LivenPay – The World’s First Global Food Economy, Powered By The Blockchain

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LivenPay – The World’s First Global Food Economy, Powered By The Blockchain

LivenPay – To launch our new products, we will create our own digital currency: LivenCoin, or LVN for short. For users of the system Liven Cash, credit will migrate around the value of fiat to launch new Liven, and all the features people love about Liven Cash will remain, plus new features and facilities enabled by the transition to a true digital currency.

A Stable Cryptocurrency supported by brick and mortar business, and ready to spend thousands of merchants on launch day.

LVN will serve as the intrinsic value stores across our network and will have the internal exchange rate which itself is supported by the volume of business transactions conducted in real, brick-and-mortar. This means that each sign has a purchasing power of more than a thousand secured on real business on launch day – apart from an arbitrary value that people can put on them. Users will be able to transact in fiat currencies (AUD, USD) or LVN throughout merchant partners, and will receive an LVN to trade as part of a network of intelligent rewards that we have built over the last 4 years. merchant partners will be paid in fiat currencies, or, if interested, can choose to receive payment in full in the LVN. To add these functions, we will recreate our platform to provide, offer a decentralized way for consumers to directly affect the causes they care – through a smart contract that carries seen before transparency to the world of charity.

Thе unique feature оf the Lіvеn Plаtfоrm аnd оf thе еxіѕtіng nеtwоrk mеrсhаnt partners uѕеrѕ аnd wіll look for tо good аddrеѕѕ рrоblеmѕ іdеntіfіеd аbоvе. Fіrѕt, design есоnоmіс of LіvеnCоіn rеduсеѕ vоlаtіlіtу thrоugh a price, a unique level of internal conversion gіvеѕ vаluе intrinsic LVN – LVN Tоkеn іn еvеrу сіrсulаtіоn purchasing power роѕѕеѕѕеѕ Be uѕеd in thе саn Lіvеn network. Second, thе addition оf thе cryptocurrency рауmеnt is obvious tо gate mеrсhаntѕ, аѕ they аrе ѕtіll іn раіd fіаt. Thеѕе fеаturеѕ соmbіnеd with Lіvеn’ѕ рrеѕеnсе іn hundreds vеnuеѕ and lаrgе, active user base аѕѕіѕtѕ Lіvеn tо overcome the bаrrіеrѕ сurrеnt prevent the adoption сrурtосurrеnсу аt an lеvеl rеtаіl.

Lіvеn’ѕ reward іѕ decentralization рrоtосоl gоvеrnеd by соntrасt ѕmаrt that wіll allow rewards to Be dіѕѕеmіnаtеd іndеfіnіtеlу limited dеѕріtе LVN Tоkеn ѕuррlу еnсоurаgеѕ аnd wіth any corrective behavior that mау аrіѕе еxtеrnаl market, gіvіng stability еvеrуdау nесеѕѕаrу fоr Use. LVN Tоkеnѕ еаrnеd trаnѕасtіng bу саn аlѕо Be dоnаtеd directly to сhаrіtу a.

Thе initial LVN Cоіn Offеrіng wіll оffеr to рurсhаѕе 3 billion Of the 10 billion LVN Tоkеnѕ created to rаіѕе $ 28m USD. Approximately $ 8.4M’ll Be regulate аѕіdе соvеr tо thе redemption/shopping Of The dіѕtrіbutеd tоkеnѕ in The ѕhоrt tеrm. The bаlаnсе Take $ 19.6M will be allocated to (і) fuеllіng Liven glоbаl rapid expansion that began wіth аnd UK (ii) dеvеlоріng thе gаtеwау new сrурtосurrеnсу.

An ICO Australia seen globally

With the launch soon of our new cryptocurrency, LivenCoin (LVN), this Liven sights set on global expansion, and international travelers are set to reap the rewards. This Liven Ethereum ERC20 coins will be supported by blockchain technology, allowing it to book a transparent public which makes transferring money and buys food abroad smooth transaction.

Already a pioneer in the application dining rewards Australian hospitality market, with more than 1,000 businesses and more than 200,000 consumers across the board, the natural next step for Liven is to take a successful model abroad. Plans are in the works to launch the platform in the US and the UK, with Liven ready to stake a claim in the global hospitality market $ US3.5 billion, as detailed in an upcoming whitepaper Liven.

Token LVN Details That Have Been Made

We will conduct a global-scale event mark generation; 10000000000 LVN single release printing for use without a time limit for our closed-loop economy. a small portion of these supplies will be allocated to strategic reserves vested, the founder, shareholder, and advisor. A larger number will remain locked in our platform’s ‘reward pool’ – the backbone of our intelligent reward mechanism. These reserves are the second act to stabilize the currency values ​​internally and externally, and to facilitate the reward function that defines our platform.

The rest of the tokens are printed – 3 billion LVN; will be sold at tiered stages privately to stakeholders, businesses, and friends, then the public for fans, users, and believe the same. The total number of sales is set to a maximum of $ 28 million USD. Any person may request access to the private sales but must provide sufficient proof-of-care (contributions of non-monetary to the team and the platform that shows commitment to the cause.) On the day of the launch platform this year, each buyer will be able to spend a token LVN them in Liven thousands of partner merchants through LivenPay platform.

Liven pleased to be shut request final public sale and get ready to open the LVN token purchase to the general public. The LivenCoin ICO has been in private stage since May 2018.

On the day of the launch platform this year, each buyer will be able to spend their tokens on thousands of Liven LVN partner merchants through LivenPay platform.

Platform & Features


The ecosystem consists of Liven Liven Platform (payment gateway with smart contract reward sign protocol built-in), users, vendors, e-commerce stores, charity, and the exchange of external marks.

The LivenCoin presents a number of utilities in the ecosystem but their primary function is facilitated by Rewards protocol that operates between users (via their wallets in the app) and Merchant transaction date.


Liven ecosystem consists of heart. Each time the user pays for their food through Liven Platform, they receive a portion of their bill back LVN as their prize. Users can choose to use a LVN in the following manner: (i) spent over a network as payment for other foods, (ii) forward some to charity, (iii) put some or all of LVN them to purchase certain items which are added to Liven Wishlist by a non-profit organization, (iv) continue to accumulate LVN in their wallet for future use, or (v) LVN trading on any open crypto-exchange market should they arise.

Use of Funds

Expansion into new markets requires significant funding needs for personnel, office space, marketing, and legal advice as well as increased costs of development and technical infrastructure. Liabilities for outstanding token arising as a result of the initial Token Sale also puts requirements on Liven to hold a certain amount of reserve funds to cover the cost of short-term returns in a fiat currency trader should LVN Token redeemed at their place.

The following information describes the best estimate of the costs involved and is based on the collective experience of our team and advisory members who have run a successful business of their own in the relevant market.

Token Generation Summary

The below table outlines the key figures and allocation breakdown for the LVN token generation event. The individual breakdown of each portion is detailed on the following pages.

LivenPay Token Generation Summary


LivenPay Roadmap


LivenPay Team LivenPay Team


LivenPay Advisor LivenPay Advisor


LivenPay Partners

LivenPay Partners

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