Labor Crypto – Empower Freelancers Around the Globe to Finally Be Free

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Labor Crypto – Empower Freelancers Around the Globe to Finally Be Free

Labor Crypto – In recent years, blockchain technology and changing systems that provide digital books have caused tremendous damage to the financial industry and other fields. At the same time, the number of online freelance sites spikes in millions of global freelancers has access to billions of customers and creates a large and growing new economy –Gig Economy.

Chain Block Technology began Bitcoin encryption currency, but soon proved to be a valuable digital book, it was soon adopted by many other industries, including medicine, manufacturing, and transportation. Blockchain that really doesn’t change is a perfect ledger system.

Free platforms, including OSes, Freelancer, Fiverr, Etsy, RedBubble, etc., use World Wide Web communication capabilities and the convenience of mobile devices, buyers, and sellers in the link world. However, unlike blockchain technology, free websites are far from perfect.

Goals and Missions

It is designed to quickly adapt and use LBR coins, allowing them to be used in various locations, as well as service exchanges.

To transfer funds, laboratories will allow users to use IOS and ANDRIOD wallets.

Free website problems

If you ask for an average freelancer, one on each platform job, they think the biggest weakness of this platform, they usually lead to the five areas mentioned as the main problem they have suffered from economic losses, as well as causing negative consumer reactions.

  1. High service fees and fees
    On average, freelance platform accounts for 22% of Gig sales prices. For example, in Fiver, freelancers (“sellers”) get 20%, or $ 1 of every $ 5. Many of these platforms also charge customers (“buyers”) for platform (or “ecosystem”) use. Some ecosystems even charge fees when sellers receive “tips” payments, which are illegal in the US and other countries.
  2. Late payment received
    If high costs are not bad enough, freelance platforms also force sellers to wait for their income, sometimes up to 2 weeks. This delay is mainly due to the traditional financial system, although some platforms add extra waiting time and bring additional financial pressure to millions of casual workers.
  3. Inflexible user experience and processes
    This is the problem area for buyers and sellers. For sellers, the inflexible sales process used by almost every free economy forces them to waste valuable time every day. This process is the same as wasting buyer time and energy, they are forced to rely on an obsolete audit system to assess their sellers and concessions.
  4. Lack of banking
    While all sellers don’t experience problems, but about 40% of freelancers have little or no access to the bank, which makes them hard-earned income more difficult and expensive.
  5. Loyalty problem
    Perhaps the biggest problem faced by freelancers in all ecosystems is this, inequality between platforms and creators. The only reason for the existence of the platform is freelance buyers and sellers, but the two are not yet financially grateful, which makes many people become too frequent.


5 main problems – 1 complete solution

Laborryto will force the merger of blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and people’s freedom to destroy the economy, solve all the five problems mentioned above when opening more doors for freelancers around the world.

The good news is, as we said, LaborCrypto is in the pre-sales stage, this is the best time to invest in ICOs. Click the link below to immediately do this and enter the bottom layer before the LaborCrypto value crosses the roof.

In addition, today about LaborCryto truly will change the way the free market and invest more information about its mission during its presale / ICO (will begin on July 1).

Platform Token

“LaborCrypto is a decentralized platform that maintains transparency and maintains the number of all transactions.”

This is a platform that encourages market creation for all users, including consumers, freelancers, and all relevant people. LaborCrypto to promote freelancers is hired by armed people, who provide extraordinary economic power to freelancers and hire their people.

This creates a platform for clients and freelancers.

Labor Crypto will benefit you in the following ways:

  • Points
    User coordination in laboratories
  • Digital currency
    This is based on blockchain
  • Smart contract
    This ensures that work and payments are complete
  • There are no banking problems
    With this development, bank problems are solved
  • No cost
    Compared to other platforms, transaction fees are not taken or fees are very small.

ICO Details

  • Project Name: LaborCrypto
  • Token Symbol: LBR
  • Platform : ERC20
  • Accepting : ETH
  • Country : CAYMAN ISLAND
  • Restrictions: United States of America, People’s Republic of China (except for Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan), South Korea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, Crimea Region.
  • Hard Cap : $22 Million USD
  • Soft Cap : $2 Million USD
  • Max Token Supply : 100,000,000,000 LBR
  • ICO Token Price: 1 USD = 2,000 LBR
  • Currency: ETH, BTC
  • Minimum Purchase: 0.01 ETH
  • Unsold Tokens: Any burned token will proportionally reduce all allocation areas
  • ERC20 Token: Yes


  • Starts in 13 days 19 hours
  • 2018–06–15 untill 2018–07–15


  • Starts in 44 days 19 hours
  • 2018–07–16 untill 2018–08–15


  • April 2018
    Expansion of development team strategic consultants to enhance
  • May 2018
    Private sale
  • June 2018
  • July 2018
    ICO Stage 1&2
  • August 2018
    Development of platform and tokenization
    Applying for relevant permissions, licenses and Token distribution
  • September 2018
    coin to be used in Other platforms like ChoreRelief
  • 1Q 2019
    Initial testing of the platform.
  • 2Q 2019
    Finalize the platform, and start the transaction.
  • 3Q 2019
    developing & Launching of mobile apps.
  • 4Q 2019
    Establish local offices in multiples countries, the launch of education & training partnerships
  • 1Q 2020
    platform improvements and enhancements
  • End of 1Q 2020
    Launch complete library for implementation of LBR coin as a form of payment on other freelance or gig platforms.


“We all contribute to the world we choose to live in, the world we control, the world we deserve, and most people like the world they do.”

This is a platform that encourages market creation for all users, including consumers, freelancers, and all relevant people. LaborCrypto promotes casual workers and employs armed people to provide great economic power to freelancers and the people who employ them. Lower costs are charged, which is 3% for each job, while other companies and platforms are charged 25-30%. Therefore, laborcrypto is the best platform. Free workers recruit more places than other platforms.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Labor Crypto team, I just give you the latest ICO info”