to allow visibility and access to relevant data based on identity, relationships, and business context
  • Promote the security, accurate and accurate movement of digital assets and values among participants based on business rules and policies deployed over the network
  • Accelerate and smooth complex protocols, smart contracts for multi-stakeholder projects, and minimize controversy through better data validation and resources.
  • Standardize all interactions on the network to help coordinate data from various sources and systems, around a real, universal version approved by network members.
  • Ensure that customers, partners, auditors, and regulators can independently verify all data and interactions within the ecosystem


Loyakk Roadmap


Loyakk Vega believes that with a solid and reliable team and system, Loyakk Vega can provide a platform for users to build secure and strong business relationships among companies, and provide users with various advantages and ease to improve the profitability of business relationships. They created it. The Loyakk Vega team also believes that through systematic and professional development, Loyakk Vega’s team can build a better platform than similar platforms.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Loyakk team, I just give you the latest ICO info”