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Jincor ICO Review

Jincor  is a protected and administrative and breezy stage, enabling each business to work with savvy contracts and simple cryptographic money installments without legitimate, specialized or operational intricacies and with cost proficient.

Jincor is a sheltered and administrative and breezy stage, empowering each business to work with brilliant contracts and simple crypto installments without legitimate, specialized or operational complexities and with cost proficient.

While the current arrangements offer just a single issue at any given moment, our group is prepared to construct the correct item, sheltered, sensible, and simple to utilize in light of individual captain. This incorporates brilliant contract formats relevant to specific territories of business and nation law, simple crypto joining, and even a computerized discretion framework to decide to adjust judgments about things that are not clear about the execution of shrewd contracts. Eventually, Jincor intends to incorporate all organizations, workers, and business resources into a coordinated blockchain biological system, which will make business connections really quick, straightforward, effective, and dependable.

Decentralized System

The absence of an appropriate authoritative base on the ground has all the earmarks of being the most vital test that keeps brilliant and crypto contracts from the more extensive selection. As per information from Bitlegal, which tracks the developing administrative scene of blockchain innovation around the world, at present there are just 62 nations that unequivocally permit their utilization, however, there are even brilliant contracts that are not controlled by clear, broadly received and surely understood tenets. Practically speaking, this implies in the event that you have marked a shrewd contract with your business accomplice, and you are not happy with some of its activities, it is no utilization to you to implement your rights, on the grounds that the agreement is done naturally and there is no court or administrative body by any means. Jincor takes care of this issue by giving a decentralized assertion framework, in which associations can document claims identified with the execution of keen contracts and get impartial appraisals of a few referees.

The Jincor group has been building up this stage since May 2016, and is presently in a shut beta testing process with more than 30 taking an interest little and medium organizations (one with more than 250 representatives) in different businesses, for example, fabricating, exchanging, monetary administrations and others. More than 300 organizations from around the globe have asked for access to the Jincor beta test, which is planned to start in November 2017. Since the stage gives instruments to cross-corporate connection, Jincor intends to target worldwide organization medium sized for preparatory testing to make the fundamental system impacts with an Interesting accomplice.

At present, Jincor has the accompanying highlights: organization enrollment, sending solicitations to workers, deciding their practical parts inside the association, corporate informing in Indonesia coordinate a visit or open and private scrambled end-to-end channels, open altering of organization profiles and building up business contacts new with the inward hunt by area and industry. So far the very easy to use center and interface has been produced, we are attempting to actualize assist critical capacities: the arrangement is to enable our open beta Testers to utilize the essential savvy contract constructor. General society beta is planned for November 2017.

After Jincor’s open discharge and running an ICO crusade, we will change to expand the usefulness of the stage. Jincor’s full element will incorporate the organization’s cryptographic money account with multi marks, savvy contract layouts, which will enable the organization to occupy all lawful and legally binding connections to a reliable blockchain condition And a decentralized intervention framework, which empowers settling question emerging with the execution of canny contracts inside computerized wards.

Jincor will make every effort to create a decentralized digital jurisdiction, but this function can only be accessed insofar as it fully complies with the laws and regulations of a country. The post-ICO roadmap you can read in Paragraph 4.4. Product roadmap, and 5.3. Post ICO Roadmap.

ICO roadmap

After ICO, in December 2017, we anticipate there will be about 1000 companies that want to use the product beta. In 2 years from now, we plan about 20,000 businesses registered in the Jincor ecosystem with 150 average employees and $ 750 worth of JCR tokens required per month. This projected total revenues of $ 18 million in year 2. Moderate earnings projections for the Jincor platform are based on business demand for cryptococcal payment solution solutions and speed of smart contract deployment.

Currently, more than 300 companies from around the world have requested access to Jincor beta testing, which is scheduled to begin in November. After successfully completing the ICO, Jincor plans to develop and promote its products to countries where legislative initiatives are as faithful as cryptocurrency, and its market and business are innovative enough to begin using intelligent contract tools and capabilities. First of all, We are referring to the Southeast Asian market (mainly Japan and South Korea) and Europe. Jincorwill works simultaneously in both directions, creating favorable conditions for business and promotion.

Jincor Roadmap


To completely release the Jincor ecosystem potential, get the critical business involved and reach the global market as soon as possible, we will increase the extra funds by running the ICO campaign. We have issued 35,000,000 JCR tokens, 4% of which are sold in pre-ICO in August, and 76% will be sold on ICO in December at a starting price of $ 1. Thus, the total amount of money we will make will be $ 27 million. Token JCR will play an integral part in Jincor’s business model and act as the original currency for all services provided by the platform.


Jincor Private Blockchain is a ledger distributed by the PBFT consensus algorithm (easier to read in Technical Paper), where the creation and execution of smart contracts require transaction fees paid in JCR tokens. JCR is the original blockchain token for the Jincor protocol. Similarly, Ethereal Ether, there will be savings in value, the only way to pay transaction fees, and the average smart fuel counter.

JCR token distribution

To facilitate platform development, break even and get to the major global Market as soon as we can run the ICO campaign. Token distribution will occur in 2 stages as described below:

During ICO Jincor will distribute Token Standard ERC20 JCR developed on the Blocks of ethereum They will be generated and distributed to all contributors as token placeholder

Upon complete discharge, Jincor Private Blockchain JCR (ERC20) token will grant the holder the unconditional right to receive the same number of JCR tokens in Jincor Blockchain. All ERC20 used Goods will be destroyed.

Jincor will issue 35,000 000 JCR tokens, 76% of which (26,600,000 JCR) will go on sale. The basic ICO token JCR fee is $ 1. After the crowdsale, we expect the token value and price will grow as the total fixed token supply (35,000 000 JCR or less, no further emissions) combined with the increased demand for JCR tokens from the user Jincor.

Jincor Token Crowdsale Detail

  • Token Name: Jincor token
  • Token Symbol: JCR
  • Token Base: Ethereum ERC20
  • Total Supply: 35,000,000 JCR
  • Token Sale Start: November 1, 2017
  • Token Sale End: December 15, 2017
  • Hardcap: 26,000,000 USD
  • Price: 1 PRFT= 0.088 ETH

ICO structure

Jincor will publish a total of 35,000,000 JCR ERC20 tokens, 4% of which were sold during preICO, and 76% will be priced starting at $ 1 during ICO, which will start December, 1. The remaining 20% will be distributed among participants of the bug prize, Escrow & Advisors and Jincor team — for further development and research (figure 5).

Jincor ICO

The value of the JCR token

We hope that the key to future growth of JCR token values is their constant growth in demand and limited supply: we publish 35,000,000 JCR tokens at once and we do not plan them publish additional tokens in the future. At the same time, the need for JCR tokens will continue to improve, as they are used as the most important (and most necessary) payment platform feature. The approximate possible JCR token price dependence on the number of participating companies on the platform can be found in Fig.8. This moderate revenue projection for the Jincor platform based on business demand for cryptocurrency payment solution trends and speed of smart contract deployment.

To know the latest information about Jincor project you can visit the link below:

Website : https://jincor.com/
Whitepaper : https://s3.eu-west-2.amazonaws.com/jincor-ico/whitepaper.pdf
Twitter : https://twitter.com/jincor_ico
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/jincorlimited/
Telegram : http://t.me/jincorICOeng
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