KRIOS – Decentralized Marketing Campaign Management Platform

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Krios – Decentralized Marketing Campaign Management Platform

Krios – Today let me quickly give you information about this great innovation known as “KRIOS“. Please sit down, when you read your nerves relax. In addition, I suggest you not only to read but also an important step to take is part of this great innovation.

Companies can build their own from the beginning of the movement and monitoring until the Krios platform directly on their progress. They can employ content management, social media manager, advertising manager, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing managers, video bloggers, influencers, analysts and more. The campaign will have their own web pages, business owners can track the progress of each contributor and pay, as well as direct communication, each participant in the project.

About Krios

Overall business online centralized authorization network with people who work in the electronic living space to interact. Changes in the real work will strengthen the use of the electronic stage of life in the big world by being the first on the planet to hold a small sign KRI coins issued in early Krios.

Krios network will take part in the individual and spokesman, it makes a favorable technical docking Friendship has the best spokesperson, celebrating about life online, doing science, economics, spending plans, this is just an astronomical larger as obvious dilemma. This gives the name of the friendship and respect of theoretical backup time and Mazuma spokesman, mechanical systems, and take over the center by a number of individuals and entities in the cost of power. In addition, the official all networks are more likely to reach their targeted advertising. Who want to offer their support and backup client organizations pursue their friendship Krios interface. Association decides whether they should choose a strong influence to support their business or organization, or do they need some influential Littler responsible for the scale of this work.

Our Vision

To understand the potential of a bit boring, the best and simplest game plan they will promote the use of the network. To be driving the world network prediction stage live performances. By 2021, we intend to make 10% of the business.

Affiliate Network

Krios network including subsidiaries and part mouthpiece, which enables the efficient way to match perfectly with their spokesman companies consider social media to reach the population, budget and more. This provides corporate spokesman and savings in both time and money by automating processes and eliminate substantial costs charged intermediaries and agents. It also allows the company to better reach their target market. Krios connect users want their support and contact services who want to sell their businesses. The Company will have the option to choose whether they want to have a big impact on products or services that support them, or do they prefer micro-influence and work some tasks!

Krios is a web and mobile application designed for businesses who want to run a digital marketing campaign efficient and successful and cost-effective.

The future of online advertising, Krios platform for companies to provide expertise and resources to provide online marketing activities and value and synergies in all aspects of the company promotional effort. It is connected in the digital advertising industry professionals looking to work with companies that are looking for them to sell their services.

Fill out a form on the company’s platform and curves, the budget contains details about their products or services, needs and time. Analyzing demand Shuttle as matching algorithm Krios’ to bring some candidates who meet the requirements of professional or corporate requirements.

Monitor the progress of activities by Krios user-friendly – an easy interface that allows companies to redirect they’re professional hired to communicate with KriosCoin and pay them through the application.

The campaign will have their own web pages, business owners can track the progress of each contributor and pay, as well as direct communication, each participant of the project as a separate group.

Krios aims to create a platform, small businesses and start-ups can create the same opportunities digital marketing to large multinational companies.

The company will send a request, the relevant professional Krios will fit their budget with them, or they may be hand-picked professionals

Manual through its own network in the configuration file.

The first step in the formation of this campaign is to choose It is necessary professionals.

Professionals who will be in the network include, but are not limited to the examples: content management, social media manager, advertising manager, graphic designers, copywriters, marketing managers, video blogger, influence, marketing analysts more.

  • Content Management: Content Management is the person responsible for the content of the proposed sites and blogs, and may also be responsible for creating, editing, publishing, updating, and sometimes clean up the outdated content.
  • Social Media Manager: Social Media Manager is a social media marketing campaign that from the age and routine daily activities include: developing content relevant topics, in order to achieve the company’s target customers. Create, pastors and manage all the published content (images, video, and text). Their focus is primarily associated with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Advertising Manager: advertising account manager who is a person, product or service of interest to plan and guide the business promotion and advertising activities.
  • Marketing Manager: a marketing manager who is responsible for the development, implementation, and to attract potential customers and retain existing execution (line or a business organization and brand) from a strategic marketing plan across the organization.
  • Market Analyst: Who research information to help customers make their employers or individual market decisions. They help decide things like what the market launch of the product, and what price to charge.
  • Graphic Designers: graphic designer to create a visual concept, by hand or using computer software, communication, stimulate creativity, notification, or to attract the attention of consumers. They developed the layout and production design reports, advertisements, brochures, magazines, and the overall business.
  • Deviations: A person who posted the video contains content for multiple channels to get their topic being discussed or are interested in the life of their blog.
  • Influencer: someone who is real, relatable person who has attracted a large and loyal audience. One effect has been influential than their loyal followers and will affect how they dressed, they look at what they buy, what.

When a company decides what their advertising campaigns require professional services, and transactions between participants have been reached, the event page will be opened. Only hire professionals and businesses to obtain this age, this page is fixed for details and privacy sports business plan is very important. The participants decided payment arrangement, KRI and business deposits were transferred to a professional when the project is completed, in accordance with contract specifications-smart.

The project is completed will be moved to that they can be used as a business, professionals who work for them are references to the archive. This information includes the date of the end of the participants involved, and the beginning of the project, as well as

payment status, will be included. Companies will be able to assess each participant in the project 5 and provide feedback. This feedback will serve as a reference, and a certificate of completion of the work, let the children’s world number one professional body exposure and available on the network, improving the reliability of the platform.


KriosCoin (“KRI”) is a technique based on Revenge and blockchain ERC20 standard mark. In revenge token ecosystems can represent any kind verifiable circulation: coins, loyalty points, vouchers, credit notes, and other items in the game

KRI give users access to the network and ecosystem Krios enables validation and method for secure, private and dispersion of all transactions in the network. KRI is a new utility-based blockchain, digital advertising platform is used as an advertiser, publisher, content creation unit of account between the token and businesses.

KriosCoin will be professional and enterprise platform hosted on Krios payment services purchased on the platform. Internal ledger balances that KriosCoins Krios management platform with each user. In addition to the platform, Krios every contract for the smart token accessible to the public, to achieve revenge ERC20 sign Standard (external sign contracts). This allows KriosCoins as available for digital asset exchange transactions.

Users will be able to put their KriosCoin placed on a platform, connected to the login ID, they Krios wallet. Professionals and decision on the terms and conditions of business, the services provided by the platform. Companies will be able to secure and efficient way to pay for services without having to care about different currencies, exchange rates and methods of payment. Users and businesses will be able to track your wallet Krios, Krios can instantly verify their balances, transaction history and circumstances.

Blockchain use of technology, equipment and services on Krios payment platform provided for KriosCoins recorded and confirmed by an internal ledger Krios.

KriosCoins also given to participate in the network and KRI people. This allows the network to continue to grow, as revenue KRI KRI and professional procurement company will be able to make a deal and get a free KRI, to improve the return on investment for all participants and participation in the formation of incentives.

Token Details

In order to fund the development and continued growth of the Krios platform and network, an initial token offering will be held.

  • Name: KriosCoin
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Ticker: KRI
  • Total Token Supply: 650,000,000 KRI
  • Total Sale Supply: 500,000,000 KRI will be available to the public throughout the
  • initial token offering.
  • Reserve: 150,000,000 KRI have been reserved for the Team, Developers, Founders,
  • Angel Investors & Bounty Campaign participants.
  • Accepted Contributions: ETH, BTC & USD
  • Minimum Transaction Amount: 0.04 ETH
  • Creation: KriosCoins (‘KRI’) will be created during a single token creation event and will be distributed during two phases. After both rounds of the token offering, no subsequent KriosCoins will be created. 650,000,000 KRI will be pre-mined during the token creation event. All tokens that remain unsold after the public sale will be burned.


Electronic ad-established in many cases the load. When it was discovered that the Facebook video measurement exaggerated for two years, misguided and misleading advertising story was born. As indicators of suspicious, brand safety, fraud robot, bad billing data, and problems sandwiches to create a climate to destroy all stakeholders digital advertising.

The decline in profit publishers, abusing customers through mobile advertising, resulting in data loss of privacy and the burden of staggering, and to determine the profitability of their campaigns, advertisers have been misled.

However, it is estimated that investment in digital advertising will grow by almost 16% growth in 2017, reaching $ 83 billion worldwide. Because advertisers must be where the customer is, people have gone digital. After the big companies can not just give up large-scale investment in digital advertising for ten years, because it will damage the bottom line. The company will continue to increase investment in digital ad spend more time for more users on the Internet.

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Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the KRIOS team, I just give you the latest ICO info”