KNL – Tokenisation Platform While Protecting Investors From Market Volatility

KNL – Tokenisation Platform While Protecting Investors From Market Volatility

KNL is allowed to enter the token of investment projects on the platform, our core trading platform through the digital assets of the release of funds. KNL order to maintain the platform is mandatory, as it ensures that all payments.

KNL good liquidity and stimulate demand for tokens, while protecting investors from market volatility platform that allows investors to more carefully plan their investment strategies. KNL use to cover all transaction fees and service fees – paid fast, secure and reliable way to trade core digital assets and derivatives.

The Project Objectives

KNL token platform, which provides food to scan each asset, such as real estate, it will know after the failure to ensure that the existing ground or prices provided a non-profit nature of loans harvest, directly receive the spring and Autumn finances, everything is going through a financial model standards, taking advantage of the opportunity to complete the transaction documents asset-backed stock of food and recession token reception conditions the profitability of the company’s annual, for paying the loan amount and interest on the loan, so that the grains or crops other reservations will press the agenda for agriculture is to provide confidence, but in market and released.

They set up a blood bank or everyone will be free, by KNL and mission, platform and facilitator preparation platform MVP KNL, save space, with a check-in accordance with the account balance at the receiver extracts of account and beneficiary people encryption will have access to all of the assets by subscribing to trade token in resource exchange internal decentralization adequate records of transactions, all connections to improve security certification.


Based own blockchain, customize KNL platform digital transactions in a particular characteristic of the process industry brochractic agriculture, will be poor, tokenization big difference between the assets and the difference of raw materials between the difference between difficult for the investor to the current transaction through its partner network digitization elevator, KNL has bright spots management plans public, such as security of transactions, but the tissue fusion-vendor on agriculture the same time is an asset symbolic (plant) can participate in transactions kernel – industrial stocks, to support the logistics process, from transferring within the scope of improvement in yields, the use of contract and delivery, at the core of the exchange with the industry shipped directly to the buyer, ends plant, has its own metering network redirection KNL development aid they will be indexed assets, which will allow non-financial -E cover xtracted operation, trade core of online communication, no transaction speed 1-3 sec ik, more than 3-10 days as KNL token bank transactions which would be equivalent to support their defense recognized lifestribus lift and knowledge management environment creditor creditor creditor knowledge of raw materials all the knowledge knowledgek

Why you should buy tokens KNL and investment?

  • Farmers and real estate developers will be able to get Liudongzijin (loan) in KNL platform, due to the use of digital information recorded in the accelerated verification of 4-72 hours.
  • KNL and investors will be able to obtain through a digital asset exchange transaction on our own.
  • KNL and investors will be able to earn interest on investments. All loans will be the platform guarantees or insurance we keep two kinds.

Market Analysis

In the last 20 years, the global market sales of agricultural commodities exchanges tripled: 570 billion dollars in 2000 to $ 1.6 trillion in 2016, according to the UN. The annual growth rate averaging about 6% point, however, 2008– after the crisis of 2009, declined significantly in the replacement market (such as oil, minerals, etc.). An important feature of agricultural markets is that it is growing more dependent on the needs of the population growth is the behavior of investors. According to 2016 data, the global import largest agricultural products, the EU (39%), US (10%) and China (8%), only the first six and 2.3 percent in 2000 when it comes to exports, the European Union remains the leader (41%); .. followed by the USA (11%), Brazil and China and Russia in the world of ownership (1,1% ) in the first 16 biggest contribution to the growth of the world market made by the developing countries, because in fact, the rapid growth in their per capita income, it is the result of increasing demand for food, as to India during the period 2000-2015 revenues increased more over twice, and in China – up to four times despite rapid growth markets, agricultural trade is with the current climate change exacerbate some serious problems.

The proposed scheme is basically for the reimbursement of expenses incurred, reducing the debt burden on business loans, but they really do not solve the main problems of farmers, it is very easy for access to the provision of loan funds. Noting the floating funds added to the existing methods of agricultural operators are often either not implemented or oppression, founder KNL project began developing their own platforms to support agricultural producers. We offer a transparent certification program, underwritten, one of their volume of trade guarantees for farmers and crop storage lift our own or partner. The KNL blockchain Platform is built on a new economic model for individual investors, small, medium and large enterprise tools. This platform allows you to combine it with reducing the level of operational risk manager/owner of the asset and the investment of new financial instruments. real estate and other assets can be in agriculture, manufacturing projects, the company shares in. We are based on a legal framework to secure investment in maximizing KNL platform and create a security infrastructure. core business is based on the star’s core network “Token D”, and the use of advanced technology blockchain, such as least cost, rapid processing of high transaction security process – from release / stored in tokens for secondary market transfer transaction.

The Main Task Of The KNL Platform

  • Based on our own procedures digital Blockchain bureaucracy, according to the specific characteristics of trade in the agricultural industry. This will give you the circumstances of each transaction between farmers and investors have the opportunity to high-speed, reliable locks.
  • Foster digital ourselves, to achieve the integration of the assets of raw materials labeled with partners through the network of networks. For example, farmers’ crops can be maintained at KNL lift and act as transaction security. At the same time, marking assets (plant) can perform an exchange transaction to transaction our own kernel.
  • The logistic support, transportation from the farm to the elevator started to cut production, the use of crop kernel shipped directly to the buyer upon delivery of the end of the contract – the trade exchange.
  • The development of our own network of cross-border payments will be made under the asset marks for help. This will allow the export business online, delivery and non-delivery was the main financial coverage on the stock kernel trading, trading speed for 1-3 seconds, rather than 3-10 banking days. KNL transaction token will be stored in our own elevator and elevator Partner Certified raw-backed securities are equivalent.
  • Investment analysis in the future harvest or build our own mechanism – insurance but does not include losses funds for investors.

We Have Blockchain ​​applications

In order to provide its business activities, KNL ecosystem using 2 ETH – has its own star token and token-based KNL his transaction – Based Blockchain. In October 2018 projects launch stage, we have chosen the investment framework, covered wheels, and profitability by selling pay Vexel strategy marks. After about an independent evaluation office to make a decision, we release a new token in exchange-traded molding ETH 2019 – a platform for the development of key elements of the transaction with the help of a part of the star technology to make our own Blockchain. The main phase of the investment model, in a very short time and with minimal costs allowed to complete the fundraising to develop lift and cross-border networking and exchange of commodities payment system partners revolutionary integrated use of the ethnic sign. This method is a typical area of ​​investment in cryptocurrency. more importantly, we provide investors through private contracts that run on smart protection network-attached assurance of ethereum against investment losses.

Distribution Of Funds

  • 6% Operating expenses
  • 10% Legal Security
  • 10% Development of our own Stellar – based Blockchain
  • 25% Marketing and advertising
  • 49% The exchange launch and issuance of the transactional token KNL integrated with the KNL cross-border payment system

Token Distribution

5% Fund

5% Advisers

10% Bounty-program

20% Team

60% Realization within the IEO


  • Kolesnikov Andrey Grigorievich – Director-General of the KNL tokenization platform development Alhasov Roman – Developer, marketer of KNL project
  • Raiskiy Ilya – Specialist of the PR – unit of the KNL tokenization platform
  • Minin Denis – Leading KNL project marketer, SMM coordinator
  • Glazov Andrey – Senior Marketing Research Analyst
  • Nesmashniy Denis – KNL Token Platform Tester


  • Q3-Q4 2018
    Concept development, market analysis and analysis of problems connected to the loaning of farmers, team building, platform scheme development, Business Plan creation, provisional transaction approval for the first elevator purchase and partial payment
  • Q1 2019
    Official site launch, work on platform modules that include a digital asset exchange, company incorporation, negotiations with potential advisors, development of the company’s legal papers and a smart token contract, work on the web interface’s first version, marketing campaign planning
  • Q2 2019
    Pre-IEO start with bonuses, preparation of the crowdfunding platform modules’ launching and digital asset exchange, finalizing of the agreements with cryptocurrency exchanges, partner network creation
  • Q3 2019
    IEO realizing and listing on several exchanges, launching of digital assets and crowdfunding platforms, receiving licenses for exchange operations with cryptocurrency in Estonia, project presentation to the private investors and the investment pool creation, hiring of additional team members and advisors, attracting partners to the site, performing the first investment transactions, marketing campaign, company presentation at several events in Russia and the CIS, beginning of marketing expansion in Europe and Asia, Switzerland company office opening
  • Q4 2019
    Hong Kong company office opening, receiving a license for exchange and banking activities in the UK, payment of the remaining sum for the first elevator purchase, presentation of the project at big agricultural exhibitions, international advertising campaign, marketing campaign in the CIS countries, purchase of a second elevator, release of native iOS and Android applications

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