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Leonardo Render – Decentralized Graphic Render Solution

What Is Rendering?

Rendering, also known as the synthesis of images, generated from 2D or 3D models from a realistic picture of the process. In the industry, internal rendering, the easiest and visual arts. If you’re a movie buff or a movie lover, you may have heard the term, while watching the awards ceremony or peruse an end to one of your favorite games. Animator in many high-end Hollywood production studio far away from the workstation and nights, the city to create a remarkable model of 3D and foreigners living in terrible, warlords were amazing and goblins, superheroes, and Giants struggle between, giving fans a glimpse of fantasy but after the work is finished, tilt their head, eyebrows achieve their own keyboard, the rendering process to bring these animators working life.

Although the rendering power of the entertainment industry is a significant consumer of many other industries also use the power of rendering a great influence. construction companies and architects use to create large-scale development plans; rendering surgeons and dentists used to prepare the complex operation, and military organizations use newest design renderings for their Arsenal progress. Given the amount depends on the graphics rendering to provide them with the most basic premise of industrial products and services.

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Cloud Computing

Great accessibility improvement, ease of use, as well as the power of cloud computing in the last decade to create a cost-cascade wave externalities forever depend on a lot of business investment in technology infrastructure. With large-scale pre-fixed fee depending on the construction and maintenance of the server burdened industry which has had a budget of freedom continue to rally, the cloud has grown from a simple, pre-development of the Internet, IBM training nascency to become a mature computing, consumer-oriented solutions.

Academic and research institutions, consumer telecom operators, sculpture financial services, and all other integrators and analysis of large data and associated power consumption has reduced the benefits of cloud computing costs. A recent survey by the CSA documents reveals that in 2016, 60.9% fixed application workloads in traditional data centers. At the end of 2017, this figure dropped to 46.2%, partly due to the direct deployment of new applications in the cloud, and on the causes of migration placement of the existing data center applications to the public cloud. As a cloud-based programming, computational and storage becomes exponentially more flexible, robust and secure, both new and old industrial giant, the company will change their operating methods and innovation in new and better integrate the use of the cloud. Although the column width to benefit the industry, the sector is still considering cloud computing service providers to choose ridden: rendering. Leonardo advantage of technology, cloud rendering is intended to become the market leader – the fastest, easiest, most cloud-based cost-effective solution rendering the planet.


Leonardo is a turn-key rendering solution, while providing the necessary operational processes to create software of the laptop user, and provides the necessary infrastructure for the electricity to work protocol based rendering scattered blockchain. All available GPU powered Leonardo underlying software is designed for GPU virtualization technology now can pass it to the collection infrastructure before Leonardo basic rendering and computing customers located all of the partners with a simple and affordable way. With the network expansion Leonardo, and show attendees the power supply to join the miners, so it will be a total power generation capacity and potential.

Over time, two positive forces of nature will affect the strength of the network Leonardo. The first of these forces is the processing power of the GPU attached exponentially. The second force is Metcalfe’s Law, which states that the net effect is proportional to the square of the number of users connected to the system of representation. natural motion technology, and Leos miners index mark for each additional value-added services combined will result in a decentralized network, the inherent strength to grow at an exponential pace linear and increases user adoption.

With our software, users will be able to increase a certain amount of speed delivered by the staff of the mission to improve the GPU. In addition, users will be able to engage in Leonardo intelligent filter to determine the GPU (S) to the best of his or her services 3D VFX software. Because our ecosystem allows the user presents a unique dedicated client-server, Leonardo ensure a level of intellectual property protection that is unmatched in the industry.

Distribution Model

Leonardo assignment protocol is a proprietary algorithm, a number of accounting variables, including miners hardware performance, from a given client, is close to the miners, miners reliability and reputation scores, while the size of the task requested. After completion of the Agreement and the development, Blockchain reached the mark allocation plan completed in the second quarter.

Token Type

Token Leos will be written, and Revenge in ERC-20 standard blockchain release pins. Token GPU power into a design tool graphical rendering destination. This is a small split, as the main driver Leonardo rendering system architecture will take action.

Leonardo miners equity Leos network requires a number of tags to provide rendering services. In Leos size bet token will be dynamically adjusted to optimize mining and customer incentives, GPU rendering performance will be directly proportional to the ability of miners. The miners provide network rendering service fees Leos token will be locked. In this case, the miners Leonardo decided to leave the network, the cost of sign Leos will be released to the miners.

The miners went on rendering of customers, advances in accordance with the amount of work that needs to be done to pay. After the work is completed and the customer to confirm the miners to accept its network Leonardo net commission in return. If customers are not satisfied with the work of miners dispute can be opened. If the dispute is resolved in favor of the customer, the customer will receive compensation payments plus additional fees taken from miners refund guarantee. The riveting system to provide customers with Leonardo major positive, because it makes the miners are responsible for their work, and contribute to the decentralization of the system despite the continuing high quality of services provided.

Leos tokens will also serve as rendering or rendering payment method with Leonardo production services and innovative services. Leonardo networks will be accepted in addition to the payment method Leos, including ETH, BTC and legal tender, while attracting new users to the network, to minimize friction diversity. In order to receive payments, Leonardo will work with Fiat – password and password encryption gateway partners. In a sign of payment, Leos can give users additional benefits, such as discounts, services, and creative services. At first, some elements such as payment processing and settlement of disputes Leonardo Leonardo networks will be the team to handle. We plan to gradually decentralized intelligent use of contracts, so customers and miners directly, without any intermediary communication, allowing the network elements of the system more efficient. Although Leonardo, at the moment is envisaged, will be used to support the use of retaliation blockchain advantage of its features, but still aware of the possible negative impact upon economic development network and scalability limitations. To address this threat, Leonardo will explore alternative blockchain ecosystems, including the development of public blockchain itself to maximize the speed and efficiency of the development and implementation of the system.

Token Assignment

Leonardo was sold in June 2018 private-public sale is scheduled for 8 Months – October 2018, then in October-November 2018 public offering if the hard capsule has reached $ 1.8 billion, sells finished Token in advance. If Leonardo did not receive the minimum sales for contributing the $ 4 million, all funds will be returned to the contributor.

Leonardo that meets customer requirements – including the transfer of KYC / AML – Leos will be able to buy tokens. To end the show, received the token, the customer will need to register to address their revenge. The Leos Price Token ETH 0.00025.

35% of the supply of money, will be sold for the token, 10% will be given to the team of Leonardo, 4% will be available for our consultants, 3% of the bonus plan, while 48 percent of reserves for future job expansion and the parent company. Token distribution will take place shortly after the end of the sale of tokens.


Leonardo Render Roadmap

To know the latest information about Leonardo Render project you can visit the link below:

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