IRONX – One-stop Platform Global Trading Platform

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IRONX – One-stop Platform Global Trading Platform

IRONX – The important part of the electronic money transaction identification e-finance. This is a personal coding can exchange other currencies as legal tender in cash or modernization of the dollar or the euro. This transaction processing buyers and sellers, and of each exchange fee. Basically, there are two types of transactions; delegated merger transaction and / support. Cross-rated transactions, for example, a subsidiary as their stage participating dealers.

They often go to the contact with live interface and ease of use a fundamental part of their bent of the new exchange to cash in their view of the business. A joint trade mission is clear, organized and clear forecasts will make this classification system. Not at a minimum level, such as adding the transaction, the scattered parts.

Do they have the stores that are harmful, such as downtime unsafe and safety shutdown, as well as higher customer transactions involved in the operation of the protection? And does not require an agent transaction representation of characters, too, such as the level of security access issues. The transaction will not hold client money, on the contrary, is dedicated to customer connection, which means you do not need to emphasize the pre-encrypted security of your transaction. With a client package to explore with reduced liquidity in the trading of a consistent, show differences in how the lines with transactions related to the business use of decentralization.


IRONX launched a global trading system that is a one-stop platform for the purpose of quality resources. The joint venture aims to provide blockchain world. In addition to fair, safe, digital asset trading operations are clear, this phase of the design, not only to produce the ecosystem but will also serve as trade finance products Token cryptocurrency function big difference in the digital space.

The IRONX is a communication platform that allows users to trade in the local currency of various countries. This is what makes our business more quickly and easily because the user can not pass slowly through an intermediary, such as BTC or ETH is difficult to use direct purchase or sell cryptocurrency. It also means that users can trade from various countries, without any additional trouble, that’s what makes a different deal IRONX with other types.

IRONX development blockchain industry believe that, had one of the better performance and a good idea of the results, based on a system that allows investors investment. As symbolic first pregnant blockchain more open platform, the company hopes to help investors much more concerned about those people around the world in the concept of using a user can register blockchain platform to invest in this experience of mutual economic weakness. The essence of some of the important points of the platform IRONX is that most investors and potential investors will start registration at their business across platforms.

The Best In Trading

Founded in 2010, IronFX is the award-winning global leader of online foreign exchange brand, has 10 trading platforms and over 200 instruments that can be traded. IronFX from more than 180 countries, providing retail and institutional customers in Europe, Asia, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America, while providing more than 30 different languages are supported. The mandate of the Group in the foreign exchange and supervision by four main regulators of the world, FCA (UK), ASIC (Australia), FSCA (South Africa) and called the CySEC (Cyprus)

The Best In Crypto

Established in 2017, EmurgoHK, when blockchain global technology leader for Kaerdanuo blockchain agreement, local cryptocurrency very successful, ADA coin business builders. Located in one of the most dynamic economic centers in the world, Hong Kong and perfectly positioned between the Northeast and Southeast Asia, EmurgoHK Kaerdanuo revolution spread across the Pacific Rim agreement.

IRONX Vision

IRONX vision is to create a traditional entrepreneur who made a cryptocurrency exchange. That is why we combine the best of traditional trade IRONX in EmurgoHK best cryptocurrency together, sharing the world-class encryption. IRONX want to exchange them serve the widespread use of distributors, as well as the advantages and trade-related cryptocurrency market combine them. IRONX also want the benefits of encryption presents traders with traditional trade. IRONX Exchange intends to allow customers to take advantage of IRONX Exchange and encryption cryptocurrency account migration or metastasis (partial or total) Location / IRONX in the group exposed to the online trading platform effectively, quickly and without price, generally used by banks backbone and back office and access payment by IronFX group. In addition, the current professional knowledge, risk management, customer management, compliance management related accumulation will be used to facilitate the transfer of trade cryptocurrency/positions limited to regular exercise bridge online trading.

Business Concept

Given the White Paper of the business philosophy IronX, I see IronX business philosophy, with good quality and logic. Today, many cryptocurrency trading platform and website created by experienced developers and companies, which leads to various problems:

  • Not in accordance with or without adjustment;
  • Slow;
  • Poor interface;
  • There is no safe (usually hackers);
  • Support Customers do not respond to complaints; etc

Investment Feasibility

The project has pocketed $ 22 million through a private sale, so it would do, the public sale today (April 11, 2018), IronX has raised $ 22.3 million. In my opinion, the progressive bonus scheme based on the amount invested (no time) is the investor a fair solution.

Advantage IRONX Platform

  1. Fully Regulated
    Group actively seeking to get permission to be properly regulated. Currently, he has a license in Estonia FIU, but will actively seek to license in other key jurisdictions. In this case, the group was given both Gibraltar and Malta.
  2. Existing Client Base
    IronX IronFX Group is building the approximately 1.2 million retail customers and 150,000 followers Kaerdanuo consider, therefore, we have a large pool of liquidity
  3. FIAT and CRYPTO Funding
    Our platform will provide a variety of traditional wallet funds and CRYPTO choose FIAT
  4. 24/7 Technical Support
    IronX will be the first exchange not only provides support around the clock but in our language spoken by the user to meet their needs.

The Main Feature Of The IRONX Exchange

  • Ultra-high performance architecture for handling global scale industries
  • Accelerated performance; 1million traders per second
  • Intuitive, easy to use interface
  • Hite level of security and data protection
  • Simple system management
  • Most of the line system performance Constant
  • All records in the error detection code
  • Always active, dynamic database
  • Coverage and customer service
  • Rapid failover support
  • Simple system management
  • HFT system capacity
  • Monitoring and Alerting
  • Seamless fail-safe mode
  • FIAT easy to encrypt purchasing power

Token information

  • Token IRX
  • Platform Ethereum
  • Type ERC-20
  • Token price 1 IRX = 0.42 USD
  • Tokens for sale 82.308.213 IRX

Investment info

  • Minimum purchase 100 USD
  • Currencies BTC, ETH, USD, EUR, JPY
  • Soft cap 18.000.000 USD
  • Hard cap 50.000.000 USD

IRONX Distribution


IRONX Roadmap


This platform will also be selling Alphapoint, he has the following characteristics and advantages embody: a large number of total transactions per second, up to one million, the interface is accurate, simple and convenient for every user; The maximum power output; round in several languages four hours table.

I can announce IRONX Stock Exchange will be the legal effect of combining a centralized exchange and digital assets traditional commodity markets, with all its activities, and report its users colorless. Now, the software token embodies the concept that applied, nearly 25 million. The dollar has been collected, it will end December 15, 2018.

To know the latest information about the IRONX project you can visit the link below:


BTT Profile:;u=376156

BTT Username: ubay

ETH: 0x7872e2099F8Ec07D4c538E03708e50f4325D4509

Disclaimer: “I’m not a representative or a member of the IRONX team, I just give you the latest ICO info”