LIOS – Highly Translated And Hyper-Connected Network Ecosystem

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LIOS – Highly Translated And Hyper-Connected Network Ecosystem

LIOS – Data transfer is immediate and efficient. All transactions and data storage are secured as they are applied to the blockchain network to convert one data, and then the hacker must also change the same data across all other user’s computers. This is not possible. The blockchain is like a ledger, all transactions are transparent and everyone can see it to ensure credibility.

About LIOS

Over the past 50 years, SYSTRAN has been a market leader in language translation products and solutions, covering all platforms, from desktop to web services to enterprise servers. In addition, SYSTRAN has achieved significant results in the field of artificial intelligence based on in-depth learning and machine learning technologies.

The goal of the LIOS platform is a highly translated and hyper-connected network ecosystem that utilizes blockchain and artificial intelligence-based language technologies. The LIOS ecosystem will be sustainable and highly scalable by providing shared technologies, a fast and affordable supply of products and services, and a fair and equitable distribution of benefits in a transparent way.

The LIOS project is a new paradigm for hyperconnected networks developed by participants. To implement the project, we proceed with the token-generation event (TGE).

Peer-To-Peer Technology

Transactions using blockchain technology are peer-to-peer because data (which can be messages, money or important information) can be moved from one user to another without the help of a third party. With blockchain, we no longer have to rely on one server because all transactions are replicated over the network, avoiding all forms of fraud caused by data modification, server failure or account hacking.

Cryptocurrency of the future has become an increasingly attractive proposition in the market and may not have the traditional banking infrastructure. Some developing countries in the world have even implemented a blockchain-based national currency, such as Bitcoin, this technology has also been used by several large charity projects to help those who do not have a bank account.

However, at present, there is a platform that will build a large infrastructure that allows OpenNMT and LIOS Marketplace to be used after TGE.
We will have over 100 million platform members to provide collective intelligence, and we will develop OpenNMT.

This Lios can also create LIOS CRYPTO-ECOSYSTEM for consumers and producers through a very fair and fair share of blockchain and profit sharing systems and insist on creating transparent and transparent principles to address consumer’s copyrights.

Blockchain-based Market

Based on human translation and machine translation market, we will create a platform centered on participation that will develop into artificial intelligence ecosystem. The LIOS platform implements a blockchain system that allows copyright, translation, and transactional information to work efficiently. LIOS coin (LIO) will offset the participation and management of copyrighted content and systems. The model provided by LIOS blockchain can reasonably evaluate and compensate for the contribution of artificial intelligence technology development such as software, libraries, algorithms, languages, and metadata.


LIOS builds the LIOS platform based on blockchain technology, which consists of AI (Artificial Intelligence Technology), OpenNMT platform and marketplace, and will improve the technology of language intelligence. The LIOS Token is the ERC-20 token, which is the cryptocurrency of the LIOS platform. It is used as a means of payment, exchange, and reward in the LIOS ecosystem.

LIO is not a stock or a financial impact. LIOS has no legal identity. LIOS is non-refundable and can not be canceled. Systran Software Inc. makes no representation or warranty in respect of this white paper and does not assume any legal liability. Even if you use this white paper to make your own decisions, you must be fully responsible for the outcome. Please note that the use of this white paper does not imply substitution, damages, or liability for any loss, damage, or liability whatsoever by Systran Software Inc. along with its officials and staff.

Lios OpenNMT

OpenNMT is Harvard University and SYSTRAN Natural Language Processing Group (NLP) since 2016 for the development of open source linguistic intelligence projects. OpenNMT achieves outstanding technological achievements and positive contributions to R & D activities from many developers and experts. Globally, it ranks 26th of 8,800 projects in the field of artificial intelligence.

Reliable Power Distribution System

The trading of tangible products and intangible knowledge products shows a big difference in the income distribution system. Measured products can be measured, so sales become significant.
On the other hand, only the final supplier knows the exact sales volume of the product of intangible knowledge. Therefore, it is difficult to expect a fair distribution of income. A single language intelligence product can be created with the participation of some copyright holders.

In this case, transparent transactions and fair distribution are more important. Blockchain technology LIOS is an optimization technology for reliable power distribution systems. The LIOS blockchain automatically determines the exact amount based on shareholder share from the transaction step. The blockchain LIOS always provides transaction history. The LIOS distribution system has a higher reliability than the existing system, and the final supplier distributes the revenue to the copyright holders.


  • Total Token Issuance: 8,000,000,000 LIOS Token
  • TGE Hard Cap: 4,800,000,000 LIO (≒ $ 200M USD)
  • TGE Soft Cap: 1,000,000,000 LIO (≒ $ 50M. USD)
  • Accepting Cryptocurrency: Ethereum (ETH)
  • Minimum investment price: 0.1 ETH
  • Initial Price of a Token: $ 0.05 USD

Partnerships will contribute to the expansion of the LIOS Ecosystem. LIOS Platform will be expanded to allow service users to SYSTRAN Partners such as HelloTalk (Hong Kong), Flitto (Republic of Korea), Korean Translating Society (Republic of Korea) and other institutions. Commons will be distributed to support NMT development for minority languages worldwide, in Africa and small countries in Asia.

LIOS Platform Roadmap


  • LIOS Platform construction
  • LIOS committee constitution
  • LIOS blockchain marketplace PoC completion


  • LIOS htApp (the standard model) launch
  • LIOS hardware infrastructure construction start


  • Idea contest and hackathon on LIOS htApp
  • LIOS htApp Project selection
  • LIOS sub-Project presentation


  • LIOS Platform Mainnet open
  • LIO coin issuance
  • OpenNMT integration into the LIOS Platform


  • LIOS hardware infrastructure implementation completion
  • LIOS operation website construction
  • LIOS Marketplace open

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