LaLa World : For Migrants and Unbanked Families

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LaLa World : For Migrants and Unbanked Families


LALA implies being cheerful and that is genuinely what we need to accomplish — money related, opportunity, monetary satisfaction, and budgetary availability to more than 2 billion underbanked and underserved.

What is LALA means?

Lala is about vagrants and their unbanked families. Its an ECOSYSTEM empowered by the LALA Wallet as a PLATFORM, a solitary sign-on stage spinning around their issues and issues. Business issues, advanced ID’s, people group develop, government and NGO organizations, medical problems, and obviously, another money-related biological system for the tremendous underbanked populace by underwriting the Blockchain upheaval to cross over any barrier between money, computerized and the crypto world.


LALA World (“LALA”) is a wholesome ecosystem for the underbanked, starting with the migrants and their families back home. The ecosystem not only revolves around financial inclusion but also bringing together communities at grass root level, solving real-life issues faced by this population and using most advanced technology to bring everyone together.

LALA World

The key to LALA’s success is its experienced team and their global network and partnerships. We believe it is all about execution in the end. With relevant experience running such projects, monumental partnerships already in place, great technology team behind us and ground-level support, we believe we are blessed to have all come together for LALA.


We believe that the economy works best when it works for everyone, this new platform is an engine of inclusion.

LALA World


LALA Wallet is your single point access to all financial services in the LALA ecosystem. You have multiple top up and cash out options, hold fiat or multiple cryptocurrencies, with a host of financial services like money transfer, lending, bill payments, cards and other normal banking products at your fingertips. LALA Wallet also allows you to share your micro projects globally, allows you to raise issues which are suppressing the underbanked and build your own communities, thereby creating a true Ecosystem benefiting everyone.

LALA World

The more you use your LALA Wallet, the more you are rewarded economically, not only by cheaper transactions, but also via LALA Tokens for activities like sending new remittances, topping up user’s balances, or cashing out other users balances at other ends, along with a number of other LALA referral products and services.

LALA ID — One Global ID, on Blockchain and under your control

LALA World

“Digital Identity is a must for the millions of migrant labor population that visits through our platform every year and we are excited to take the first step with LALA for a truly global experience”

  • Dato Ratha Vellai, Bestinet Sdn Bhd Malaysia –

This unbanked populace is frequently barred from essential rights like property possession, keeping money accounts and any social insurance since they don’t have rights personality records. Evidence of personality is the place everything begins. our single LALA ID will have the capacity to unite all physical and computerized personality into a solitary secure and private surrounding character, indicating a secured put stock dataset about the person,

In the end, LALA ID and its relationship with accomplices all inclusive turns into your one single access point at different numerous applications and physical areas. The model and MVP are set up as of now and being tried in different areas.

LALA World
LALA World


LALA’s administration group and its accomplices are a standout amongst the most experienced teams who has run installment wallets, cash trades, settlement and loaning organizations for more than 10 years in more than 15 distinct districts. Over strong experience and an incredible system, we have additionally fabricated an awesome crypto offering — “LALA Transfer”, for effective, shoddy er and quicker settlement benefits internationally.

 LALA World

LALA Wallet permits consistent onboarding, LALA ID makes simple confirmation, AML/KYC, and LALA Token gives the single system to clients, accomplices, cash exchange specialists/administrators, to make snappy and less expensive exchanges inside groups locally and also the cross-fringe. Accomplices get their own dashboards including value-based examination, client verifiable data, KYC information and best up usefulness which will encourage the appearance of LALA Franchise.


LALA World

Shared and miniaturized scale loaning has been on a precarious ascent in the course of the most recent five years. LALA World backings people and little and medium-sized organizations by offering them.

By bringing down the expenses of money exchange and working together, blockchain could take care of a portion of the primary issues with microlending, enabling the new budgetary consideration industry to bloom and begin lifting individuals out of destitution at a world-changing rate.

To keep individuals from succumbing to these dangers, fintech organizations have thought of the idea where you can encode your resources for send them securely to another client, without being bound by over the top controls and through a totally lawful process. Cryptographic money is an advanced cash framework that makes utilization of shared (P2P) trade stages, is regularly decentralized and encourages the capacity of handling computerized exchanges. The cash holders keep up virtual wallets which can hold such exchanges.

LALA World

LALA World is introducing an Ecosystem for the underbanked population by harnessing the power of Ethereum & Hyperledger blockchains and bridging the gap between real and crypto world. It is a new-age one-stop wallet based service that, with the help of tokens based on Ethereum’s technology, provides financial inclusion to the underbanked population of the world as well as allows investors to capitalize on the rise of blockchain technology. By creating a whole new P2P infrastructure, LALA aims to revolutionize the way individuals, small businesses, and entrepreneurs transact, make payments, borrow, lend, and conduct other basic financial services.

The LALA World Ecosystem is a complete financial ecosystem that consists of 5 major products:

LALA World
1.LALA Transfer
2. LALA BillPay
3. LALA Lends
5. LALA Card





LALA ID will be able to consolidate all physical and digital identity into a single secure & private ambient identity, pointing to a secured trusted dataset about the individual, thereby enabling easily individualized interactions in the physical and digital world across multiple vertical applications and complement existing identity solutions.


  1. Founder and CEO: Sankalp Shangari
  2. Past experience: Deutsche, JP Morgan, InstantPay, Deep expertise in underbanked and payment systems, blockchain speaker, author
  3. Linkedin:
  4. COO: Susheel Pathania
  5. Past experience: Bertelsmann, Convergys, Teleperformance, RechargeItNow, InstantPay
  6. Linkedin:
  7. Strategy & Corporate Development: Prakash Somosundaram
  8. Past experience: Serial Entrepreneur, Fintech Influencer, Ecosystem Builder, SG Gov Adviser, Heart of Lala world’s strategy
  9. Linkedin:
  10. Head of Remittances: Ravi Pandit
  11. Past experience: Director — Investor Relations Century21, MBM Holding, India Vision Foundation, SBK Oil & Gas
  12. Linkedin:
  13. CRO(chief revenue officer): Ranjit Kumar

Past experience: JCB India Ltd, Polyplex, Syscom Corporation, Morpho Group


  1. Ari Paul — Co-Founder of BlockTower Capital. Angel Investor. Former PM for Uchicago endowment
  2. Linkedin:
  3. Luke Sully — Hyperledger, Blockchain Expert
  4. Linkedin:
  5. Thomas Mcalister — Blockchain magician, Bankoin Reserve Several Patents
  6. Linkedin:
  7. Nitin Bhatia — Director Bridgelink Advisors, Tata Capital
  8. Linkedin:
  9. Han Kyul Park — X BosCoin, Blockchain Entrepreneur
  10. Linkedin:
  11. Cheng Wei Ng — CorpZap Pte Ltd, Massive Collective Events, Dev Hse
  12. Linkedin:
  13. Ajay Bhatia — Chairman, Learning Largest Wings Remittance Network

Our Location: Singapore | India | Malaysia | Dubai

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