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Kryptoin – Decentralized ETF Systems

Kryptoin – Recently, introducing also increase the number of directors of infection control, therefore, has suffered from an increase in this type of investment, the question is this distrust is a potential investor for industrial assets encrypted, because in a way that is very difficult to distinguish between projects ICO legal and illegal. As a result, even in high quality and reasonable start-up company or a company that is striving to have a successful ICO. This verification and due diligence requirements of many steps to ensure that the investment is reasonable, well-organized and have a common quality assurance. As a writer and a lover of encryption assets, which are verified before writing or suggest a project to study the legality of the ICO / due diligence is a must.

Progressive as it sounds, Blockchain really conveying system is the most important level of responsibility of everyone. This is not to say that the party did not finish again missed agree to exchange human error or machine, even including trade. On top of other areas where Blockchain most basic reason that with a record on principle to register and sign up, they scattered through the relevant settings for the safety certification of related components, to ensure the legitimacy of the exchange.

It is a record of good morals computer blockchain monetary transactions can be customized records associated not only with the exchange of money but all the dignity of all intents and purposes. Blockchain innovation similar to the network, it has a power supply. The road through the square cannot be distinguished in their data systems, blockchain cannot be controlled by a single substance, and disappointed without a goal. The network itself has proven to be difficult just 30 years old. This is a very good word of mouth, as it continues to produce innovative blockchain.

Overview Kryptoin

Kryptoin is blockchain company, which means the development, which will provide an advanced stage ETF sign system formed. This sophisticated token which is expected to have a similar arrangement blockchain hub from where the money in combination digital form. Blockchain join will illuminate the security issues and the framework of ETF communication habits requirements. Kryptoin ETF sign will be used in biological systems, and the client can exchange or trade secret Kryptoin exchange of labor resources. Kryptoin efforts through the integration of decentralized framework and artificial intelligence, to promote the economic development of this new best ETF.

In addition, the ETF system Kryptoin Cryptocurrency Blockchain is a big stage, so the ETF token can be tracked and recorded, reflecting the development of a computerized speech thought the money market.

Kryptoin How does it work?

This stage is for the market, you can create a major new ETF ETF mark, which makes the desired level token and production units, otherwise called Kryptoin bushel. Basically, after which you can select the warehouse, you can write new ETF marks speak for it, make your own specific file.

Suppose you need to devote resources to a large number of special tokens, but you do not want to buy any one of them. ETF by buying tokens organization, you will eventually want to buy a lonely password, you can basically have the same effect on your portfolio, it will be your choice, limiting their ability to cover a large number of opportunities.


KRP motive behind the token to token biome ETF ETF and the first seed production index Blockchain Kryptoin KRP 10. The Token Token after the transaction will Kryp just issued a “Dutch auction” respectively have been completed, hen the open exchange of regional trade. Then Kryp transactions and trading in Kryptoin biome available.

The objective of this framework is to create a framework ETF token that will allow clients, which we expect to become a global asset management and private collections or record a write unit to meet specific business objectives and tendencies. Most advanced ETF sign for those who insist on timely blockchains by different industries. It is very posted them in future deals can be dispersed as shabby and exchange convention immediately available.


Encryption ETF KRYPTOIN in development in view blockchain innovation. This phase provides a simple matter to electronic currency speculators. Encryption money sign on stage depending on blockchain Ethereum. A super-Wallet application on the client side can be made for the stage. It has different levels, which can be cleaned by a unique need. Ten of money in the form of an encrypted file the main ETF is now running on stage. 100 in conjunction with other types of records and mysterious 10 KRYPTOIN KRYPTOIN ICO on stage.

Kryptoin Ecosystem

biological systems will be equipped with means for collecting and formed to create a superior environment ETF normal recording. Kryptoin biological systems will include Megawallet application that will allow customers to overcome the wallet, Lenovo all blockchain hub, enabling customers to pull back to the computer store or in the form of money and do a variety of different abilities. The Megawallet will work with this blockchains 10 Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, running, classic Ethereum, Ethereum, litecoin, NEO, Monero, XRP USDT and relevant.


An improved Kryptoin A allowed “Megawallet” application, which allows the main phase synchronization based blockchain- linked to the hub of the system, especially cash loans bits, run, bits of currency, Ethereum, Ethereum classic, Monero, litecoin, NEO, USDT, XRP. Megawallet capability allows all exchanges between leading customers and keep in touch with them, lonely database. Working in Megawallet is one of five levels that you can imagine, there are a wide range of investment capabilities.

ETF is an exchange architecture framework totally unexpected closed-end fund (CEF) is. A collection of their history where they will track list includes money grow Kryptoin Blockchain 10 best of the 10 largest and promote the smooth digital form.

ETFs can track the basic document, each container warehouse or benefit of execution. What is required to submit to a particular need or market, prefer not to pay a very useful resource customers. From this, the customer can maintain a distance of comprehensive administrative costs, to their chances.

Kryptoin of the ETF, the customer can basically buy a token of loneliness, the track record of the fate of a large number of coins.

ICO token sales and details

Kryptoin will hold a Dutch auction in the form of the sale of the initial signs. This token sales activities compatible ERC20- Ethereum Token registered participants according to the “Kryptoin spread the” problem. The sales process will be implemented through intelligent contract. Contract details can be found intelligent and smart contract review has been carried out by the security audit coins mercenaries on GitHub.

Token info

  • Token KRP
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC20
  • PreICO price 1 KRP = 0.10 ETH
  • Price in ICO 1 KRP = 0.12 ETH


  • Bonus in Presale – 40% Bonus in Round 1 – 24% Bonus in Round 2 – 18% Bonus in Round 3 – 12% Bonus in Round 4 – 6% Bonus in Round 5 – 3%
  • Tokens for sale 1,078,825

Investment info

  • Min. investment 0.1 ETH
  • Accepting ETH
  • Distributed in ICO 60%
  • Soft cap 28,557 ETH
  • Hard cap 114,311 ETH

Kryptoin Distribution


Kryptoin Roadmap

  • April 2017
  • June 2017
    Whitepaper published
  • September 2017
    Installation of 12 Coins
  • October 2017
    Bittrex API Integration
  • November 2017
    Kryptoin Big 10 Index and NAV
  • January 2018
    Trading Desk
  • February 2018
    Testnet on and off chain
    Kryptoin Big 10 ERC20 Test Token
    Megawallet and AUM
  • March 2018
  • Q2 2018
    Update to Kryptoin AUM 2.0 Decentralized API
    Release of Emerging ICO ETF Coin
    Installation of 100 Coins
    Release of Kryptoin Mid 25 ETF Coin
    Installation of 25 Coins
    Release of official Kryptoin Big 10 ETF Coin
    Token Sale + Airdrop


  1. Donnie Kim – CEO
    Experienced entrepreneur with a demonstrated history of executing the necessities for growing businesses. Skilled in marketing, strategic planning, platform development and creating profitable ecosystems. Strong business development professional currently focused in fintech specifically blockchain ETFs and the future of cryptocurrency.
  2. Tariq Ali Asghar – CIO
    Tariq Ali Asghar is a seasoned Canadian Technology Entrepreneur with over two decades of outstanding experience in the Financial and Technology (Fintech) Industry in USA, Canada & Internationally. Tariq has championed digital innovation successfully for driving robust growth strategy in the number of organizations, right from Fortune 500 Companies to disruptive start-ups to the United Nations.
  3. Eojin Lim – Managing Director
    He was the Director of Acquisitions at 888 Auctions Inc where he was responsible for the acquisition of property and on-the-spot preliminary fair market valuations. He also developed Business Process Management and implemented business and cataloguing system workflow processes

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