Loligo – World’s 1st ICO Safety Ecosystem

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Loligo – World’s 1st ICO Safety Ecosystem

Loligo – The expansion of capitalism is a very changing global economic model. It has not been created, managed and led by the broader market with major institutions and multinational corporations to stop but has become more of these start-ups and medium-sized projects, and even individual standards.

The need is directly dependent on the traditional financing capital by businesses: personal angel resource services, banking, finance, and marketing. Internet revolution, the project sponsors to implement new ways to raise funds, as well as the new concept was born: crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding is usually organized through websites, through various social networks to promote the process. It allows entrepreneurs to invest collected directly from the individual, to raise funds for the project. As a benefit in return, offers, discounts, or contributions to share capital. As banks are no longer the sole masters of money and capital, the project is likely to be made more freely. In practice, this
Platform or a trusted third party, such as Kickstarter, which is responsible for raising funds to ensure obligations.

With the arrival of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, fundraising has been in a new format: ICO (initial coin issuance). ICO has associated independently with trustworthy third parties issue a fundraising method blockchain. In this case, the buyer does not own shares in the company, but the token, let him use, after the development of the final product services, hoping its value will increase because of demand. This series has some undeniable risks, however, the project itself is not immune to the future turned off or bad management.

The Loligo is the director of infection control platform launches dispersion fair, peer to peer networks and blockchain based. Blockchain smart contract, which allows the collection to ICO, while the gradual release of funds, while the withdrawal of collective rights. Token both mining and environmental protection, it consumes very little energy thanks to a double tap. Miners can sell in exchange token is recognized, and individuals will be able to use it to participate in fundraising, including those ICOSafe do with this program. Various services are available to facilitate the Government to take the director of infection control. This platform is open source and free.

What is Loligo?

The Loligo is the safest and most advanced platform crowdfunding ICO. This creates a clever sign LCC contract information. This ensures that the milestones and participants of the voting equity fund based problem. Loligo platform provides all the tools necessary for a successful and professional ICO. The Loligo ensures revenge wallet and smart contract perfectly compatible, and provide flexible and revenge Dapps interoperability. It works on three main levels: trade, capital, and services.


The Loligo ensures revenge wallet and smart contract perfectly compatible, and provide flexible and revenge Dapps interoperability. It works on three main levels: trade, capital, and services:

  • Trading
    With a group of high rewards and hidden costs, the Loligo is the best choice for the miners. The Loligo is the Public Switched clean and cryptocurrency circulation.
  • Funds
    Sponsor may issue a new token with easy to use the platform and began to ICO activities. Investors can use the Loligo to select items and participate in infection control director. Voting and portfolio management interface are an available online portal
  • Service
    Many professional services to complete the offer of Loligo. They range from a full ICO introduce professional management support activities. a unique link to government services remove all obstacles between ICOS and formally adopted.


  • Mineable
    Thus, the minimum value is proportional to the energy consumed is assured.
  • Security administration in a hurry
    Loligo Blockchain rule relates not only to performance and fault management.
  • Decentralized
    LOLIGO is not influenced by any entity or organization.
  • No extra premined
    LOLIGO is premining only the tokens sold during the ICO.
  • Store of value
    LOLIGO represents a real digital storage medium, just like gold, silver or bitcoin.
  • Deflationist
    Reduce transmission and increase the difficulty of adapting to global hash rate Loligo.
  • Fair
    The Loligo is the only way a fair and balanced relationship between the entrepreneur and the investor guarantees.
  • Private networks
    Unlike other currencies, Loligo Blockchain was designed to transmit infection control director.


  • Factory
    This allows the transmitter to edit ICO, inspection, testing and release blockchain its LCC contract.
  • Market
    This section contains a list of ICOS and related tags, and to allow for immediate purchase voucher.
  • Exchange
    This is to support all private cryptocurrency director of infection control by platform Loligo to start the exchange.
  • Dashboard
    The Loligo providing online services features pool classic dashboard.
  • Fact
    All ICO is two experts have been verified, and a result is a benchmarking tool that is available through automatic real-time analysis.
  • Smart wallet
    This allows the purchase and Loligo Token, participating in different directors infection control, monitoring storage portfolio, as well as support for or against this project, in particular, to choose.


In addition to formal changes made by our technical team, Loligo will systematically take revenge for all the changes brought about by the library and security updates. This is a milestone in the medium to long-term improvement.


For the sake of full transparency, so determined by Revenge ERC-20 means contracts for pre Loligo Token. This type of collateral, the list of participants and the number of public databases mobilized and unfalsifiable. Sales at enabling participants to open automatically restored after blockchain launched their technical team LLG token there is no intervention.

Private Use

Loligo Private Use

With the venture capital firm’s portfolio management is one of the core issues in the field of investment. Looking participation and control by the balance between financial investors and SME development target is still very little to address the topic of the final program.

Public Project Management

Loligo Public Project Management

Government procurement is an area of good governance would lead to greater synergy and contribute directly to the development of all countries. One aspect of this treatment is to improve the management of payment.


Sales of smart use of public execution of the contract; resources will be available online. As a token of sales force automation, purchasing tokens transferred to the buyer’s address. The duration of the transaction depends on the network load and the amount of gas available. The purchase price by the investor himself.

Token assignment

The number of tokens sold 16 million. ICO sale would mark the end blockchain automatically reported.

Loligo Token Distribution


  • October 2018
    POC Net Up and accessible. ICO Crowdsale.
  • January 2019
    Presale Listing.
  • February 2019
    Test Net Up.
  • May 2019
    Public Consortium Mainnet Launch.
  • June 2019
    Fork & Token Distribution.
  • June 2019
    First Fidelity Airdrop.
  • August 2019
    Main Net Up.
  • September 2019
    Second Fidelity Airdrop.

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