Loyakk Announced A Partnership With Civic Platform

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Loyakk Announced A Partnership With Civic Platform

Loyakk, a provider of business relationship management applications, announces partnerships with Civic to provide a reliable and secure identity service for the world’s first blockchain platform that supports decentralized business networks.

Loyakk’s mission is to help companies around the world collaborate smartly in an increasingly fragmented business environment. Loyakk Vega Business Relationship Platform transforms corporate interactions with a global network of customers, channel partners, distributors, suppliers and contractors in a safe, efficient and agile manner. As a result, companies can collectively accelerate transactions and revenues while saving millions of dollars lost due to data theft, loss and coordination of issues, contract disputes, and other challenges that often disrupt this distributed business network. The current solution cannot meet this challenge, and Loyakk fills this gap in the market.

About Loyakk

Through its global network of partners, channels, distributors, and suppliers, Loyakk is transforming the way companies create and deliver value in a fragmented new economy. Loyakk offers Vega, a business relationship platform that supports blockchain, enabling organizations to securely and efficiently exchange critical data and values across their scattered business networks in conscious context and relationships. The Loyakk Vega Platform embeds the adoption of patent-pending blockchain technology and is delivered as a full-stack solution that includes key applications and platform components and services designed to enable the early and growing use of blockchain across industries. The case also supports the company’s vision and roadmap for enterprise-level blockchain implementation and digital transformation.

About Civic

The Civic is a blockchain visionary technology that allows consumers to authorize their identity in real time. They pioneered the development of ecosystems aimed at facilitating on-demand, secure and low-cost access to authentication services through blockchains. The Civic has recently introduced a Citizenship Token, which will be used by participants in the ecosystem to provide and receive authentication-related services. The company sold $ 33 million in tokens on token sales events in June 2017.

Through Vega, Loyakk embarked on an exciting mission to create a corporate ecosystem for a decentralized economy. UK Loyakk Co., Ltd. and strategies will use this technology to provide initial coin products (ICO) and breakthrough, patent-pending blockchain platforms to build and manage distributed business networks for VEGA projects. Loyakk ICO opened on February 23, 2018.

The Loyakk platform comprises an outstanding team concept, the ETrade platform built trading platform option, CMT and Penson have developed high-frequency trading platforms for large companies to build business and infrastructure analysis solutions, and have SAP, Oracle Siebel- and VMware marketing leadership experience.


Loyakk’s mission is to change the way companies create and deliver value in a fragmented new economy through their global network of partners, channels, distributors, and suppliers. Today’s businesses face challenges related to data security and privacy, data coordination, contract disputes, inefficient processes, and limited governance in business networks, resulting in billions of dollars in annual losses due to rising costs and income loss.

Loyakk overcame this real-world challenge through our patented-pending Vega business relationship platform that supports blockchain. Loyakk Vega is a company-class platform designed for business-to-business engagement that is safe and distributed. Using patent-pending blockchain technology to support data sharing permissions, standard communication interfaces, based on the value of intelligence contracts agreed to accelerate the deployment of mobile and business rules and security policies – thus greatly enhancing the security of business networks, Efficiency, and distributed governance.

Project Advantages

  • Protect and simplify the exchange of information, collaboration, and participation among members of a distributed service network
  • Allow network members to view and access permissions on related data based on their identities, relationships, and the business environment
  • Promote secure, timely and accurate digital asset movement and digital values among participants based on business rules and policies deployed across the network
  • Accelerate and streamline complex transactions involving multi-partner smart contract projects and minimize disputes through better data verification and originality
  • Standardize all interactions across the network, help coordinate data from multiple sources and systems, the fact that a single, generic version is agreed across all network members
  • Ensure that customers, partners, auditors, and regulators can independently verify all data and interactions across ecosystems

Gold Sponsor of Main Speakers Global Blockchain Forum – 2018

Loyakk is the gold sponsor of the recent Global Blockchain Forum held at the Santa Clara Convention Center from April 2 to 3, 2018. CEO Salim Ali is the keynote speaker, including Tim Draper, Michael Arrington and renowned Speakers like Vinny Lingham. Loyakk is a pioneer that brings practical blockchain solutions to companies with existing platforms used by well-known customers and key partners. We are very interested in our products among the event participants, and we have some interesting conversations with our technology, business, and participation in our ICO. Here are some photos of the event.

Loyakk Event 1

Loyakk Event 2

Loyakk Event 3

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