Joint Ventures – Create A Fair Advertising Platform

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Joint Ventures – Create A Fair Advertising Platform

Joint Ventures plans to create a community-centric content economy. We discuss the implementation of a transparent ad revenue model in our ecosystem that will allow publishers to monitor real-time interactions with their content and help advertisers get the most value from their advertising budgets.

Our first product is expected to be a commentary solution designed to benefit publishers and reviewers. It aims to improve user interaction with publishers and will be available on websites with mobile apps. The unique user interface of this feature will attract users and publishers, thus increasing user engagement. The shared review solution will run on websites that have millions of monthly visitors, implement a new token economy, publishers will get a combined token based on quality content, and reviewers will be rewarded for their contribution to the ecosystem. Gift.

Joint ventures provide additional tools for publishers to create, reward and develop their communities. Publishers will receive a large share of advertising revenue. For advertisers, our platform offers a competitive pricing strategy and can serve ads at different times for specific ad locations. Based on the commentator’s level of interaction and added value to the web, the federation separates the publisher’s return from the reviewer.

The vision and mission of the Joint

We understand that platform users are social media and personal websites that create content. No company should control their revenue potential just because they control the advertising infrastructure. At the same time, we understand the added value of participants and reviewers on the web, simply by commenting or sharing content.

The goal of this alliance is to create a fair advertising platform, place the entire community at its center, and bring benefits to every player on the network. In our content economy, publishers take a major part of overall revenue, and the rest is shared among other participants. In addition to advertising revenue, we plan to introduce a feature that will allow publishers to monetize future visitor data. Together will provide a self-service tool that allows publishers to better utilize their content and better understand audience engagement.

Our goal is to create a content ecosystem, assess each network participant, and aim to appreciate their contribution.

Shared Platform

Union is built around such a principle: Anyone who adds meaningful contributions to the network should be rewarded. We use the community as the center of the entire ecosystem. Our structure promotes fair share of reward environments in the content economy. Unlike traditional ad platforms, we have re-adjusted economic incentives regarding content distribution and curation.

The shared platform has three main components:

1. Comment system

Our comment system is the first of our series. It aims to promote user participation while providing publishers with extensive audit controls. Publishers can install our comment system by simply adding Javascript. For mobile apps, we will release the SDK to allow seamless integration with mobile apps.

The shared comment system has various functions. We include cross-site notifications and multiple login options in our comment system to provide a smooth user experience. Publishers can better understand audience engagement through our detailed information analysis and reporting center. We will add a monetization system to our platform in the short term to help publishers increase revenue.

Commentators will be able to use our mobile app for conversations. In addition to the app, even if the site is not part of the federation’s ecosystem, they can post comments on any piece of online content across the network.

2. Award system

Our reward system is a mix of ways to differentiate yourself from other commenting solutions. We create systems that reward publishers to add valuable content to the web, and also reward reviewers for their active participation. Rewards are distributed to publishers and reviewers. To ensure that publishers and reviewers receive fair gift distributions, we introduce the concept of reviewer and publisher profile scores.

The profile score is based on a number of parameters, including the number of activity comments, the number of comments approved, the number of comments rejected, the number of replies received, the upvote amount, and the amount deactivated. Each comment has a value based on different factors, such as the number of readings, the number of accumulations, and the number of replies. The Joint Rewards system focuses on the quality of contributions and uniqueness of user activity, which helps prevent fraudulent activity and prevents quick plans for getting rich. The Federation is responsible for calculating and distributing this prize.

All of these calculations will be published publicly in our blockchain browser.

3. Ad Exchange

Ad Exchange is part of a shared content economy. This takes advertisers and publishers to a platform where advertisers can choose to show relevant ads on our publisher network. We will be rolling out Ad Exchange within 9 months of launching the beta platform.
The In terms of assigning an ad placement through an offer, Ad Exchange works like any other advertising platform. The advertiser will bid on a specific placement/keyword/demographic placement. The auction is done automatically, choosing the highest bid for a particular placement. Ad Exchange will maintain historical price data for placements and provide advertisers with competitive pricing. In addition, in order to maximize publisher revenue and provide reliable ad revenue, ad placement will be sold for a certain period of time rather than using a pay-per-click or pay-per-view matrix. Advertisers may choose to back up placements for a certain period of time in the future.

The advertiser will need a syndication token to advertise on our network. They can purchase a shared token in a legal currency at an acceptable exchange rate. The purchase of a United token cannot be transferred to the cryptocurrency exchange, which means that advertisers can not manipulate shared token prices on the exchange.

Our Ad Exchange will prohibit the collection of user’s personal data such as email, phone number, age, or device ID. We are veteran adtech and we know how to protect user data.

Use of tokens

The combined tokens are our platform operating currencies. Every transaction in our content economy requires a combined token. For advertisers, they need a federated token to run their ads and participate in bidding offers. On the other hand, the publisher accepts payments in the form of a shared token. We plan to register our tokens on some token exchanges, allowing publishers to exchange federated tokens for other cryptocurrencies. In addition, we will integrate third-party token exchange services on our platform for instant exchange.

Common Use of Token Cases

  • Launch an advertising campaign with syndicated web publishers
  • Improve your opinion for more visibility
  • Send tips and donations to publishers and authors
  • Get new visitors to your content
  • Unlock subscription payee subscription content

To avoid currency allegations, we have set a limit on the number of tokens a reviewer must have before initiating a transfer/exchange request. This limit is currently at least 100 tokens. However, even if the minimum threshold is not met, reviewers may freely use this token in our content economy.

Team Members

The team behind Joint has a long history of working in the adtech industry. Their experience in the online advertising industry has allowed them to understand the primary challenges faced by both publishers as well as advertisers. Joint’s team has an impressive list of past clients, with brands like Coca Cola, Mercedes, Fiat, Vodafone, Turkcell, Ford, GoDaddy, Unilever, P&G, Hyundai, Opel, ING Bank, HSBC, and Microsoft. The core team comprises 6 in-house developers working day and night in the same office, focusing on every single aspect of the Joint platform. The company behind Joint Ventures is registered to Turkey, and the office is located in Izmir.

  1. Ahmet ARSLAN – Founder, CEO
    Prior to Joint Ventures, Ahmet has been working in the adtech industry for the last 7 years. Ahmet is the founder of Turkey’s first programmatic adtech company ADNBOOST, which builds niche advertising solutions for leading media agencies and brands.
  2. Latif ÇAKIROĞLU – Founder, CTO
    Latif run a software company that delivered cloud based highly-scalable SaaS softwares. Before that, he worked for Sberbank’s European banking software projects and R&D department of a high-tech speech software company. He held B.Sc. in Telecommunication Engineering and MBA degrees, currently attending PhD programme in Business Administration.
  3. Zeki KAVRAZLI – Founder, Publisher Acquisition
    Zeki was the Director of Digital Media at BPN, leading publisher relations. He has extensive experience in the digital advertising industry, especially in managing relationships with publishers.
  4. A. Cevdet SÜER – Founder, Management
    Prior to Joint Ventures, Cevdet launched several companies in Turkey and has an extensive background in finance. His current company @WRK employs over 300 people in Turkey. Cevdet is also the first investor and shareholder of ADNBOOST.
  5. Gülseren ARSLAN – Founder, Advertiser Acquisition
    Gulseren worked in global media agencies and managed multi-million dollars of budgets for global brands. Prior to Joint Ventures, she founded ADNBOOST with Cevdet and Ahmet. She has over 14 years of experience in the digital media buying industry
  6. Umut Can YURT – Head of Growth
    Umut has led a number of finance and cryptocurrency websites with monthly visitors numbering in the millions. Before Joint Ventures, he worked for as SEO & Content Manager and founded
  7. Cem YALÇINKAYA – Marketing Specialist
    Cem was the Manager of Digital Media at BPN and managed multi-million performance marketing budgets for leading brands in various industries.
  8. Emre CEYLAN – Lead Developer
    Emre worked as an ERP Project Consultant for 5 years. Emre has extensive business experience working with a variety of systems and platforms.
  9. Batuhan GÜNGÖR – Software Development Specialist
    Batuhan was lead developer of many ecommerce projects, and he worked for Accenture as Software Engineering Analyst. Batuhan also managed projects for a number of large insurance companies.
  10. Ali ÇAVDAR – Full Stack Developer
    Ali is a brilliant full-stack developer who loves exploring new technologies.
  11. Eyüp Can KAYADARÇIN – Software Development Specialist. Eyup is a talented electronic engineer and is focused on developing backend applications for the Joint platform.


  1. Koray Gultekin Bahar
    CEO at Foriba
    Koray is the CEO and Managing Partner of Foriba, the leading e-Transformation solution company in Turkey. It has a broad solution portfolio, ranging from large enterprises to micro-sized companies.
  2. Sencan Ozen
    Founder, ReklamStore
    Sencan excels in the online marketing industry. He is an expert in online advertising, display advertising, and advertising networks. His first enterprise ReklamStore was found at 2006 and it continued to lead digital advertising since then with its innovativedata-centric performance solutions for advertisers and publishers.
  3. Sami Can Tandoğdu
    Samican is a professional with an entrepreneurial mindset with over 8 years of professional experience in fundraising for financial and operational management. He has experience in deep tech, adtech, and SaaS. For the last 2 years he has worked with Apsiyon, a fast-growing SaaS company; today, it is the largest property management software company in Turkey. As the COO of Apsiyon, he directly reported to the CEO, leading CRM, business development, operations and account management functions as well as supervising sales, finance, and HR departments. He helped Apsiyon raise $2.5M from Earlybird in September 2016.
  4. Alper Mat
    Alper is a professional with 12+ years of entrepreneurship, management and consulting experience globally. He has direct entrepreneurial experience in gaming (social and mobile) and e-commerce. He is the co-founder at Vivense, the largest hard furniture e-commerce player in Turkey. More to that, for the last one and a half years, he has been consulting Italian Government’s Ministry of Economic Development for attracting investment from Turkey (mostly industrial investments), coordinating an investment pipeline close to EUR 1B from Turkey to Italy.

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