Kepler – Network Technology Supported By Blockchain

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Kepler – Network Technology Supported By Blockchain

Kepler – Development has spread to all areas of education, finance, and the arts through the influence of globalization. In particular, developments and changes in the financial sector have become more different when the encryption fund has entered my life in the last few years. Now, through traditional trading, our banking business, our investment is influenced by digital currency. In our world, technological development is a robot technology in the concept of rapid development and development. Now, this technology uses very fast sewing machines, stitching rings and robots, similar to automated systems. In fact, this process can be compared with the industrial revolution.

In other words, developing technology does not remove the concept of human labor, but they mine where metaphors are found. We can think of this scratch as industrialization. When we let the machine finish, we can see the production period as a new era. After this revolution, it is possible to look at efforts to stop this technological development to reflect the difficulties facing people and technically dangerous claims.

Today, as technological and consumer developments increase competition and reduce production costs, robotic markets are expected to exceed $ 80 billion and are expected to grow exponentially. Given the technological developments, similar to the Internet, the robotics and artificial intelligence fields that accompany it will not eliminate human potential, advocate innovation, and open new investment opportunities. I will talk about Kepler’s method today, called Kepler and support new vision through blockchain support.

What is Kepler?

Kepler is a network technology supported by Blockchain. The goal of the network is to create a global market for robotics and high-tech investment through a transparent and decentralized portal that is controlled and managed by investors. Using data analysis, science, and predictive algorithms, Kepler will give investors unique investment opportunities through symbolic assets.

Our Vision

Kepler Technology’s social network is dedicated to developing a fair, reliable, and reliable social network that helps people around the world collaborate to help turn innovation into reality.

Kepler’s vision is not cheap. Their goal is to collect $ 250,000,000. If this goal is achieved, their ICO will be one of the best ICO in history. I think they have a good shot. Their value proposition is not in the chart.

Kepler did not screw up. They have some extraordinary advantages and benefits. Most important is their geographic location: Georgia. According to a report (World Bank Report 2017), Georgia is one of the most attractive countries.

Here Are Some Important Reasons:

  • Government Policy
    The Georgian government is very friendly towards Georgia start-up and investment. Through the new policy of the Georgian government, Kepler Technologies will save money to build its physical properties. Through a new revision of Georgia’s tax law, Kepler will be exempt from corporate income tax for 5 to 10 years.
  • Tax
    The Georgian tax reforms impose zero corporate income tax on Kepler and are automatically converted to 20% of the additional capital of the company annually.
  • Trading
    Kepler will be based in Georgia, where it receives government support and free trade agreements with countries such as China, the EU, and the post-Soviet Union.
  • Labor
    As we all know, China provides the cheapest labor. However, when it comes to the cheapest technician, Georgia has reduced the price chart by 40%!

Why Is Kepler Important?

Kepler Technology is designed to be commercialized and calibrated to maximize revenue, maximize future growth, and develop all enterprise products. At this point, Kepler’s distinguishing feature is that administrative democratization through central status continues. This allows the platform to automate and automate itself, not only to mark comments on company management, but also to apply changes that should be proportional to the tags they own.

In short, Kepler is more than just a fancy and colorful website or technical report. The company’s first joint product, MIA, is a humanoid robot before the alpha phase. MIA is designed as an autonomous robot with human capability. Mia, a block-based dead assistant, is designed to make life easier by helping users with their everyday activities, including shopping. Mia comes with an integrated wallet system that lets you perform actions based on verbal commands.

The complex will include the following:

  • Kepler’s universe platform
  • Mega Lab (one of the most advanced high-tech laboratories in the world)
  • Big factory
  • AI Platform (AI development)
  • School of engineering
  • Kepler City Autonomous Hotel and Restaurant Network

Kepler Advantage Project

Mia is a block-based assistant who will continue to use our distributed network. Mia is designed and developed to help users with their day-to-day activities, including making purchases through an integrated wallet system so they can trade on verbal orders. Kepler also developed smart vacuum cleaners, shopping trolleys, safety drones, and other smart devices that do not require user control.

Kepler ico sells brand real value in the real world. These assets include fixed and other important benefits of this project are the support and sponsorship collected by the public and private sectors.

Some Of The Advantages Are

  • Growing demand for cutting-edge technology and AI solutions
  • A first-class management team with reliable qualifications in their respective fields.
  • A fair, simple, reliable, transparent and secure platform
  • The Nbewegliches property is freely transferred by the Georgian government;
  • 80% of the company’s revenues are used for reinvestment, which is widely used to gather evidence

Value Of The Project

Kepler is supported by the original CEP token. We believe that the most important feature should be a sign, high liquidity. KEP will be enhanced by the value of the company’s assets, including labor, knowledge and experience, equipment and infrastructure. Brand CEP value is protected in more than 300,000 square meters of land and building network will become the headquarters of Kepler. These include space architecture, office management, Megafabrik, complete laboratories, technical universities, and campuses. In addition to these properties, the real value of CEP Token, and the laboratory and value of our factory products develop technical knowledge, patents

Token Information

  • Token Shield: KEP
  • Platform: Ethereum
  • Type: ERC20
  • ICO price = 1.25 USD
  • ICO Participation: 80%

Token Distribution

Kepler Distribution

  • 61% Investors
  • 10% Team
  • 10% Reserve
  • 12% POP
  • 4% Advisors
  • 3% Bounty

To know the latest information about Kepler project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

ETH: 0xf684c669653b6cd2b606ecdfc69b69dff7935b2c

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the Kepler team, I just give you the latest ICO info”