Klickzie – Allows Sellers Of Goods And Services To Deploy Augmented Reality Interface

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Klickzie – Allows Sellers Of Goods And Services To Deploy Augmented Reality Interface

Klickzie – Tautachrome is an emerging growth company in blockchain / crypto-currency sector and augmented-reality / real-image technology sector. Tautachrome have blockchain concept high speed in view aims to partner with the revolutionary patent in the Company’s smartphone authentication-image, image-based social network interaction and augmented reality marketing. All through smartphones.

KLK cryptocurrency Tautachrome launched to support the global trade in goods, services and digital information enabled by technology KlickZie newly patented and is required to support the immediacy, transparency, security and global reach of this trade.

The company has developed patented and patent-pending technology branded “KlickZie technology.” This technology is being developed as a two-platform smartphone application, Ark KlickZie platform (the “ArKnet”) and image platform KlickZie Enabled.

Both platforms cryptocurrency conducting transactions in the ecosystem KLK

• KlickZie Arks add strength blockchain of friction, automated transactions between buyers and sellers in the world trade in goods and services of all kinds.
• Activated KlickZie Imagery allows consumers to get for themselves the value of their image and their digital information that until now has been channeled into the social networking system.

Both platforms provide users the ability to create digital products that use ecosystem KLK to generate new revenue.
ArKnet KlickZie platform allows sellers of goods and services to deploy Augmented Reality interface, which consists of the digital information belonging to sellers, who advertise and facilitate the sale of the seller of goods or services using geo-located Arks branded interface. Arks easy to deploy works across the world, and benefit all forms of trafficking. They serve a market of goods and services in world trade.

The KlickZie Platform Activated image is also meant to be global, serving smartphone users around the world. Novel Activated KlickZie image technology automatically “activated” consumer smartphones and video images as a digital image is made using trade secrets, visible marking process. Activation allows ownership and trustability consumer imagery and other digital information to be reliably established, which enable the monetization of digital information using the features of the platform image KlickZie Enabled. KLK monetization allows ecosystems to extract benefits for consumers to utilize personal digital information consumers themselves.


Floating arks interactive image (ARK symbol) just look around you in Augmented Reality view provided by the camera imager applications ArKnet use on your smartphone. Arks are meant for goods and service providers as a way to entice customers around Noah provider Symbol. Buyers and buyers see Symbol can interact with the provider of goods or services through the Ark Symbol. The above image is a shopping mall scene, where the two stores, Claire is in the right, and regret 21 etc! on your left, display interactive display the symbol Ark. Claire Noah is the “standard” symbol Ark, while rue 21 etc! use their images “etc. Gold” product perfume as a symbol of their Ark. Either way, use their smartphones imager ArKnet an application user can touch the symbol of Noah store and access their smartphone Noah provider page that contains information about interest-grabbing of every kind, including images or videos specials today, in-Ark purchase and checkout features, reviews, links, menus, social media profiles, or any store wants to advertise.

Arks good Arks mobile, using a mobile device user applications to mobilize the location of the ark or arks stationary, using a set of geolocation specified by coordinates or determined by fixing the location of the ark by moving the mobile device owner’s ark to the desired location and setting stationary Ark locations there.

Providers make their ark, they decided ark Symbol, select the symbol geolocations them and provide for the payment of the license to the Company, using the in-app features ark.

Ark of free apps to consumers or other users just want to use the application to their environ survey for the presence of the symbol Ark.

Each event is accompanied by a transaction Ark creation blockchain assign users with verified ownership ark.

After downloading the application ArKnet, users are given the personal devices of their own ark and users become “ArKr.” They now have the ability to not only have ArK2ArK interaction but then can make the ark for business or other such sub-Arks as according to their interests.

Arks are the property. They can be made, bought, sold, and make money with our KLK crypto currency. ArKrs OWN arks they created in KlickZie ArKnet.

Ark can be used for a variety of human purpose. Imagine an ark is located geographically in the cemetery, providing details about the person buried there is available to all or to selected visitors to the cemetery. Or imagine Ark in front of government buildings, churches, synagogues, mosques and other non-profit organizations provide important organizational details for all or for selected ArKrs passing. Or imagine a museum puts an ark evident in every display in the museum.

In all cases, museums, churches, cemeteries, shopping centers, and any other place, the Company will ensure that the placement of the decals will be made redundant provide application download Ark QRC code allows people to download the app to immediately start using the application Ark. In the case of museums, for example, the decal may be displayed on each screen saying something like “Use your smartphone to have a QRC code image. Download application ark to see and hear information on these views. “And as another example, in a shopping center ArKnet QRC code and an invitation to download possible at the entrances to the mall or at other strategic locations.

We envision a KlickZie ArKnet with billions of users and Arks connect people, trade, information, currency crypto, and innovation in a useful way. Plus, we want to return the ownership of the information and valuable items such as pictures and videos, go back to where it rightfully belongs, the individual.


Consumers download the free app KlickZie into their mobile devices (iPhone, Android or other smartphone).
KlickZie technology to enable images and videos made thereafter by the mobile device with an invisible marking image with KlickZie marking technology. Behind the scenes and the image capture software available metadata associated with the event imaging, storing it in the cloud KlickZie.

Activation of adding new features and functionality to the usual pictures and videos. The creation of reliable, ownership and handling enabled image is tracked in the age of the image. Trustability add to the image in these days is a significant false news.

The image of reliable have many uses in business such as news, insurance and banking where trustability image has a monetary value immediately, in science and academia in which use of imagery reliable for tracking reliable discovery scientific value, and in the judicial system where evidence of class trustability image has the value of justice. Where there is a mission critical requirement for trustability in the image provided, there is a need for KlickZie’s largest imaging technology.

Activation mechanism that makes Figure trustability may also make a “touch to comm” possible, open social networking world where images become a communication portal.

Image and communication that occur based on the image portalized, the two forms of property that can be created, owned, licensed and sold. trade as dependent on trade ecosystems, ecosystem KLK, which implements it. Our vision with KLK cryptocurrency is to allow dynamic ownership and trading of images and image-based communication enabled that will thrive in KlickZie enabled world image.

Supplying Currency Into The Ecosystem

The KLK cryptocurrency will be a media exchange operations in ecosystems KLK. As mentioned in footnote 1 above, KLK will begin life as a currency KLK20 in blockchain Ethereum with potential migration in one for one swap coins or tokens KLK a blockchain faster and more cost effective than current Ethereum.

To “prime” the ecosystem by currency KLK, blockchain KLK will inject currency into the account of the user crypto in favor of organic purchasing, selling and use activities that occur in Citra Activated and ArKnet platform. The injections will be performed under the contract includes smart implemented in the following mechanism.

• Purchase KLK20 cryptotokens below and the next victim will be put into circulation KLK20s and will fund the build of the ecosystem.
• When ArKr, using the mechanisms of the purchase is already in place in the ark of the entity sell, make a purchase with a credit card or method of cash transfers more of the entity selling Noah, the Company will receive a commission cash-transfer from the sale of the entity, and blockchain KLK will issue a gift KLK to in the wallet of ArKr buying, selling entities, and the Company.
• ArKrs sell goods and / or services and who strictly KLKs product money can register with the company to “Seller KLK-eye.” ArKrs KLK only potential buyers can sign up with the company to “KLK-eye Buyer. “For sale to make money in KLKs between these two groups, the seller, the buyer and the Company will all receive significantly higher than usual KLK awards for sales.
• Arks, in addition to free personal Arks, the Company will pay a license fee monthly or yearly ark in the form of fiat currency (national currency). blockchain will award ArKr and Company award in KLKs when each payment tendered Ark license.
• Ark sellers of goods and services are encouraged to provide rewards to their customers KLK of KLK their own account. blockchain will provide up to 50% to match the buyer receiving the award, whether or not they are based Ark buyer, provided the buyer and seller are both KYCd (see footnote 2 regarding KYC).
• Adopters both applications, application or applications ArKnet KlickZie Imaging, will receive a prize purse KLK KLK and stored by blockchain into your wallet after download and registration applications. Adopters makes reference to a person, who as a result of the referral and adopting download an application, also will receive an additional referral-reward of the blockchain.
• User enabled application images to have their image making and / or space-channel communication KlickZie -which they produce. These goods are products, use or access, can be licensed by the owners to make money in the form of currency KLK.
• Comms room (channel) on KlickZie imaging enabled a platform that has a cost. This fee will be making money in KLKs and paid to the Company by injection blockchain; Another way to add KLK supply of money to the ecosystem.
• Advertising Revenue. Advertisers will be able to buy and where, cash, teaser ads in the communications room at KlickZie enabled imaging platform. When users “bite” in the teaser, the Company paid an additional cash with advertisers, and users get a shot KLKs of blockchain to reach the ad.
• Revenue Snapback. online sellers who want Snapback feature to be added to the image of the products they place on the web to pay in cash the Company for the feature, and receive empowerment Snapback on all the imagery of their products, plus gift KLK of the blockchain. When a user makes a purchase through Snapback, the seller pays a commission in cash to the Company, and the purchase, the seller, and the Company all received an award KLK.
• The company intends to offer in-app products for users of KlickZie enabled imaging platform. Users make a purchase of this product will receive an award KLK.

KLK20 Cryptotoken Offer

One billion KLK20 cryptotokens will be distributed as shown in the pie chart. Half of the tokens will be sold in a sign sales activities. The other side of the tokens will be distributed to shareholders Tautachrome, team KlickZie / KLK, Tautachrome partners who will use tokens to more ecosystem KLK20 KLK, and bounty hunters to find / fix technical problems KLK.

Of the 20% of KLK20 token (200 million) distributed to shareholders Tautachrome, 100 million will be distributed to ordinary shareholders and noteholders conversions for the sales period Cryptotoken, and 100 million will be reserved for future distribution to preferred shareholders and future front noteholders.
We anticipate 50% of KLK20 token (500 million) distributed in the sale of tokens to be done in some of the victims, each offering aimed at achieving specific funds for the purpose KlickZie. The KlickZie Roadmap shows KLK offering sales and technical objectives to be achieved.

The Klickzie Ark Platform

The Ark is a container KlickZie valuable digital information that users ark want to make available to others. For individuals, others as may be friends and individuals may want to deploy multiple Arks for different situations. For businesses, others as possible customers, and businesses may also want to deploy multiple Arks for different situations.

The contents of an ark that is user dependent and fluid, depends entirely on the wishes of the owner of Ark.

Ark KlickZie concept is geolocation centric

Arks is an individual’s container and living somewhere in geo-space. A personal Ark can live in smartphone users stored in the user’s pocket. When a user moves around, as well as the location of the Ark of the geo-space. A retail store may be located on top of Noah main entrance of the store. A museum on the other side may deploy an ark of information in each of its exhibition site.

The KlickZie Ark will be a downloadable application that allows users to create their own ark and to achieve the benefits of the opening of the Arks geolocated others contain valuable information such as the owner of Ark others may want to give it. Ark of the application intended for use by everyone globally and will be used as a network Arks (a “”ArKnet””), support ArK2ArK interaction facilitated by peer to peer software, the server ArKnet supplied software, or a combination thereof.

Klickzie Arks And The Klickzie KLK20 Cryptotoken Ecosystem

A smart contract KLK20 was written on Ethereum that enable monetization in the currency of KLK20 image is created and stored on a smartphone equipped with imaging applications KlickZie Enabled. This allows the smart contractor licensing smooth, transparent and seamless usage rights to the image KlickZied cryptocurrency KLK20 as a medium of exchange and the transactions listed in blockchain Ethereum.


Klickzie Roadmap

To know the latest information about the Klickzie project you can visit the link below:

Website: https://klickzie.io/
Whitepaper: https://klickzie.io/pdf/klk-whitepaper.pdf
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tautachrome/
Telegram: https://t.me/klickzie
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Tautachrome_Inc
Github: https://github.com/klickzie
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tautachrome/

Bitcointalk username: ubay
Bitcointalk profile link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=376156
Telegram username: @ubaygates

ETH: 0xEDDbb1aFc2439FeA77B19c44bEac8556313dA822

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Klickzie team, I just give you the latest ICO info”