Loyakk Vega – Corporate CIO and Blockchain Opportunity

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Loyakk Vega – Corporate CIO and Blockchain Opportunity

Loyakk – From the advantages of data and budget constraints to complex traditional technologies and anxiety about IT security, CIOs have many of their own needs. What can solve the many challenges they face every day?

Entering Blockchain Technology – A solution that affects the core IT architecture at a basic level, optimizing key KPIs, including organizational agility, innovation, efficiency, and governance. Let’s explore why blockchain-driven solutions can help CIOs change their companies and move toward a sustainable future.

Loyakk is the top 10 provider of blockchain solutions and will launch the world’s first tag data container, enabling businesses to track and protect their business data across their business networks. Loyakk will usher in a world where companies can track their business data everywhere: corporate and state boundaries will now be a problem.

How blockchain technology can benefit corporate CIOs

Consider what a blockchain is. In the words of blockchain leader Don Tapscott, blockchain-driven platforms can be the “unchangeable and unbreakable” digital content distributed database needed by CIOs.

When transactions in the network form tamper-proof, decentralization and public information traces, the possibility of fraud, theft, neglect, miscommunication or even beyond the work of specifications becomes more likely. Therefore, CIO companies from all walks of life should research and test what blockchain solutions can do for them.

Ranging from finance and insurance to travel and retail, blockchain solutions have the ability to revolutionize IT core functions. Although this technology is still young, it is clear that this is the answer to improving the efficiency, transparency, security and corporate network governance.

The platform – built using patent-pending blockchain technology – is the Loyakk data token, which protects, protects and tracks critical business data when leaving a corporate firewall. Billions of dollars in data leakage, reconciliation fees, and contract disputes are continuing challenges, and the Loyakk Vega Enterprise Relationship Management Platform is designed to address these issues. The Loyak’s approach to change will accelerate and streamline complex transactions and projects involving multiple parties, minimizing disputes, and be providing secure and licensed data and value sharing.

Blockchain use case for corporate CIO

The potential for change in blockchain technology is far beyond financial. The amount of research and development that is currently being carried out by the company is staggering.

Outlier Ventures, a UK-based venture capital firm, tracks such activity. Companies from Airbnb to Nokia to Wal-Mart are actively learning how a blockchain solution can help them. Some highlights from Outlier Ventures tracker include:

Nearly 300 companies participated in blockchain research
More than 160 companies with proof of concepts (PoC) such as MasterCard, Emirates, and UBS
16 companies have submitted applications for blockchain patents, including Accenture, Amazon and Western Union
To better understand how the CIO blockchain benefits and build IT capabilities for the future, let’s take a look at how different companies specialize in researching, testing, and deploying solutions.

the world’s enterprise applications and chain blocks are growing in a very new and unique way for integration, to create a platform for a decentralized network of chain business block, meaning that the first entrants through their sign product down. Loyakk’s team runs billions of dollars in business, from blue-chip giants like SAP, Oracle, VmWare, IBM, and eTrade.

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Eliminate forgery and forgery through the blockchain power supply chain

Alibaba dominates the field of e-commerce. However, the sale of counterfeit and bad goods has long had a negative impact on the company’s reputation.

This is not just a question for Alibaba. Worldwide, it sells $ 1.7 trillion in fake and ugly products every year.

And taking into account the Alibaba platform, such as Taobao and Tmall, mainly by third-party merchants and individual buyers and seller compositions, the IT team to ensure product integrity is extremely difficult. The blockchain solution they tested may be just one of their key business problems.

In April 2018, Alibaba launched a blockchain pilot program for food, a problem that Chinese consumers generally fear (fake food scandals often make headlines). The blockchain database allows buyers to scan QR codes to see if they are genuine. When customers scan the QR code, they can see the source of the food and the contents of the package because the information is stored in blockchain and cannot be changed.

When it comes to meat, like steaks from Australia, there are even plans to include DNA of cattle in the blockchain. In this way, burgers can be verified and guaranteed authentic.

Alibaba’s IT team has improved overall search and transparency capabilities by moving the supply chain to a blockchain-driven platform. This allows them to improve operational efficiency, improve governance and gain greater consumer confidence.

Continue to advance blockchain

IT and company go hand in hand. The task of the CIO is to optimize the technical approach that drives business growth. This can be done through blockchain.

For companies like UPS and Airbus, to successfully use a blockchain solution, CIOs and other leaders should start experimenting immediately. They must act quickly.

The CIO should create what Don Tapscott calls “blockchain supermarket” that can anticipate business needs and get the right applications, technology, and talent to solve the problems at hand.

So, how should the CIO choose a blockchain solution?

First, consider the scale. A highly scalable enterprise blockchain solution, such as the Loyakk Vega platform designed for decentralized business networks, enables safe and effective interaction with external organizations and partners. This solution eliminates the congestion that currently exists on a discontinued business network while maintaining the security of sensitive data and transactional information.

Second, consider using it. Gartner strategist suggested the CIO test the blockchain product on the pilot and see how they benefit the company.

For example, for CIOs in the insurance industry, it’s good to test products like Chainsure, co-developed and developed by Loyakk and Mphasis. Running a pilot program can show you how Chambersure can improve customer entries, claim processing, setup audits, and more.

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