Latium – For Businesses And Workers To Locate Each Other

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Latium – For Businesses And Workers To Locate Each Other

Latium – Recently many ICOs have sprung up, whether from quality ICOs or not. Most of them are real projects, but none the less that contain scam projects.

Here I will discuss Latium, it is a progressive thought that makes the open door for everybody to receive digital currency as a strategy for installment. The most ideal way it accomplishes the crypto mix objective is by enabling clients to be remunerated by the culmination of an assignment made by another client in the Latium Platform. Moreover, the workplace under Latium did not depend on trust, yet the blockchain. That is on the grounds that, the organization trusts that each exchange must be finished with the most extreme straightforwardness between customer, clients, and the organization.

Latium is a decentralized administration for businesses and workers to locate each other. No, all day work is in question — the showcase is as of now soaked by administrations, associating positions and CVs. Here we discuss odd-occupations advertise: at present exceptionally turbulent field, which will be greatly improved if there is some administration, well known with the two representatives and businesses.

For what reason do I require it?

The vast majority of us are not by any stretch of the imagination happy with our salary: it is 2017, the pay disparity is entirely distressing. Getting a little one-time work that can present to you some fast buck is an exceptionally pleasant thing — I wouldn’t decline one, on the off chance that I knew it is something better than average.

From the side of the business that needs an incidental workforce, there is likewise an incredible advantage: here and there you require a swarm around your eatery to advance your business; individuals to give out your fliers for a couple of hours; make an earnest conveyance.

Envision the majority of this is advantageous and trustless — as a worker, you don’t chance getting defrauded; as a business, you don’t chance to lose your cash to a few shifters.

Presently, don’t worry about the event that you feel that Latium is doing this to skew their numbers. The target of whitelisting is to ensure the tokens appropriation stays consistent, and relieve the market risk forced by pump and dump speculators.

The whitelist will end on the 28th of this same month, and that is the minute when the general deal will start. With regards to general society deal, the swapping scale will be lower than the whitelist deal. The LATX/ETH rate will be 2000:1. And keeping in mind that the distinction may appear to be insignificant, it will have a major effect once the ICO is finished and the Latium starts typical operations.

The aggregate sum of tokens accessible for the two deals will be 60% of all the Latium Tokens delivered. That is proportionate to 180,000,000 LATX. Additionally, any coins that aren’t’ sold amid this period will be expelled from the market and consumed. That is the reason it is basic to get into the whitelist or the ICO general deal.

By what means would I be able to by and by advantage from it?

You can get an entrance to a wide assortment of little occupations and laborers.

You can likewise benefit from the stage itself, on the off chance that you choose to contribute: the digital currency is a hot field to contribute, on the off chance that you are certain that you are not putting into trick/amateurish venture. Latium is neither and you can make your own exploration to ensure.

The Goal

Using cryptocurrency has always felt like a limited endeavor. Some coins can be such a niche that they don’t cater to all audiences. Moreover, others, are just there to be kept until time ends. Latium’s goal is to make this coin available to everybody. One of the main features of the website is posting tasks. Clients will be able to create them, and once they are completed marked as such and request payment. And, the reputation system is just amazing. Why’s that? It is because Latium’s reputation system takes human opinion out of the equation by creating an automated system instead.

Additionally, Latium has the feature of group projects. This option allows users to work together to achieve the same objective. The groups could be tiny or huge. And this, automatically, makes the system flexible and capable of handling any tasks.

Regarding payments, Latium’s transfer System will count with two payment transfer options, an internal system in real time, without miners’ confirmations required, and 100% free. The other is going to be Blockchain based, and this one will require miners’ confirmation.

The platform is built in a way that an actual market can be established. Everyone, regardless of their crypto knowledge can join in and engage in this fantastic idea. But to achieve this goal, the founders need help, from all of us, to make it a reality. These tokens must feed a system that has real value for people. And that is what Latium did. The Latium Platform created a real economy based on LATX, which is why it is paramount to, at a minimum, visit their website to learn more or sign up for their whitelist sale. Latium is poised to take the ideas on which Ethereum was created and turn it into a reality.

When is the ICO?

ICO is divided into White List stage and crowdsale stage:
White List stage starts on November 15
Crowdsale (open for everyone) starts on November 28

How do I participate in the ICO?

If you wish to apply for the White List — please fill out the application form right now on the official website:
If you would prefer joining the crowdsale: please wait for the crowdsale to start on November 28 — there are max caps for the White List, so you will be able to participate in the crowdsale anyway (unlike Cindicator, which sold all the tokens during the White List stage)

What is the price?

2100 LATX = 1 ETH for the White List stage; 2000 LATX = 1 ETH at the crowdsale stage. During the Pre-sale (already finished) the price was 2200 LATX for 1 ETH (technically, it was LAT, not LATX at the time — but current exchange rate for LAT/LATX is depicted previously)

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