Kuverit – World’s First Blockchain Handling Fraud With Peer-to-peer

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Kuverit – World’s First Blockchain Handling Fraud With Peer-to-peer

Kuverit – Although 2018 was a strong year for insurance companies, mainly supported by economic growth, long-term challenges presented points of friction sufficient for the current insurance models and methods. Chief among these is the problem of transparency commission and fee structures, poor customer service and fraud.

Scammers are getting smarter, protection also should be better. Therefore, I will tell you about the projects that provide fraud protection and insurance modernization. Fraud and false insurance products is a global problem, this application platform offers a global solution. The kuverit application will allow you to check the reputation of strangers before dealing with them, and also protects you from financial loss in case the transaction fails.

Widespread fraud, payment solutions inefficient, lack of protection between buyers and sellers, and functions while expensive, all hamper business transactions and return the economy and returning individuals.

About Kuverit

Kuverit is an innovative solution will apply trade guarantee that aims to combat fraud peer-to-peer, with independent insurance companies blockchain first in the world designed to protect everything, everyone and everywhere.

The threat of fraud develop and methods of fraud are increasing every day. Therefore, the insurance industry must take a proactive approach to detection and prevention, to provide a security system to protect the interests of its customers. And for this, the core solution innovative Kuverit will join peer-to-peer trading collateral designed to combat fraud peer-to-peer, with the world’s first “fully independent” special insurance companies blockchain designed to protect everything for everyone.

Appified Smarter Insurance

We also conduct research for the Insurance that 37% of insurance customers prefer to use smart technology rather than speaking with an agent. as a living civilization following technological developments in the smartphone era where consumers demand speed and efficiency.

So Kuverit Smart Insurance Application will meet consumer expectations and most importantly build, non-insurance applications by utilizing modern friction blockchain to support instant payment and claims processing system of decentralization.

Scammers are getting smarter so that protection should also be better. and here is the necessary precautions to handle Fraud:

  • P2P Fraud Protection
  • Protect yourself
  • Protect Your Friends
  • Protect your family and
  • Protecting the Vulnerable

Introduces New Insurance Model

Kuverit focused on leveraging three key features of blockchain; transparency, permanence, and security. This feature is also integrated into our smartphone application, will allow us to change the fundamental processes that the insurance industry running. By utilizing smart contract and to digest the data collected from various sources including IoT devices and AI system, we will be able to process a claim with much richer knowledge and deeper understanding of events, and without erroneousness human processing.

Make our costs, transactions and contracts are publicly visible (where possible and where the privacy of the customer is still honored), we will increase transparency in the industry are often punished for details hidden in the fine print. In turn, this will reduce conflict and expedite claims processing at all times. Insurance company profits are the result of the underwriting result (profit or loss) plus the aggregate returns on investment funds consisting of premiums and claims reserves. With the automation of many processes, we will reduce operational, staffing and administration costs. Streamlining the process to make sure the entire insured and will provide near-close time cost savings, improved outcomes for investors and reduce premiums for customers, which means that we can offer products of value much more.

Network Pool Costs & The Furnace

Kuverit application usage is free for all members except the guarantor, any guarantor must pay 10% of their costs for swimming pool network. Token in the network pool used to reward voters and auditors and guarantor protection fund. All surplus token is sent to the furnace and burned. When the supply in circulation reached a level that determined to be enough to committee contributors guarantor fee will be reduced to cover the voters, auditor and the allocation of funds guarantor of protection.

P2P Guarantee: Real-World Scenarios

Bob needs a website for his new business online and finds a developer named Amjad who has an offer for work. Amjad informs Bob that website development will cost £ 5,000 and that he needed a 50% deposit before starters.
Bob anxious, she never worked with Amjad before and was not sure Amjad’s honesty or professionalism. For convince Bob, Amjad told him to download the application Kuverit. Amjad then submitted a request to the network Kuverit sought assurances £ 2,500 to cover the work he would do for Bob.

Demand guarantee will then be shown to all holders of the mark by at least £ 2,500 worth of KUV Token in their wallets on the number of staking their guarantor. Users are then able to assess the reputation score Amjad and, if they are happy, sending costs in the form of an offer for the guarantee.

The guarantor can set their own fees for providing assurance, but the application will suggest no more than 5%. Amjad received a bid fee of 2.5% (£ 25) from the Guarantor to cover jobs – 10% of these fees paid to Kuverit. The fee is Amjad pulled from the wallet and immediately transferred to the purse of the Guarantor.

Token guarantee employment (£ 2,500) was withdrawn from the wallet and placed into our Guarantor Guarantor Vault. The bidding system of promoting competition among users of the platform and ensure fairness by allowing each Guarantor to the collateral to bid on the deal. All events conducted strictly P2P and manually selected by Guarantor. Kuverit does not have the final word on the results.

Private Key Management

We assume one of the main points of confusion is coming from the wallet and management address pins. To simplify UX users will be able to enter their private key for signing transactions and save them on the device is encrypted with a custom user password as salt. Key is never sent to a third-party server, including server Kuverit. Each time the user is transferring tokens, sending shares to a dome or trigger other actions clever contract he/she would need to enter their password, the password is never stored on the device. The device uses the password to decrypt user keys stored on the device and use it to sign transactions.

Sales Tokens

  • KUV ERC20 Token
  • Starting – Dec 24, 2018 (00:01 GMT)
  • Number of Tokens For Sale – 2,525,252,525
  • Ended – Dec 24, 2019 (00:01 GMT)
  • Token Exchange Rate – 1 ETH = KUV TBD, 1 BTC = KUV TBD
  • Acceptable Currency – ETH, BTC, LTC, BCH, XRP +++
  • Minimum Transaction Amount – $ 100
  • Christmas Sales – 0-25 December 2018 – 70% OFF
  • New Year Sales – Dec 25 – Jan 1 -19 50% Discount

ICO Stage

  • ICO Stage 1 – 4 Months – 25% Bonus
  • ICO Stage 2 – 3 Months – 20% Bonus
  • ICO Stage 3 – 2 Months – 15% Bonus
  • ICO Phase 4 – 1 Month – 10% Bonus
  • ICO Phase 5 – 1 Month – 5% Bonus
  • ICO Stage 6 – 1 Month – 0% Bonus
  • ICO Price Per Token – $ 0.99


Kuverit Roadmap


Kuverit Team

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