Lolcoin – The Future Education System

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Lolcoin – The Future Education System

Lolcoin – Many of us will respond to education, and, in my opinion, this is one of the components that determine our future. But just to get an education is not enough. For a successful future and the realization of the idea of ​​the most intimate, you need to get the best education. However, now there are obstacles in the way of this. Among them is inaccessibility in some areas, the impossibility of paying for such education, and higher education institutions signs do not necessarily correspond with educational standards.

What then should be done? Let us pay attention to a new project, which has been developing for a long time, but only now, with the development of innovative technologies, and in particular, blockchain, he was taken to a new level. The project is called Lolcoin.

It provides for the best education in every part of the world, regardless of financial position. Interested? Then let us get acquainted in more detail.

Lolcoin a real ecosystem, which will soon conquer all the countries and continents on our planet. Now everyone will be able to actually get a higher education. The working principle of the whole platform Lolcoin built on the principle of a unique educational system actually developed, which were transferred to blockchain technology. Now, every student can identify himself and choose courses most suitable for him based on the principles of scientific knowledge. In addition, all the training information will be stored separately. And the only people who use it will receive access rights by means of fingerprint scanning. Selection of students and their intelligence will also be built on the analysis conducted by artificial intelligence.

LOL Ecosystem will empower everyone to get a world-class education using Blockchain technology and our great experience through our unique concept. Unlike traditional education system, LOL will reduce barriers through Decentralization DIGITAL LEARNING MATERIALS market for testing and certification of the European International University. LOL is certified for use by Blockchain and references including the introduction FINGER PRINT DIGITAL PERSONALITY TEST using AI & Blockchain fundamental to keep the unique characteristics of the candidates will match them to recruiters and university programs and degrees.

The education system is outdated. Universities, individuals, and entrepreneurs face many challenges that include fraud, certification verification, and problems in translation and comparison of the same degree in the different learning organization. Lolcoin different from Blockchain education projects because we do not Blockchain-centric content else. Instead, we use a more comprehensive approach that targets the B2B sake of all education stakeholders, such as academic institutions, eLearning platform, advisors independent educational, learning companies and managers of talent, and their children as students, users, universities, schools, employers, and employees.

Two Major Categories Of LOL Ecosystem

Empower mass (broad participation) of the general public to be a part of educational innovation initiatives.
LOL projects aimed at the masses, NO class. The team that if they take the IPO, only large institutions that will take part in the innovation of the fastest growing industries in the world. Traditionally, this is what most companies want. However, the progress of the project has prompted the team LOL LOL to use the power of the people, to actively take part in efforts to improve the education system has failed. For example, graduates are not worthy of being a student loan when in fact the university made a lot of money to provide higher education.

LOLCOIN Ecosystem

To cope with the failure of a total of 81 ICO-Blockchain education (projects) during the 2017 hype, which vanished into thin air even before the results they promised.
LOL project is a direct response to the fact that Blockchain has many industrial applications that transform education – and that Blockchain technology has the potential to solve some of the problems that have existed for decades in education, with the scalability and sustainability of great features. In other words, the existing problems in education can be addressed using Blockchain technology. LOL projects embrace and celebrate the beauty of Blockchain technologies to solve some urgent crisis faced in the field of education such as affordability.

Through the innovative integration of Blockchain – LOL team intends to offer, for example, recognized nationally and internationally accredited MBA program and qualification for a total cost of only US $ 500 surprise – yes! This is the total cost for all MBA programs and qualifications LOL! So one does not need to get a loan or be owed to pursue higher education – he can do it independently (empowering people) – and start getting many folds revenue as a result of the enhanced professional with qualifications and skills/competencies required by the labor market. In fact, LOL will indeed be AFFORDABLE (private) education providers in the world, ever! Others may copy an innovative business model later, but it was not a problem,

Lolcoin Platform Features

  • A global platform based on decentralization to learn;
  • Personal identification data in accordance with the user’s fingerprint;
  • Working with artificial intelligence using personal data;
  • Certification according to the technology students blockchain;
  • Market themselves;

The Lolcoin Ecosystem officially recognized in some countries and internationally accredited.

Lolcoin Benefits

Lolcoin platform can run on both desktop PCs and mobile devices. Therefore, students can always open the program and continue to learn in accordance with a given program, wherever he is.
The platform has its own market of digital learning, where there are several sources of income.
Lolcoin platform created by professionals in the fields of education and technology blockchain.
Also on Lolcoin platform, you will always be up to date with the latest education news, certification curriculum, and you can also get advice from a professional.

LOLCOIN Distribution

Despite the fact that this is a learning platform that you need to pay the token LOL, there are opportunities to make money here, in some ways. But the main thing is an investment. For this purpose, the present STO, namely, security acceptance by users. Why securities, not token? First, the issue of securities of Lolcoin projects aimed at long-term prospects. That is, after a while, the owner of such securities may receive a greater advantage than he should have a token. Second, because of the availability of the securities, their holders will receive a dividend twice a year. Third, ICO is now a declining market, and therefore not all people want to invest their own funds in the token.

Token Details

  • Token: LOL
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • Price in ICO: 0.0700 USD
  • Receive: ETH
  • Distributed in ICO: 55%
  • Soft cap: 10,000,000 USD
  • HardCap: 42,000,000 USD.


The Lolcoin project does a good job because there are still many places in the world where many people can neither read nor write. Global education is the bright future of our planet, after receiving a high-quality education, we will be able to avoid many troubles, including wars and natural disasters. I urge everyone to take this opportunity and make an investment in the project. This will be useful not only for people who need education but also for you since you will receive passive income for a long time.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the LOLCOIN team, I just give you the latest ICO info”